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1. I'm really sad that I'm not going to be able to watch any of it live. Stupid work.

2. Tom Pinchuk is still doing Anime Vice? Man, what a change of pace for his career. Nonetheless, his dedication is awesome! Sad that BermanBraumWhaleRockFuckThingsOverCompany couldn't honestly give them a decent chance to keep their website at all, though.

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For anyone who has been following these events closely, a few things to point out before I go into predictions:

  1. Konami has been voluntarily delisted from the New York Stock Exchange. They are still listed in London and Japan. This was explained as a costs-saving measure (to the tune of $5m per year).
  2. Kojima's team has been renamed, and it's expected that he will be out of Konami by December.
  3. Konami made damn sure that the world saw their financial reports where their pachinko machines and other forms of "gambling" were making far more than their video games division.

Here are my predictions:

  1. Konami will voluntarily delist themselves from the London stock market within the next two months to save more money.
  2. The money saved from delisting on those two stock markets will help them to provide money to back bills that are going through Japanese government in order to legalize gambling in the country, something that Konami has had a huge hand in working on.
  3. Konami will close down their game studios and console/computer gaming divisions before the end of the fourth quarter 2015, as they will want to get as much of a return on their MGS game as possible.
  4. Konami will most likely sell the Metal Gear, Silent Hill, and Castlevania IPs (as they will reap a ton of money for them to push into their slot machines). They might sell off the DDR rights to someone, but who knows? As for everything else they have, they will be using those trademarks and names for their slot machines, much in the way they have done with Neo Contra. I can already see a Gradius slot machine. *ugh*

Mark my words. Konami, the video game company, is going to be murdered by its executives and CEO...and they don't give a damn.

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Here's the real issue: Valve makes shitloads off these things, while the creators of the content only get 25% of the money...as long as it goes over $100 within the given period of time that Valve has allotted?

That's fucking stupid.

Valve actually doesn't make that much. The vast majority of that 75% cut goes to Bethesda.

Right, except they are getting 100% of the money made between the two of them if you aren't making $100 within the given time period (I'm assuming one month). It's the same problem we see with YouTube and Twitch: people are creating content, but they aren't making money until someone says they have jumped high enough. That's pretty annoying, to know that a company is making a shitload of money off a populace of people like that and the people are seeing nothing in return. = /

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Oh, look. The internet got upset again.

Here's the real issue: Valve makes shitloads off these things, while the creators of the content only get 25% of the money...as long as it goes over $100 within the given period of time that Valve has allotted?

That's fucking stupid.

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I haven't had any issues with it, because when some uses Hellfire and doesn't know what they are doing, I just jump it and punish that ass severely. That's the thing I love about this game: special moves leave you open for weeks worth of hits if you whiff that shit.

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That music video and the song are literally the best things he has done in a LOOOOOOOOONG time (although I'll say that Cigarette Burns, had it been given a bigger budget, could've been vastly more incredible).

Love that album btw.

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I'm now finished through episode 8.

Fuck me running. D'onofrio is goddamn incredible as Fisk, and he makes that character have way more depth than he ever deserved to have. Ayelet Zurer is not a name that I knew before, but I won't forget it now. Her portrayal of Vanessa, while being fairly different from the comics up-front, fits perfectly with what is happening in the show. It adds an extra layer to the sinister elements of Fisk. They could literally just make an entire show about Wilson Fisk, cut out the Daredevil shit, and I would've been more than fine with it.

With that said, Charlie Cox is carrying the show pretty well, and Stick was fucking AWESOME! Perfect casting, perfect portrayal.

Also, they showed Owlsley's green suit being tailored. Fuck, I almost died right there. I flipped the hell out. So much excitement!

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Personally, I don't care about the whole FMV thing. That part never mattered to me in Guitar Hero, so I don't know why they feel the need to focus on it beyond "consumer research and marketing" or whatever.

I'm looking at this from the point-of-view of someone who played a LOT of fucking Guitar Hero and was good at it on Expert. So far, the new fretboard layout seems a bit exciting, as I'm interested in a higher challenge curve. Moving to six buttons overall instead of five is a nice change of pace, as it means more chord options. There isn't going to be hardcore emulation, but that's fine. It gives the actual movement of your fingers a bit more of a tangible feel, I assume.

The problem I have is that the videos we've been given seem like the calibration is off by at least 20ms or so, and it's annoying the fuck out of me. When the notes ran down the paths in previous Guitar Hero games, there was a solid and tangible feel to them, a bit of looseness as well. You felt like you were really nailing those notes. Rock Band's notes-on-path always feel very...blocky? There was a precision that they required that took me away from the part where it's a fucking game, basically. I don't mind the precision necessity - another layer of challenge - but I always felt like there was too much precision. Even Rocksmith plays a bit loose with its overall sensitivity of "strum notes-to-notes on screen" calibration.

Also, that fade-in/fade-out shit when you are failing? Nuh uh. Get rid of that shit. It was already fucking with my head.

I'm interested to hear more. However, the thing that matters the most is the tracklist. If they can't give me a solid tracklist (and I mean on a Veteran/Expert status), then I don't give a shit. I want some shit on the level of "Tornado of Souls" or "Impulse," sure. However, I also want shit like what they had on Warriors of Rock. "Just Another Parsec..." by RX Bandits is still one of my favorites to play. Hell, even Steely Dan on World Tour was fun.