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Before you go do anything, ensure that the fan DIRECTLY under your video card is still working. This is the fan you'll usually hear turn on when running video games or playing movies. If that fan is dead, your PC will shut down very quickly, but you'll notice you can run normal applications without any problem. 

This is speaking from experience and your problem sounds just like what happened to me after my middle fan went out on my laptop.
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I have the PC version and aside from some minor bugs that are annoying, it's definitely a playable game. My opinion might change later if it bugs out right at the end like the last game. 

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I just really hope the combat in the new game is more fun. I hated the stamina management system and the feat trees were terrible. Other than that I loved the game.

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@Pumer: Yeah.... 
I just bought Civ 5 when I barely had enough money for my books. Now I'm going to be eating Ramen for a week AND have to squeeze homework time in between this addictive game.   
Hey! I don't have a problem, man. Back off!
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@LiquidPrince said:
" The Star Wars Old Republic trailers. "
Those trailers were the inspiration for my topic. I can only hope the game is half as enjoyable.
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Have you ever gotten excited for a game just by watching a cool CG trailer? 
C'mon, admit it. You probably have. Why do we fall for these things when we know the fighting and excitement of it is probably nothing like the game?  
*cough* Dragon Age *cough*

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Sounds fun. Something tells me this will be tailored for both RPG and action game junkies (like Mass Effect), but it's way too early to tell.  It'll be a fun alternative to Diablo 3 at the very least.
For all the people posting about this being another MMO: 
You fail at reading! 
You lose 1 skillpoint in comprehension.

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