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i'm a steam achievement whore so gutted this and assassin's creed 3 dont have steam achievements , any way to break this need lol

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dell xps 8500

intel core i7 - 3770 3.40ghz

1tb hdd

8gb ram

amd radeon hd 7570 1gb

x2 hanns g monitors 21" / 23"

mouse razor death adder

want to upgrade the hdd to an ssd and add more ram asap :)

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just downloaded the game :)
 game name - jaferris
 manage leicester city 
won friendly game 4-1 
pretty good so far 
looking forward to the full release

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i am on my 6th 360  
4 times rrod 
1 wouldnt read discs
hardly play it now since ps3 came out 
but looking forward to splinter cell conviction :)

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at the moment god of war collection 
playing gow2 

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so so weekend had work as usual on saturday , stayed round gf's after work , watched the univited so so movie , then watched new ep of outnumbered very funny :) , went to park today for picnic, then back to my flat watched the end of tot v ports game very surprising result, catched up on couple of Bones episodes, and very surprised have not played any console games this weekend ! got fifa online beta so that is downloading at the moment , got work in the morning so should probably go too sleep now , , yeah right :)

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i watched the most of Stargate sg1 all the episodes of the last 3 seasons was pretty good , watched the odd couple of atlantis eps, and watched the first episode of Universe it was ok but dont have enough time atm to watch the other episode sky+ has the other episodes saved so can watch soon :)