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There are so many ways to hand out loot that to see a microtransaction based roulette in a full priced game is a little gross.

Between the high prices of the higher packs, and the randomness of the rewards it really feels like it was built from the ground up with the microtransaction model in mind.

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I'm having a lot of trouble answering this poll.

On one hand, they handle the homosexual romances just as well as the heterosexual relationships.

On the other hand, the heterosexual romances continue to be awkward and clumsy.

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The biggest disappointment with the crew conversations is that they really didn't have much to say. In Mass Effect 1 and 2 you would gain new insight into who the character was, what they've seen, and that would lead to missions that felt personal.

That all seems gone here. I don't need Traynor to tell me how crazy that last mission was. I was there. I saw it firsthand. I want to know more about Kaiden's students, and what Garrus did during his time on the anti reaper squad. I want Kaiden to get a distress call from one of them and I want to go on a mission where they are all wiped out, and there is meaningful and intimate character emotion and development.

Instead I got a line or two of interest, then back to "I can't believe you got the [insert race/faction here] on our side, Shepard. Maybe we have a shot after all" after every single mission.

Off the ship is typically a whole different story, and I really appreciate that. But after hours checking all floors just to hear everyone I could interact with just say "Commander" I can't help but long for a little more.

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Still works.

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Expert is perfect.

I don't mind taking more damage, but on Master everything just soaks up too much damage and breaks the immersion for me.

On expert I can 1/2 shot wolves, but dragons are still a force to be reckoned with. I have a pretty hard time with them (ie loads of potions) at level 18, but I may have just spec'd poorly.

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I did my insanity run as a Vanguard and it wasn't too difficult. Between fire ammo and being able to instantly recharge my shield with the charge as long as I played smart and didn't jump into the line of fire of 5 guys I could clear rooms no problem. I really liked the shotgun you get from the Collector's Ship, and the default Shotgun worked plenty fine before that.

I really would recommend the Katsumi DLC though, the SMG you got from that is absolutely amazing.

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Console only or did The Witcher 2 really do that poorly?

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I managed to take him out first try on hard. Aard lets you get some free hits in on him, but don't get too greedy. Having the double (or triple even) length roll talent seems pretty essential... Just Aard him, whack him, roll around, repeat and I managed to take him down pretty easy. He nailed me once and took me to like 10% in one attack/combo (the spinny one) but that was the only time he hit me.

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I hear a lot of people talk up how good the force gun is, but I just can't make it work... and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. 
My force gun is fully upgraded on damage, yet I just turned the difficulty down to normal and plugged 8 point blank shots into one of the acid spitty jerks only to have him fall down and get right back up. 
What am I missing here? The alt fire seems decent, but that's about it.