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I only play in Standard format, but I'm ALWAYS down for some MTG talk.


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Is Phil Fish on Twitter this month? I'd send this hashtag to him.

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ETHAN! MIKE! MELISSA! Where's the Coonce card? Was he gone already? Also, no Whitta card?

I miss the hell out of Whiskey Media. Why did the site have to get bigger? The old days were so awesome. = (

I miss the Big Live Live Show Live also. They NEED to have another one. NEED to! I got to talk to Gary Whitta on the Big Red Phone. It was awesome, and he was awesome. I also got to talk to some other guy. I don't remember his name, but he represented some form of gaming-oriented thing. He was also pretty hammered, and I remember him mentioning that he was black.

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@jakob187: On a scale of disappointment, going from least to most with Vagrant Story being the least and Duke Nukem Forever being the most, how would you rate Titanfall?

For me, Duke Nukem Forever. When you tell me that West and Zampella (and then later only one part of that) have defected from Activision, made a new company, are working on a new shooter, and that they are taking their time to make it, I expect a fuckload more than just Call of Duty with parkour and mechs. Those guys have changed the game...TWICE...when it came to first person shooters: first with Medal of Honor (reclaiming the franchise's glory after the atrocious Rising Sun, and second with Call of Duty 4.

Actually, if you ask me, every game where I've had to do a mandatory install for the 360 has been annoyingly mediocre. Destiny is the only one where I'm not completely...just..."fuck that game" about it. Then again, I'm level 6...so what do I know? Then again, all I need is a cool setting, the ability to collect loot with stats, and I'm basically set. Look at how much Warframe and Diablo III I play. lol

@jakob187: That 10 year plan for Destiny includes other games. One game every two years. I enjoy what's there in Destiny but I don't see them actually working on Destiny #1 for 10 years. That's them just making words sound good.

I don't think it's the most disappointing but it suffers from the same thing that Titanfall suffered from. There isn't enough there and there was excessive marketing (including the enthusiast press).

Watch Dogs absolutely is the most disappointing game this year. Absolutely. They took a timely and important subject matter and made it into one of the dumbest things ever. It's so stupid. I can barely articulate. I don't recommend anyone play that game.

Watch Dogs is an open world game not named Grand Theft Auto. Anyone thinking it was going to be something incredible beyond belief needed to tone their expectations down quite a bit. I never understood the absolute hype around that game. I was excited after the E3 demo, but no more than any other given game.

Titanfall is just flat-out a bad game. In terms of overall production, it has the money behind it...but it is still just crap.

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Destiny is fine. I think people are forgetting that it's a game with a ten year plan behind it. Then again, I don't know if that is enough for the game to continue on, but I've enjoyed it so far. I tempered my expectations to "Borderlands by Bungie" a while back, though, so maybe that has something to do with it.

Honestly, Watch Dogs isn't even that bad. It's a fine game. Not great, not shit. Just fine.

Dark Souls II was fine as well.

If we're going to talk about the truly "most disappointing game" of 2014, why don't we start talking about Titanfall? Seriously, that game just has NOT lived up to any level of hype put behind it. It wasn't even that good of a game itself.

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Would it be wrong to get Vinny a gift? Like a shotgun? For when the girl gets older...to keep them boys in line...

Don't judge me. I'm from Texas.

Congratulations, Vinny!

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That was the longest case of "different strokes for different folks" I've ever read, and I read it in its entirety. I enjoyed it, and as someone who plays some free-to-play games and thoroughly enjoys them, I can say that I agree on many of your points.

This is also going to be the shortest comment I've probably ever actually written out.

I think we've entered a paradox.

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@brodehouse said:

@jakob187: Also, should I point out the prevalence of war-based games and the rise in popularity of first-person shooters on mainstream consoles since the events of 9/11? Remember when there were NO first-person shooters on consoles? They just didn't goddamn exist.

I also work in a games retailing position, and I can see too many copies of Medal of Honor and Spec Ops and Hexen and Doom for that to be true. First person shooters existed on consoles before Halo. Even before there was first person shooters, there were third person shooters and side scrolling shooters and top down shooters and isometric shooters and all sorts of games where you played military people doing military things. Trying to point at 9/11 as a cause is ghastly erroneous; first person shooters have proven an exceedingly popular genre ever since Doom was released in 1993. They grew exponentially every year leading up to 2001, and have continued to grow, in countries other than America; suggesting that 9/11 happening in America caused interest in first person shooters worldwide is choosing correlation for causation.

