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I literally almost cried at the graphical fidelity of that Uncharted piece. If that is in-game engine...and they can truly achieve that level of visual fidelity the entire time, then fuck me running. My childhood dreams will have completely come true.

Beyond that, Sony killed it. The original IP reveals looked fantastic, their plans for the console and their services were ambitious and bold, and that one little tidbit about Far Cry 4 multiplayer tipped the iceberg so hard.

Well...plus Grim Fandango. I mean, IT'S GRIM FUCKING FANDANGO.

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Phantom Dust was fucking awesome, but it was DEFINITELY a niche game. Nonetheless, I put a fair amount of time into Phantom Dust, and it was thoroughly entertaining at the time. It was a bitch to find the next mission, but the gameplay was great.

Can't wait to see a new one. It's such an obscure thing to announce at such a big event, let alone even revive. I want to know the story behind all that.

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All they needed to do was come out, yell "RAINBOW SIX, MUTHAFUCKERS," shown the live demo, and then dropped a massive microphone on the stage and yelled "DONE!"

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I would also like to express my unexpressed love for Front Mission 4 here. I loved that game...but it's not Vagrant Story.

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Honestly, I can't think of a single one off the top of my head. The list the OP provided just isn't tickling my fancy at all. Far Cry 4 is about the only thing, but even then, I never finished Far Cry 3. I eventually just got sick of Uplay and stopped bothering with it. The DRM made me stop playing the game. Ubisoft, take note of that. Before anyone says "well, you bought the game," I actually did not. It was given to me as a gift for Christmas.

Apotheon is something I'm looking forward to. Is that coming out in the second half of 2014? I mean, I loved Capsized, so I don't think those guys can do wrong by me again.

Pillars of Eternity is one that I can't wait for, but part of me also doesn't expect them to hold to 2014 as a release date. In the same vein, Wasteland 2 would be the only other one.

Beyond that, Witcher 3 was the one thing I wanted this year...and now it's 2015.

Hopefully, something will get announced at E3 that makes me want something else this year. Otherwise, I'll probably just be buying old games for the rest of the year.

EDIT: I was reminded that the Mordor game is coming out. That looks intriguing.

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THE BIG BIRD-GRYPHON THING DIES! WE KNOW IT ALREADY! They need to stop trying to find a way around that most-obvious-story-hook-ever mistake and just release the fucking game. It won't live up to the hype at all. It can't.

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I'll be in the Giant Bomb chat joining everyone to yell excitement and spout disappointment. Meanwhile, I won't have the Giant Bomb stream going because I don't wanna hear the guys chatting over it right away. I always watch their stuff on replay instead.

Meanwhile, I'll probably just watch stuff via GameTrailers unless their shit is getting overloaded again like last year.

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They took a three-hour drive to go to E3.

I took a three-hour drive from Waco to San Antonio this past Wednesday...just to see a movie in IMAX. SUP?!

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I remember that this is the place where @fredchuckdave and I became internet friends because of our mutual love for the greatest video game ever made.

I lost my goddamn third copy of Vagrant Story after my breakup with the ex. Don't know where it's at. Have to buy another copy. Guess I'll do that on Tuesday when I have money. I need another playthrough of that fucker, and I luckily just recently got a CRT television to play my PS1/PS2 games on. = D