Arkham City's Game Director Outlines Content.


Hot on the heels of our first real glimpse of Arkham City ’s gameplay, Rocksteady Studios ’ Game Director, Sefton Hill, was quick to work the crowd hungry for details about the sequel to 2009's critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum.

No juicy morsels about the plot were given away, but according to the announcement, made on the 17th via the brand new Arkham City community portal and community page ( gamers can look forward to around 12-15 hours of play from the story alone.

Another 12-15 will be spent on various side tasks and challenges that run alongside the main narrative, dubbed Arkham City Missions.  

Hill promised that the new missions, which can be tackled at any point in the game upon finding them, will flesh out the world and its inhabitants:

“Some of my favourite moments are in these missions, including tracking down a deranged serial killer, solving a murder mystery, forming an alliance with a one-time villain and confronting the Riddler as he attempts to prove once and for all he is better than Batman.”

Fans of the Riddler’s treasure hunting challenges from the first game will be pleased to know that even though Mr. Nigma finally makes an appearance to square off with Batman, he will still have left his mark on the city, leaving a trail of puzzles and trophies to uncover.

Rounding out his message with promises of a revamped Challenge mode, Hill leaves just enough shrouded in mystery to keep fans on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the game’s North American release on October 18th (19th Australia, 21st Europe).     
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