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If a company wants to put an embargo on something due to story elements, I can understand something like that. However, when a company is saying "we are rushing products to store shelves before they are completed, knowing good and well that the product is not fully functional, all because we want to hit quarterly numbers" is fucking idiotic.

Then again, we exist in the world of video games, where money is king. = /

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Can I still get a classic Pizza Hut Pepperoni Pan Pizza? If they take that buttery beauty of pepperoni perfection away, then FUCK THEM!

Also, stuffed crust is fucking awesome.

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So this $120 40" Element TV... Is the quality bad or anything like that?

I was thinking of getting a 46" Samsung Smart TVs from Walmart for under $500 because my parents has one of those and my PS4 looked great on it. If there isn't that much of a noticeable difference between them then I might go with the Element.

Element is definitely a discount brand. Cheap build quality and subpar picture/sound.

Incorrect. Element is not a discount brand. They are just an American company, so they are able to sell their product much cheaper because they don't have to deal with import costs and such.

Unfortunately, the second part of your statement IS true. They are still a young company (started a couple years ago), so they don't have quality products as of yet. It's much like Vizio was in their first two or three years.

Nonetheless, if you want a cheap TV, it's there and available.

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CM Punk ya? But I'm not writing a story for Marvel!

Looks good, man. Thanks for picking up the torch on this one. I might be back next year.

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FisHy thanks you for your service! Enjoy your extra free time brother

OMG! IT'S RETARDEDFISHY! Long time, no see.

@fredchuckdave: You've deciphered the real reason. lol

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Every year I would think to myself holy shit that must be a ton of tedious-ass work to compile these lists! It was a cool GB community tradition while it lasted.

Tedious is definitely the word I'd use, lol. Don't get me wrong: if I wasn't knee-deep in trying to get my Wolverine geared out for red raids (and leveling Cable, Moon Knight, and Squirrel Girl to get the rest of my goddamn synergies), I'd be down. Maybe I'll do it next year? I don't know.

So yeah. It's completely for selfish reasons, but goddammit - gear and levels don't grind themselves!

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I played some of this before Halloween for my store's Halloween streams. I won't say it's ALL jump scares, but it's MOSTLY jump scares. There are a couple of good tense moments (like when you have to switch on the two gas pumps to get the generator back on). It has a decent level of tension in it at the start, and it kind of keeps that up...a little bit...

Honestly, my problem with the game was that there would be moments where you had the "I have no clue what to do next, what the fuck do I need to be doing, I'm losing the immersion of this now" that I hate happening in games.

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The guns even SOUND like something from Call of Duty now.

I understand that they need to change it up in order to get that CoD crowd back into Halo (and with the waning interest in Advanced Warfare, I figure they might get them). I just... I really wish they could've kept it in the true vein of Halo.

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@patrickklepek: Let's be real - the ridiculousness of Jurassic Park 3 makes it PERFECT for a LEGO game.