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I thought Emile was a cool character. that cut scene near the end when he shot that elite in the face with his shotgun was awesome :D

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because I'm a big fan of the red alert games and I think the allies have a cool logo :)

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I thought it was a great ending to a great game. the game had everything halo fans like in the series while adding new elements as well. This made it feel both nostalgic and fresh at the same time. I felt like the whole game was really well done but at the same time, I feel that there are not enough new features and game play elements to bring new players into the series so if your a halo hater, this game probably wont convince you to like halo, but if you are a fan of the series then this is the definitive halo experience.
I wasn't sure about one thing though, when you see noble 6's helmet on the ground, the weather is nice, and you see a ship in the background. Is that after the events of halo 3?

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I dont think you can get the emblem if you buy it now, I think it only works if you played halo combat evolved online on pc last year or something like that.
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Pokemon and fable are the only two I can think of. I never got into gold or silver. once they started adding more then the original 150 pokemon, I became uninterested.

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Alan Wake

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Alright, thanks a lot .

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I haven't been able to figure out how to input my halo PC code to get additional downloadable content. can anyone tell me how or post a link that shows instructions?