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I don't even.

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@stonyman65: Thank you, that actually solves all of my problems.

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God damn do I still miss the hell out of that dude.

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@mister_v: So when you say "add it manually" do you mean through itunes? I can't even seem to find them listed there.

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So I've noticed that if you click "premium podcasts" in the little tab, it appears to list the regular bombcast episodes with the word (premium) in brackets. Are these simply versions without Jeff and Vinny's advertisement segment or is there more to it than that?

Furthermore, does anyone know exactly how subscribing to the premium casts is supposed to work? The regular bombcast and Bombin in the AM download automatically to my ipod when a new episode is ready, but I've only been able to get one episode of the Powerbombcast. How exactly does subscriber content work with itunes?

Thanks in advance for putting up with my splurge of questions, guys.

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@probablytuna: My only hope is that it was simply delayed in transit somewhere and not lost entirely.

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@probablytuna: That is reassuring, did you opt for the expensive shipping?

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I recently purchased an exact replica of the colourful lenticular hat Marty Mclfly wears at the begining of Back to the Future 2, purely on impulse. And it's fucking awesome and I don't regret it for a second.