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I only chose Fallout 3 because it's the only one I've played :D 
Will get into Oblivion once I'm finished with Orange Box though!

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@MaskedGamer said:
" "Give me the Naughty Nightwear" "
I remember him running in putting a gun in my face and I so did not expect him to say that... I ended up making him mad and I just shot his head off LOL.
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Thanks a lot to everyone who posted, I've finished the quest now!

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@Brunchies said:
" I really have no idea, probably everything Liberty Prime said and. It's Three Dog, OUWWWHHHHHHH! "
Seconded. Liberty Prime is freakin hilarious. "Communism is the very definition of FAILURE!" 
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@Clinkz said:
" Banjo-Kazooie the day it came out at my old lake house. I have a lot of them when I was 3 with my NES but that would be listing too many. "
Yeah. Banjo Kazooie is definitely another one of those games from the N64 days you never forget. Absolutely brilliant game. Mario 64 who? :D
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@kishan6 said:

" please tell me ur not making all these topics for the quest...

Lol. I made a topic in the Quest forum because I need to know the second part of "Up and Atom", and the other one in the Off Topic section because I wondered what people's best memories of gaming were.
So sorry. :)
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@rjayb89 said:
" Over 200.  Glad I uninstalled this not too long ago. "
LOL, it sure is a time-waster. I mean, one minute it's five in the afternoon, then it's five in the morning. Yikes! :S
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What is your favourite quote from Fallout 3?
"Well I was hit on the head the other day, and I remembered that I'M A WOMAN!" - Super Mutant

"Democracy is Non-Negotiable!" - Liberty Prime.
Those two are pretty good, any one have any others?

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130 hours at least. I spent the majority of that on my first character, then started a new game and did about 20 hours or so, as I wanted to see the nuke go off :)

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What is your most memorable gaming experience, one that you will never forget for the rest of your life?
One of mine has to be Wii Sports Resort with my much older brother (who is not a big gamer) and a close friend. It was hilarious, as my German friend who had never picked up a Wiimote before kept on completely and utterly screwing up on the frisbee and golf games. Brilliant, brilliant stuff. 
Oh and of course Super Mario World on the SNES when I was like...6. What got me into gaming. God bless that Italian plumber.
Write on, duders!

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