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@jakob187: Well, that's exactly it! they run when they know they'll lose a fight. If you were being wrongfully convicted of a crime and were facing many years of jail time without any possibility of getting out of it (except running), that's analogous to wolves knowing when shit is too much for them to handle, which is why they run.

Facing your problems head on is a great value to hold, but there is a line where it just isn't a wise course of action. Standing your ground to persecution and letting yourself be taken may seem like an act of strength at first, but once you're stripped of your rights and treated like an animal, you'd know it was anything but that.

I won't fault you for having the this opinion (it's mostly a good opinion to have, in my opinion). I just think running away from a situation where the outcome is 100% not in your favor isn't showing weakness. Id rather run and keep my strength (freedom) then stand my ground and be weakened by forces outside of my control (government, prison, slavery, etc)

Bronson. That's all I can say.

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Dan Ryckert's promo was fucking great. Laughed uncontrollably.

I'm voting for John Drake because that muthafucker is VICIOUS AND HOPPED UP ON DIET COKE!

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@narujoe93: It's a euphemism.

Saying wolves do something, so you should do it to isn't a euphemism (you probably mean analogy). Also, wolves run away from shit all of the time.

That's the one I meant. I have 34 8-year-olds in the store screaming and hollering. My sanity and ability to string together a sentence with words that actually make sense is....slowly....yeah, fuck it, it's gone.

Wolves will never initially run away. They only do so if they find they will lose the fight. It's the reason they have no fear of humans, despite being hunted like crazy for so long. Hell, they'll fight a goddamn grizzly if they feel like it. Then again, wolves usually roam in packs anyways (unless it's an ousted alpha or omega, and in that case, they'll run in order to live and find a new pack to join), so probably wasn't the best example to use.

The point of it all is that I wouldn't run. I would stand my ground.

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As someone who lives roughly 180 miles from San Antonio, This is awesome!

@sergio said:

PAX South makes sense if they were looking for a January event in the US. Only other places that wouldn't have terrible weather during that time would be southeast and southwest, and PAX Prime and PAX East already exist.

Hate to rain on your parade(see what I did there?), but the weather is still pretty terrible here in January. We might not be buried in snow, but it is bitterly cold, and the wind will cut through anything that isn't heavily insulated or leather. It also likes to storm heavily at random times, so you never really know what to expect. It could be sunny and tolerable outside one minute, and pouring rain, sleeting, or hailing, 5 minutes later. We have a saying down here" If you don't like the weather, just wait a few minutes."

As an example, not long ago, one day was a beautiful sunny day, roughly 75 degrees. The next day it was in the 30's and sleeting. I would dress warmly.

Then again, I get cold the moment the thermostat drops below 70. I hate cold weather more than almost anything, and am basically a shut-in throughout the winter months. I don't understand how anyone could possibly live anywhere cold.

That being said, I can hang throughout summers that have 90-100 days at a time all above 100 degrees, and have even worked as a roofer in August, when the thermometer was red lining at 110 degrees, and the shingles were literally melting under our feet.

That whole synopsis is 100% accurate...unlike most of our weathermen.

They might as well replace all of the weathermen on Texas news stations with a robot that just exclaims "I GOT NO FUCKIN' CLUE WHAT IT'S LIKE TODAY, JEFF. BACK TO YOU!"

Being January, if you are coming from out of state, pack for rain, sleet, hail, about 20-30 degrees with the off chance of 60 or 70 degrees. Basically, bring a windbreaker, a hoodie, a jacket, some sandals, shorts, shoes, and possibly a hat...

...and lots of bourbon.

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People that are saying this is a bad idea need to realize that Seattle and Boston are SIGNIFICANTLY FAR AWAY. The plane ticket alone for round trip is ridiculous (I know because I've looked at prices for it before). Between the price for PAX itself, plane ticket, and a hotel, I might as well take a vacation with my girlfriend for the same price.

As a matter of fact, last month for her birthday, we DID take a trip to San Antonio. A five day stay there cost us right around $1000, which is a portion of what it would cost us to go to either of the other PAX shows. Granted, we stayed at The Menger, valet parking, and nice restaurants for the stay...plus she brought about $600 extra for her birthday shopping, but still...

Moreover, it's on the Riverwalk, and I love the Riverwalk. Any excuse I can get to drive to San Antonio, stay for a couple of days, and go down to Willy B's for some calzones or Scholz's for some ridiculous fucking homemade root beer? Sure, I'll take it.

@jeff, @brad, @vinny, @drewbert, @alex, for the love of all that is holy and righteous in this world, you HAVE to go to San Antonio for this, do a panel, and then go to Scholz's for some killer fucking grub. A meetup would be awesome as well. There are some really nice stomping grounds around the Riverwalk, and hell, I'll take you on a personal fucking tour of downtown!

Also also, the Alamo isn't that far away from where the event is at...so no reason to NOT see the Alamo while you are all there!

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I love the shit out of that game.

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I chose "Other." Here's the thing: I wouldn't run because fuck running from anything. I wouldn't kill myself because suicide is selfish pussy bullshit.

Therefore, if I'm going to prison for a crime I didn't commit, you best goddamn believe I'm going to commit some crime to warrant the prison time. If I'm going to do time already, I might as well have a damn reason.

I hope your post is sarcasm (I seem to have trouble gauging sarcasm when its text based), as there is no shame in running when it affects your survival/place in the world. There's no nobility in unjustily losing your freedom

Wolves don't run from their enemies. They fight them head-on and go for the jugular. In turn, I will not run. It's a sign of weakness. I'll face my obstacles head-on, knife in hand, and stab with precision.

I was raised to believe that running from anything is bullshit. It's a pussy's way out. It's someone unwilling to face obstacles, instead trying to live life the easy way. The easy way through life builds no character, no grit, and no meddle.

It's just who I am. You see no nobility in it, but I personally see no nobility in running. There's no nobility in tucking tail. Face it head-on and fuck 'em up along the way.

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I chose "Other." Here's the thing: I wouldn't run because fuck running from anything. I wouldn't kill myself because suicide is selfish pussy bullshit.

Therefore, if I'm going to prison for a crime I didn't commit, you best goddamn believe I'm going to commit some crime to warrant the prison time. If I'm going to do time already, I might as well have a damn reason.

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@liquidprince said:

Touch her shoulder.

THERE IT IS! I knew someone would pull through with it. Also, HI LIQUID! Didn't know you were still around these parts.

I'm still around pretty much daily. Must be that our site viewing schedules don't really overlap.

Maybe. I also don't do a whole lot in the forums anymore. I really just read some news, watch a video or two, then head off to do other things. = /