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@levio: you don't necessarily need to give money to make a difference. If you learn about the different programs in your area and give that information to someone who is begging that could make a serious impact. an awful person wouldn't care if you gave them a card with all the local community meals on it. a good person would be grateful for it. In my area all of the poverty assistance programs are linked and so each organization has access to each others services. I wouldn't be surprised if your location was the same and as a result telling them where to get a free meal could get them involved in other poverty assistance programs.

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@akyho: Do you know if the woman had some mental or physical illness that prevented her from walking far (even if it's 2 minutes away). I fully agree with you that there are people who take advantage of peoples kindness by begging on the street but there are also many more who simply don't know how to start moving in the right direction and rely on begging to survive. Since it can be hard to judge between someone who wants to take advantage of peoples kindness and someone who truly needs a helping hand the best thing you can do is educate yourself on local programs that help the homeless move past their barriers whether that's mental illness, addiction, physical illness and more. that way even if you have nothing to give in terms of money, you've given them the resources they need to take the first step in improving their situation.

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Having worked in a homeless shelter for the past 3 years I know all of the local community meals, shelters and employment centers. I keep a card with me in my wallet that has all of this information so if a person ever asks for change I give them what I have (which isn't usually much) and also give them as much information as I know which hopefully they can use to move forward in their life.

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I bought persona 3 for the vita and it is really great so far. I haven't played Final Fantasy IV but if you like JRPG's you won't be disappointed by P3P.

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I recently purchased an x box 360 S as  well and it has been working great. My room is also very dusty but it hasn't been a problem for me so far since I clean up pretty regularly. I like how quiet it runs as well as the fact that it has the wireless capability built in. Have you noticed the difference in terms of noise or does it sound the same to you?

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Ive allays wanted to play custom games with people in this game but I have never found anyone who plays any custom games :(. If you play any custom games, send me a friend request on x box live so I can join in too :). my gamer tag is: jamer91

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I will definitely take the time to watch this series again, it is one of my favourite things on this site :).

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@Snexi said:
" Aw, your story of the month was so sad :(.  I'm glad you're through it. Keep up the great work :)! Best wishes for feb's blog! <3 "
thanks :)
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I only edit when I've made a spelling mistake lol

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you should not be using IE at all. There are much better options out there such as Chrome and Firefox. Even website programmers understand this and post messages on their websites such as "this website displays best on Firefox" or "video's only work if using Mozilla Firefox". Despite the fact that it is an inferior web browser that there are many people who still use Internet Explorer because they do not understand what web browsers are and they only use what they are familiar with. thats why this bug should be fixed, to accommodate these people.