Games I've Clocked, for the Sake of Mine Own Recollection

Everytime I sit down and try to think of all the titles that have passed betwixt my hands, I can't help but feel the them all slipping away faster than my minds eye can capture them. To seal them in writing, to bind with words so as to recall when I fail to do so - that is my intention.

So in no particular order (or, if I by chance DO remember, than in order of completion), as they come to me over the course of however many days, weeks and months, I commit to record my own legacy of vanquished titles.

For the sake of clarity, I will only include titles I have played from start to finish at least once, with the exemption of those with no end game scenario. This isn't a "100% Completed" list (the contents of which would be sparse indeed), I am by no means a completionist or a Platinum hunter - merely an enthusiast wishing for a hard copy of his feats.

With that said, let us begin this journey...

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