Exp system has me checking out new features

Never had much of a reason to post a blog before, but I'm curious about this whole level system, so here I am. I'm not sure if that's the purpose behind it, but it worked regardless. So here goes a series of jumbled and unrelated thoughts...
I recently played through Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, entirely because of the wii goty discussion. I remember how much something blew Brad's mind and then when they went dark to discuss it it seems like it blew everyone elses mind as well; I didn't encounter anything that made me feel like that. The game was solid all around, but I don't know if it was game of the year material - I hear new super mario bros wii is pretty good. Anyone know what the heck they thought was so awesome?
I'm running through (well, being guided through) Dead Space Extraction now and after that it's NMH1&2, but I'm not sure which Wii games I should look into after that. Any suggestions?
Also, bought a box of zendikar magic the gathering boosters - was a bit dissapointed with that, not as proftiable as some of the past few, but opening them up is always exciting. Patiently awaiting SSF4... probably going to be sticking with Ryu though, so it probably won't be too much of a change... though no trade dp -> ultra is sad. ;_;