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I think Oblivion is the best choice

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I will definitely buy it on  the 360. I have nowhere near the computer power needed to run that game. my computer can't even run oblivion lol

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I am also one of those people who want another endurance run, but TNT is a pretty good alternative. the main problem with the endurance runs is that not everyone liked the games they were playing ( I personally liked both of them). but with TNT they play a different game every week, so you can choose whether or not to watch depending on how much you like the game.

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Was the new 360 worth the money? I cant wait untill I have enough to buy one :)
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It is definitely worth buying. I've only played through the first half of the game and I was blown away by it. Have you played the first Mass Effect?
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I almost have enough money to get a new x box :). Im going to play some classic PC games untill then though lol. I have really enjoyed Mass Effect 2 so far, I had just finished Jacobs loyalty mission when my x box died. Have you beaten it yet?
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Wow, those are some great games. have you liked them so far?
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Yeah, I agree, I've been overwhelmed with the new games I got as well. I'm just happy that I got to play some Mass Effect before my x box broke lol. What are some of the games you had to put on the side?