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I like how the first minute or so is just black screen.

Also, I never even know GB videos go up on Gamespot.

Most quicklooks go up. Not all of them, I don't think.

I've been terrified since CBS bought GB that one day I am going to come here and it's just going to be a referrer to gamespot because some half-retarded business major that was accidentally given decision making powers at CBS decided to just combine them. So I get jumpy when I see stuff like this.

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Is that a mistake on their part or is GS going to start getting GB content first?

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A brand is worthless without the people to make it great. Saying "the brand will continue" after decapitating it is the most hollow statement you can make. I'm not a EA-hater, although they make some pretty dumb decisions. This is one of them. It's what happens when your company is run by a bunch of business majors that drank their way through college and not people who respect creativity.

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Galak-Z and our imaginary real sequel to Mercenaries are my two most wanted games right now. I guess the guys at Pandemic that made the original Mercenaries are spread all over the globe by now. Or making new light saber crystals to sell to SWTOR players.

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Uplay is required to play their games even if you bought them from Steam anyway. So cutting out the middleman makes perfect sense. Valve absolutely fucking fleeces publishers and indie developers with a 30% cut off the top of every sale. Fuck that. If I was running Ubi I would tell them to eat a dick too.

Not that I am defending Uplay which is 100% hot garbage that Ubisoft should be apologizing to me personally for every day it exists.

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Awesome game totally hampered by the way it only rates you by how few turns you beat the scenario in. You could run a flawless scenario and never so much as get shot but you will get a shit rating if you run too many turns. Lose half your squad and do it in eight turns? A+++! Great job!

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@phoenix87: Do you not like good video games or are you just a troll?

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"Video game developers can't wait to spend money developing for our proprietary OS and and stupid new controller when everyone in the world already has Windows and a Xbox 360 controller."

Honestly I think Gabe has gone crazy. This all smells of unbelievable failure and I am surprised Valve is getting their hands dirty with it. I guess they have to do something with all that money.

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It's troubling from a leadership perspective at EA because this means Gibeau is either totally out of the loop in his own department or a bald faced liar. He is pretty far up the ladder to the point of being considered CEO when that job came open. I know it happens all the time, but I don't like it when big companies lie.

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I'm not sure why this would surprise anyone. Like EA doesn't have the resources for a simultaneous launch?

Apple can keep this money whoring F2P shitfest anyway.