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@phoenix87: Do you not like good video games or are you just a troll?

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"Video game developers can't wait to spend money developing for our proprietary OS and and stupid new controller when everyone in the world already has Windows and a Xbox 360 controller."

Honestly I think Gabe has gone crazy. This all smells of unbelievable failure and I am surprised Valve is getting their hands dirty with it. I guess they have to do something with all that money.

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It's troubling from a leadership perspective at EA because this means Gibeau is either totally out of the loop in his own department or a bald faced liar. He is pretty far up the ladder to the point of being considered CEO when that job came open. I know it happens all the time, but I don't like it when big companies lie.

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I'm not sure why this would surprise anyone. Like EA doesn't have the resources for a simultaneous launch?

Apple can keep this money whoring F2P shitfest anyway.

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No one will code games for it because everyone already has Windows.

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If you asked me to write a hilarious parody of a speech containing nothing but meaningless corporate jargon and stupid industry buzzwords I could not remotely do as good of a job as that what that guy wrote.

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I was expecting a $199 price point and even then I doubt I'd be interested in 8 year old technology.

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I am so sorry for all of you and Ryan's family for your loss. Although I love everyone that works for GB, he will be truly irreplaceable.

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CliffyB bellyaching about the high cost of game development from his solid gold flying Ferrari doesn't bother me very much. If game developers want to cut costs, maybe they shouldn't be so lazy and farm out half their development to vendor companies. Have you seen the credits in a AAA game lately? Ubisoft and Squeenix are the worst offenders. Some of those games have five or six other companies getting outsourced to. Every time you do that you add another layer of cost and another layer of mostly useless managers with their hands out getting paid.

Games like Tomb Raider sell like 5 million copies and the publisher calls it a failure. What did the last, I don't know, FIVE tomb raider games sell? Not 5 million copies. Maybe they shouldn't budget their games as if each one is going to sell ten million units at full price. Maybe they should sell them digitally for $10-15 less to encourage people to buy it digitally so they have nothing to trade in. They would only get $15 for it at Gamestop anyway.

Forcing away people's ownership rights when they purchase a physical item is not going to solve their dilemma.