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I didn't know there was a concept of Ecans, I thought Ekans was a type of Pokemon, which would make it a character sort of like goomba is a character...

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Would Gears of war be acceptable in baditude, because according to the description on the overview page, I think it fits. It has lots of swearing, a protaganist dressed in dark gray armor, gratuatous violence, etc.
I'm just trying to get an idea of the concept.

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Something like this happened to me too. I added in edited the credits for Saints row, and when I was done on the left side where it has top contributors it says that I have 300 points for the game, but my total points on my profile page didn't increase at all.

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I have both, both are good in different ways. I primarily use my Xbox 360 though because more of my friends have 360s.

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I used to post at Gamespot but now there is no Jeff Gamespot so I've moved on.

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I have a 60 GB from launch.

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I'm most excited for LittleBigPlanet
MAG also looks cool
I was excited for InFamous, until I saw some recent video of it. I now am thinking it will not be great.

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I was a lot more excited earlier on before it was delayed until forever or whenever it's supposed to come out. It still looks cool, and I'd like to see what it's like.

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My 360 just died a little while back and it wasn't the red ring of death. For some reason only one ring would light up and when the system started it just went to a black screen with an error message. I tried to induce the 3 red lights by wrapping my 360 up in blankets and letting it run for a while. This turned out to cause all 4 lights to go red. I turned the system off and the next morning when I tried turning it on again it still only had one red light. I called up microsoft support and told them that I had 3 red lights and they gave me a new console for free.

So I guess you could try getting all the lights to go on like I did to guarantee that you get a new 360 when they send it back.

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All xbox 360s will always red ring you just gotta give it some time :)

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