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Thief II: The Metal Age 
Thief I: The Dark Project 
I actually bought two copies of each. Unfortunately, I lost the uniquely shaped retail boxes in Katrina, but fortunately I had the CDs with me in a binder. 

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@Grumbel:   Right, so you should've said DRM not digital. Digital is a convenience that we should welcome. DRM, not so much. 
Take a game like The Witcher 2. GOG.com will be selling it completely DRM free (and digital), and its a mainstream commercial game.  That's great!
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I just listened to the podcast, I thought it was fine. They had a giveaway from a company and said what the company was offering. 

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I'd remembered hearing about the gamespot mess a few years ago, but never followed up on it.  
Then one of the guys was a guest on Leo Laporte's TWiT netcast and he described GB's database and plugged the site. I thought it sounded really cool, so I checked it out.

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@kingzetta said: 

" If they only came out digitally "

Just curious why this matters? 
As for me, I think a zombie apocalypse would be fairly compelling reason. 
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I haven't played DCUO, but based on the quicklook, it doesn't look like the best game by which to judge the entire MMO genre.  
Big downloads are par for the course though.

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I didn't have the paragon/renegade problem in ME2. I would just do what I felt like, and up with a character who was generally good, but in some cases I wanted and chose the renegade option, like when that Blood Pack Krogan is going on and on about how he's going to kill everyone. I have no problem going renegade against people plotting to kill everyone, and the option was there for me. 
I haven't played Alpha Protocol, so I can't make any direct comparisons, but I can say that I don't think some artificial time limit mechanic tossed in makes for any better dialogs one way or another.

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@emem said:
 qwtf will always be the best multiplayer fps for me."
Oh definitely, I played TF for years.  I'd played games before, but that's the game that made me a gamer.
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@emem: What do you mean by small? I went ahead and bought the game anyway, so I guess I'll find out when I actually start it (my gaming backlog is huge). 
btw, I love your avatar pic. Quake TF is still my favorite TF. :)
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