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This demo is really fun. I bought it on Steam today after going through it. I'm only worried that it will get dull really fast. This game would have a LOT more replayability with some multiplayer!

Just think of how fun it would be to fend off hordes of orcs from multiple entryways with your buds. But I'm sure we'll have to wait for (and buy) a sequel for that to happen.

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I wasn't expecting this to be a sandbox game, but I was hoping it would be a little more open. The maps felt very limited because i seemed like 80% of the doors you run into you can't open and the alleyways and buildings are closed off so much that in order to figure out where you're supposed to go, you have to continually look at the map. Yeah, there weren't any invisible walls like some games, but there might as well have been since the cities felt so closed off. And while you can run across rooftops and sneak through the sewers, in my opinion even those areas seem cramped and limited.

I agree that the side quests do have some very interesting stories behind them, but because of the map design and how slow/boring traveling through them was, I skipped a lot more than I would have liked. At least the option of fast travel would have been nice. To sum it up, I felt like I was being herded. The game, despite the side quests, felt very linear. And a good RPG doesn't do that (or at least they hide it better).

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Oddjob hat kill = pure win.