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I'm still not seeing updates to the feeds on SD quality. Last Subscriber video is 30 Day Trial: World of Warcraft - Part 02, last QL is Wii Sports Club, last Unfinished is Undead Overlord: 07/31/2014.

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Over the last couple of weeks I've noticed that Steam Achievements don't appear in the Embed gadget. From what I can see this is caused by there being no timestamp associated with the achievements (unlike Xbox Live), so the database just lumps them in at the back of the list, and thus they are never recognised as 'recent'. This also means that any Steam games you play get thrown to the bottom of your Games Played list since the database doesn't know when you last played them.
Is there any way of changing the system so that when I earn Steam achievements they actually show up in the right place on my profile? I really like the idea of a little HTML gadget that combines all the achievements I get into one place but at the moment it doesn't let me do that.