Do not broadcast this "it all started in 2001!" thing. If you start doing that now, you're going to become that person who points at technology or social change as ruining the world of your childhood, when the thing you are mad about is simple human behavior. Kids have been pretending to Shoot That Guy in a military setting since we invented shooting that guy. Before that they played at Hacking That Guy To Pieces in play-fights and play-war. It is not different if they are running around with finger guns than if they're driving polygonal models around. We imitate contemporary conflict as a matter of entertainment, it's no different than animals roughhousing to socialize.

Huh? I simply wrote a paragraph stating that if you look at literal hard numbers, you can see that first-person shooters became POPULAR among the MAINSTREAM after the release of Halo, the advent of modern military becoming a popular theme in video games, and that they coincidentally happened alongside the events of 9/11 and American military intervention overseas. Go look the numbers up. Yes, first-person shooters existed before this time frame, but they were not POPULARIZED. There were barely ANY on consoles (and I'm talking about STRICTLY first-person shooters, not third-person, which you decided to bring into the conversation for some reason). Disruptor, Final Doom on PS1, and Medal of Honor are the only three coming to mind at the moment. Maybe Doom back on SNES? There may have been more, but again, the key word here is POPULARIZED.

I then stated that for the majority of American children (which I'm making a guess here, no hard evidence, hopefully that suits everyone because I also assume a survey or hard study would prove this to be true) learn what they know about war not from the news or real world events, but rather from Michael Bay-influenced, "hurrah fuck yeah 'Murca join the military" first-person modern military shooters. I pointed out that they get a vertical slice positioned very specifically to look patriotic, damn near propaganda-like in nature in some cases. A few games out there try to go the other direction with it, but those games aren't exactly the best-sellers.

In turn, I related all of that to how I see no issue with this guy caring so much about his children that he did not want their entire notion of war at a young developmental stage in their life to be dictated by biased news coverage or video games/movies/other media. He wanted

Never did I say anything about children behavioral patterns other than once where I said that I personally question whether or not I am contributing to the potential rotting of the minds of children by offering these games as a product for my own profit. Again, that's just a personal question, not a general reality or even assumption. That does not mean I'm saying "first-person shooters are ruining society and our children, making them violent people, etc." If anything, I'm relating it to exactly what I'm talking about in my entire post: we are offering a product to children and adults alike that takes the suffering and misery of the world (war) and turns it into a product of enjoyment and profit, and we genuinely feel there is absolutely no moral dilemma in doing so. There are studies out there that show how media can manipulate what people understand of a given subject, NUMEROUS STUDIES (and this point rolls back directly to the rise in popularity of modern military shooters as well as first-person shooters in general after the events of 9/11 and American military intervention overseas - propaganda)...and yet we're going to sit here and saying that Call of Duty and Battlefield, with the vertical slice and perception of war that they offer... They aren't somehow making people believe that THIS is what war is like? That it's all gung-ho, shoot that guy, no moral dilemmas, time to save the world and police everything mentality?

So I don't know. I think you misunderstood what my post was saying in the first place. It's merely about the perception of what war is. That's all. This guy decided he wanted his kids to understand war, and I'm glad he was able to offer that gift to his kids. I wish more people could see it in front of their eyes and let the gravity of it sink in.

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I haven't been this sad since Jonathan Winters passed away. My deepest condolences to his family and friends.

Coincidence that Winters is Mork's son?

It's truly saddening, as his capability to put any single person into either tears of reflection or tears of laughter was absolute and complete. There was no gray area with Robin: you either liked him or hated him. He is still, hands down, the funniest man to live. Why? He had no problem going anywhere for the laugh.

It's sad to think he won't be doing that anymore. There are still four movies that he had finished which will be released, but after that... I hate to even think of what a generation that grows up without Robin's comedy in their lives would be like. It all just seems bleaker.


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@ssully said:

If you haven't watched anything since the holiday's then your opinion is kind of baseless. It is a different entity now; shit has been changing drastically since Ryan passed, but things have been incredible since Vinny moved to NY and Dan/Jason came on. There is a ton of content and its all quality stuff.

I have a feeling that you misinterpreted everything that I said. I was not talking about quality or quantity of content at all. I stated that I didn't really watch anything on Gamespot, and then led that into the realization that I haven't really watched anything on Giant Bomb since Ryan's death. Literally nothing to do with the quality. Just a relative statement to the topic at hand.