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#1 Posted by Jakethesnakeyea (30 posts) -

I'm curious to see if it works. I don't really feel a need to use it for any games at the moment, as I own a ps3 and don't really need any BC stuff.

That said, it depends on who controls it. If Sony US has any say, it should be good. If not, I'm concerned.

#2 Posted by Jakethesnakeyea (30 posts) -

@vinny_says: lol I'm talking halo 2 man. You're right, I need to just cut ties. THE BOMBCAST HAS ALL THE FRIENDS I NEED BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

#3 Posted by Jakethesnakeyea (30 posts) -

Wow this sort've blew up.

This isn't a situation where all my friends play games, and I just chose a different system. Many of my friends play games, but most of my best ones don't. It's just that ever since mechassault(yes, back on the pre-halo xbox), gaming has been social. It's been something that I do with friends more often than not. Also, saying the ps3/ps4 doesn't have free games is sort of moot for the level of investment I feel people are making into the consoles nowadays. I feel like calling them free is more to differentiate them from discounts you get with the services.

I don't think Microsoft is inherently evil, it just feels like they're tone-deaf. They don't have a grasp on what people want out of their systems. I was talking to one of my Xbone buddies on Skype the other night(over Xbone) and while talking about the Xbone itself, it was constantly throwing him into menus he didn't want because of the name being thrown around. For something that's so integrated into the system(I own a Playstation camera, it has fallen behind my tv and I'm in no hurry to set it back up), that seems like something they didn't have to get "mostly" right, they had to nail it perfectly, and it sounds like they didn't.

Ah well. More of a lament of not wanting to spend 500$ on a system I know I don't want, but being screwed out of a friends list because my friends either didn't do their research or don't care(there's noticeable regret from 3-4 of the 10, the rest aren't into online gaming enough to care I don't think) sort of sucks :\.

Also, the decision to go Sony wasn't easy. The first party games ARE better from Microsoft, but the 100$, more honest consumer interactions, my personal experience with the ps3(I bought one just before the credit card hassle, and got actual free games because of it), and 1080p(which on larger tvs does make a difference, switching from 360 to ps3, it definitely showed), it's a better console for me.

Just not for most of my buds :\.

#4 Posted by Jakethesnakeyea (30 posts) -

Totally. Thanks Matt, appreciate the advice.

#5 Posted by Jakethesnakeyea (30 posts) -

I would heavily advise buying a digital movie from amazon if you're gonna go that route. That or get flixster and buy UV movies with blu rays. I've always been wary of "console only stores"(xbox live, psn, wii u) video items because they're only on that one platform, and if I'm buying something I'd like to keep it around for awhile.

#6 Posted by Jakethesnakeyea (30 posts) -

I mean, yes, you need Playstation Plus to keep the games, but I've always felt like Sony had a little more goodwill. When Sony screwed up, it's because "HELP!!!! We don't understand the internet!!", whereas when Microsoft screwed up, it always felt like Snidley Whiplash was trying to be sneaky or something to that effect...it always felt like a "yeah, but..." situation. Sony always felt like they were trying, Microsoft felt like they were trying to get into your wallet. I've been adding people on here to shore up my PSN experience a bit (my PSN handle is Squig_Hunter), but I was sort of shocked at how many people went for the Xbone, even with the bad press around it(as in, these people followed all the e3 stuff that happened).

Ah well. I'm happy with the PS4, and this might have a bit to do with this being the first Sony console I viewed as my primary(I was an Original Xbox and 360 guy mostly), but it's just felt like an odd transition. Add me! I'm big on Killzone: Shadowfall right now, but I have b4 and ac4. I've also got a PS3 and have been playing "Demon's Souls" along with brad/vinny's stuff.

Thanks for the thoughts guys, valuable stuff. Might be a good excuse to stop being a lurker member(I've been here since before Tested existed, but mostly just lurked), and actually participate in the community a bit.

#7 Edited by Jakethesnakeyea (30 posts) -

So I own a ps4, and love it.

It has free games, the interface is intuitive and well made(as opposed to the horrendous kinect cluster the xbone is), and the controller is pretty damn good...

But since they've both come out, more and more of my friends have gotten xbones, until I've found myself with 2 friends on ps4 and 10 on xbone.

I genuinely believe the ps4 is the better system for ME, but because of the friends list thing it feels like....meh.

Ya know?

#8 Posted by Jakethesnakeyea (30 posts) -

PSN: Squig_Hunter

Timezone: EST

Launch Games: AC4, Killzone, Battlefield 4

I'll be on tonight trying to platinum AC4!!!

#9 Posted by Jakethesnakeyea (30 posts) -

I got to howells a little early, and holy crap did I get some looks from locals(though I got some approving looks from what looked like other early bombers, that was cool).

It was nice to streetpass people, I'm definitely down for another meet up. Possibly a more central locale, like lansing or ann arbor?

#10 Posted by Jakethesnakeyea (30 posts) -

That was awesome, I was the loud guy with the turquoise 5k shirt on. Definitely very awesome to talk fantasy football with patrick, and to finally admit that I'm miserably bad at racing games(though I'm going to make it my goal to at least get some cheevos in dirt 2/forza 3). That was an absolutely fantastic night, and you're all awesome, and forced me to stop lurking on this site after 5 years of following it.

I'll definitely post more on here from now on.

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