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I played this once.

I made a Fairy, it flunked swimming, skipped study, and got punched so hard during it's first tournament that it suffered a mortal wound.

I wrote on it's tombstone "The one that didn't learn"

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"And then sometimes you go fishing for Emily's O-face"

No, you were AVOIDING her O-face

"Oh, my mistake"

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NOT Bloodrayne 2

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Funny story, I hadn't prepared enough for the practical exam, and I WAS failing my driver's test - but then I got rear-ended by another vehicle, totally not my fault, but as a bonus, they refunded the money for the test, giving me another chance to study up.

Also, I got my licence in New Zealand, and while the test covers highway driving, hazard identifying, inner city navigation, and backing up around a corner (yes, I'm serious), parallel parking is NOT part of the assessed criteria.

The PA driving test is joke by comparison.

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Welp, better go play that Thief trilogy pack I got on Steam in preparation

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"Yesterday~ All my troubles seemed so far away~"

Thanks to Pendulo Studios, Y is now officially taken care of.

All that remains is the elusive Mr. X - hhhhhrrrrRRMMMMMMM!

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I've attempted to play Final Fantasy VI on no less than 3 separate occasions, and never finished. Not for lack of love - the first two times were emulators (time went by and I forgot about them), and the third was on PS1.

Optical drive random battle load times?

Fuck. That.