The Sonny Listn' Ultimate 95 Item Achievement-Whoring List

Thanks to the Whiskey Media quest system, I've been busy on Giant Bomb and ComicVine busting out achievements even when I'm not at a video game console.  Because there is an achievement in the Sonny Listn' quest set for making a list of 95 items...which seems COLOSSAL IN SIZE, I figured "why just put together a list of 95 items when it could mean something"?  What better way to whore an achievement...than by making a list of games that you can whore achievements in for either fun or just gamerscore gain?!  So, GAME ON!!!

List items

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Thank you for all the games I'd never heard of! :)

Posted by Agent47

The comments you put were pretty funny especially the Just Cause ones because I can agree.But if you like F3 then why all the hate on TESIV?

Posted by Elyk247

TESIV is the best game of this console generation.

Posted by jakob187

I should point out that 1 vs 100 can no longer be S-ranked. Also, I totally S-ranked that hoe. EXTINCT S RANKS FOR THE MUTHAFUCKIN WIN!

Posted by therepublicanguy

Pretty funny; did you buy these games?