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He describes things as "tent pole" a lot ...and now so do I.


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Wiz N Liz

General Chaos


Michael Jackson: Moon Walker


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Is there anywhere that pulls together all of the Giantbomb crews other sources from across the Internet (i.e Jeff's Mixlr/Tumblr, Dan's Tumblr) into one single feed? Or does anyone use any kind of tool/site to do such a thing? It's all multiple sources & pages to visit - I just want it all in one place!

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If you french fry when you're supposed to pizza, you're gonna have a bad time

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Duders, I've made 1 million bell investment (@96 bells per turnip) and i am looking for a high sale price to shift them on! Please can you reply if you have a high sale price (350 - 400+) and in sure we work out some kind of trade/friendship :)

Happy Animal Crossing-ing :)

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Hi - been playing since release and looking to trade and have guests :) - 2707 1591 1272

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Has anyone bought this? I never buy DLC and this one seems entirely pointless...so I'm not sure why I want it =/

Just wondering if you get the Heroes and Villains set and the Plumbob Park also like in the Limited Edition?

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I know some people were OK with the ending to ME3 and others were either somewhat indifferent or amused. Its something I still talk about with my friends quite a lot and something that I don't know that I will ever really not find disappointing.

What is the one thing you can think of that would let you get past that ending?

I would like to see them explore some of the other individuals stories, especially Garrus and Rex.

How about you guys?

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@CoolYetiDance How much cheaper does this work out? I've got a proxy, is it easy enough to navigate Origin in Russian?

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In the last month I have been reading write up and after write up on the new Bioshock and waiting for the shit to hit the fan. I hope it isn't, but in a weird way I hope it is. A bit of controversy can be just as good for a game as bad... Maybe it will just be one bit. OH MAN. Now im all worked up. CHEERS OP.