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@darji: @jagged85: Nah, you can get it now, the standard download edition is available right now for purchase and you will get the code as soon as they process order, the standard boxed retail version doesn't include a download code and won't ship until end of April, but anyone can buy the download edition and play now without purchasing the higher price limited edition. Unless something has changed, that has always been my understanding of how this release was supposed to work. I placed preorder for the limited edition from Jlist the day orders went live in september and they still haven't sent my boxed limited edition out or any email on why it is still listed on "backorder", but they were quick to get my download code to me.

Oh, thanks. I've found the page for the Download Edition:


UPDATE: I've placed my order. How long does it usually take to send the download code?

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So those of us who didn't pre-order the Limited Edition before have to wait another month?

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This applies to download edition/limited edition preorders either through JASTUSA or Jlist/Jbox. I believe that Rightstuf had the limited edition at a pretty good discount but that preorder won't include a digital download code, midnight PST is 3 AM EST for anyone wondering.

I'm a bit confused. I've been hearing that it's going to release 31st March, yet the Jast USA site says the release date is 30th April?

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Hi, I don't post on the forums very much, but I have a simple question. What are some good JRPGs for someone that has literally not played a single one before, other than Persona 3 which I am playing right now after having finished the Persona 4 ER and enjoying it immensely? I don't know why I haven't, I grew up with a PS1 (the JRPG king, along with the SNES) but for whatever reason, was never exposed to them.

To be honest, I'd PREFER something from the PS2 era and up, because they're easier on the eyes for me, but if something is considered absolutely essential, graphics aren't very significant. I was considering playing FFX since the HD remaster just released, but I'm not too excited about paying 20 bones for a 10+ year old game with lipstick, and the writing looks really iffy from the quick look I just watched. I can still overlook that if it's a genuinely good game though. But yeah, throw anything out and I'll take notes. Thanks in advance, duders.

Just curious, but... did that quick FFX scene you watched involve any laughing?

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Thanks for the shout-out, Zombie.

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Meh; Visual Novels suck. Just go watch the anime.

Most fans generally agree that the original visual novel is a lot better than the anime adaptation, because the VN has far more content and you can make choices in how the story turns out.

Anyway, Steins Gate has one of the most engaging sci-fi stories I've ever seen, in any medium, so I'll definitely be buying this VN when the official English release comes out.

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Which Ninja Turtle is going to be the racist one?

Wouldn't they all be kind of racist towards humans?

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Here's a recent interview of BioWare's senior designer on the issues of race, gender and orientation in video games:

Bioware's Manveer Heir on Diversity in Games: Adam Sessler Interviews at GDC 2014

The problem he seems to ignore, like many people, is that there are a lot of games that target women on the market, they just don't happen to exist on consoles because people who play "core" games on consoles are generally men. I'm not quite sure of the logic behind pushing female characters to a market that's heavily male. We don't see that in any other form of media. Sure, there's always the crowd the loves indie stuff who might eat that stuff up, but to try and attempt to get people who play COD, Uncharted, Madden, etc. to change their mindset is a little absurd. He even stated that when he plays an RPG, he creates characters that emulate what he looks like. So the real issue, it sounds like, is that there are fewer minority characters represented in games when a large "core" gaming base is a minority, much larger than women.

While it's true that AAA action games and sports games have small female audiences, RPG's on the other hand do have large female audiences, especially Japanese RPG's and BioWare games. And as a BioWare designer, it only makes sense that they'd take their growing female fanbase into account when designing their games.

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Metal Saga has one of the most amazing openings of any game, as you can actually end the game before the very first conversation is even over. Rather than go out on an adventure like your father, you stay home to be a mechanic like your mother, and the game tells you about the various adventures you don't go on while you lead the most boring life in existence.

Wow, that's a very unique opening-ending combo...

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Lufia and Lufia II - The beginning of Lufia I starts off with the ending of Lufia II. That means that, if you played the first Lufia, you already know how Lufia II would end. And yet that "spoiler" didn't ruin the game at all, but it actually made Lufia II even more interesting, giving it an ominous feeling throughout the whole story, knowing how it will end for the characters.

A Blurred Line - The story starts off with a terrorist attack, and then it flashes back to the past, where you begin playing as the man who would eventually become the terrorist shown at the start. It shows the story of what eventually led him down towards that dark path. However, the third and final part of the trilogy never released, so it never reached back to that point.