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Seriously, I think I sunk years of my life into this game. It's like a more in-depth Pokemon with better breeding mechanics!

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@razielcuts: I was just trying to strike up a conversation on the subject, and it turned into people ranting back and forth. If any of the mods could just lock the topic, I'd be happy. Just didn't think there'd be this much negativity around something as simple as "does this strike anyone else as odd?". I don't visit the forums much.

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@hoteldon: Well thanks Don, I'm so pleased.

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@splodge: you're good man, I appreciate the other side of a debate. I'd MUCH, MUCH rather push back of "no, what you saying isn't the whole story" than "RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE". I appreciate it!

To @spaceinsomniac, supporting a GOOD game after it comes out is sort of their job, that's why I wasn't too overly critical there. That, and I never watched the Transistor Quicklook as I don't trust them on the topic. I liked bastion on it's own merits and I like their games, so I'll get it regardless of what GB has to say on it. It's when you've no clue of the quality, but you're excited about it for personal reasons, not qualitative reasons that makes me question what's going on.

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@rockyraccoon37: The second someone pointed it out, I went back and read it(I honestly glanced over it, as it was posted right after 3 people discounted my views because I was bringing up a sensitive topic, and I was pretty mad about being just ignored as an internet crazy). I posted that last response after reading his post on the issue, which for me doesn't put it to rest, but it at least says that they still see themselves in a certain light, when it doesn't change it for me.

I'll most likely record an MP3 and shoot it to jeff, alex and patrick and ask for a more official response than a topic filled with lots of conjecture.

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I appreciated Alex's response, but I guess it does cross the line that they've been walking since the site was founded. This in particular for me gets too blurry, especially because this site rarely does reviews anymore, and quicklooks are the main source for purchasing advice. I won't stop following the site, I've been invested for a good 5 years now, and I'll have to listen, and see what happens as a result of this amplitude stuff, if this is a 1 off thing or if this continues, or if it ends here, and was just a misunderstanding.

Really didn't want to jump down the "arrrgh internets!" thing that ended up happening, but ah well.

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@jakethesnakeyea said:

Supporting your friends is great, but by going on that livestream, which is directly funding the kickstarter, he loses journalistic integrity.

That's a fairly bold statement that does not have anything to back it up. Who says he loses integrity by going on a live stream and giving them a shout out? You? Who are you?

And that's really the main point here. If there is never going to be a review, then it's up to you, jakethe, to prove that there's an ethical conflict here. I don't see one.

How is this different than Patrick promoting social justice articles written by his friends?

How is this different than Brad saying he highly recommends Transistor at the end of its quick look?

How is this different than someone on staff reviewing a game after meeting one of the developers and thinking to themselves, "they seemed like a nice person."?

Now that Adam Boyes is working for Sony, does this mean they shouldn't cover Sony products anymore?

They won't write a review about it, they'll instead do a quicklook, or at the bare minimum talk about it, and Jeff, Brad, Alex, etc, never came out and directly said "Hey, don't trust us on Amplitude. We're too close to the source to give an unbiased view" I NEVER heard that. Maybe they said it somewhere when I wasn't paying attention, but I never heard that line towed.

The difference is that their line of work isn't social justice articles, and they never funded the kickstarter for Transistor, or voiced support for it's funding. They have never said "Ah, we should just review Sony stuff", but they've done that here! GB has thrown their support behind the FUNDING of a product that they are supposed to be critical of. They will INEVITABLY talk about it in some way, unless it never gets funded, and even then, I'm now quite wary of their critical views. They have NOT been upfront about just how much they're supporting this game, and it makes me question their judgement.

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@splodge: You're arguing semantics about Jeff vs the industry, when apparently the industry is doing the same thing. Jeff's integrity, as well as others, should at least be questioned over this.

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@splodge: I don't believe they have been upfront about it. Not in the same way they were about Bastion.

The reality is they give opinions through twitter, and that's an avenue of advice I follow. I didn't think they'd personally do something like this, and they did. At the moment, I'm seriously considering unfollowing Jeff simply because I dunno if I can trust him after this particular thing. I don't follow Alex, and I've never been huge on Brad's advice anyway, but this has serious ramifications for me believing where Jeff's line is.