Is 10% enough?

I am really curious to see where this ends up. (Ie the actual discount for PS Vita games on PSN is -10% from full retail) And possibly do they add an extra with Playstation Plus.

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Now less than 3 weeks until PS Vita

I am really curious how much Sony will end up charging for their games on PS Vita in digital form. I think that several of the Sony and 3rd Party titles that are launching on 2/15/12 are priced to high (especially Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Lumies: Electronic Symphony) As long as the the games are at least 25% off on PSN I will be picking up quite a few.

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Now the points leader on Warrior's Lair.

I like being able to clean-up and improve the listings for games that I like. One of my most anticipated for PS Vita is Warrior's Lair. I don't think it is in the Launch window any more but I am going to be getting my friends in on the Asynchronous Multiplayer. I think it is the ideal mode for multiplayer.

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Wow up to 8 now.

Add The Pinball Arcade, ModNation Racers:Road Trip , Touch My Katamari, Super Stardust Delta, and Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Plus add a dash of for a new character and some changes to concepts... Wow I have been busy.