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@believer258: Thanks Duder. I'm not sure why I assumed PS2 games would be compatible, it just seemed too obvious to even consider, but alas. Still on the fence about the Vita, it's first party line up doesn't really blow minds, but all those indy games on the go would be nice, also, PS1 games, assuming I can find them!

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@tonylope: Oh wow. I guess I just sort of assumed that was a no brainer. Well, damn. Thanks for the info, duder.

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Hey there duders, I require your advice once again. So I'm considering getting a Vita, specifically to play PS1/PS2 games on the go. I'd only just discovered such a thing was possible and excitedly dusted off my PS3 to view the PS1/PS2 cataloge. In the 7 months or so since I last powered it up however, it seems they have re-designed the entire playstation store layout. Apparently removing the "PS One" and "PS2" catagories completely. It still seems to be possible to find games if you search for them individually, but still, what gives?

Are they removing/pushing aside that functionality in order to further pimp playstation now? And if I WERE to download these titles, would they still be downloadable to a Vita? I already own a few PS One titles but was actually hoping I'd be able to play Vice City.

I live in Australia, so I would assume the version of the PS Store I see would be comparable to the EU version? Does anybody know what gives? Thanks in advance, duders. As always, love ya'll.

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I don't even.

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@stonyman65: Thank you, that actually solves all of my problems.

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God damn do I still miss the hell out of that dude.

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@mister_v: So when you say "add it manually" do you mean through itunes? I can't even seem to find them listed there.

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So I've noticed that if you click "premium podcasts" in the little tab, it appears to list the regular bombcast episodes with the word (premium) in brackets. Are these simply versions without Jeff and Vinny's advertisement segment or is there more to it than that?

Furthermore, does anyone know exactly how subscribing to the premium casts is supposed to work? The regular bombcast and Bombin in the AM download automatically to my ipod when a new episode is ready, but I've only been able to get one episode of the Powerbombcast. How exactly does subscriber content work with itunes?

Thanks in advance for putting up with my splurge of questions, guys.

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@probablytuna: My only hope is that it was simply delayed in transit somewhere and not lost entirely.

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