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I wish more people liked the original crackdown :( the "keys to the city" mode on co-op was a lot of fun

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my favorite survival horror games are Silent Hill 4, Resident Evil 4 and  Condemned 2.
does FEAR or FEAR 2 count?

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I am pro genophage. It really had to be done to prevent the galaxy from becoming a chaotic war zone overun with Krogan.

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My current wish list is:
 Mass Effect 2
Assassins Creed 2
Bioshock 2
Assassins Creed Brotherhood 
Call of Duty MW 2
Xbox 360 slim  
Microsoft Points
and maybe a Playstation 3 

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I would like to be in the Mass Effect universe

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@blackbird415 said:
" I still need to play through it once let alone twice. I got both mass effect 1 and 2, but Ive been so over saturated with games and school work I cant focus on one game at a time.   Ive currently got campaigns going in kane and lynch 2, black ops, dead rising 2, GTA: episodes from liberty city, red faction guerrilla, saints row 2, crysis, dirt 2, torchlight, serious sam HD: the first encounter, zombie driver, vampire the masquerade bloodlines, amnesia, alien vs. predator, fallout new vegas, plus the psp games I have.   Not to mention I have a debate tomorrow I need to fix the outline and add more sources, I have 3 art pieces to do in illustrator, find a workbook that got lost in the school mail I need to get to my teacher, 4 chairs and a table for creativity class (half the size of normal chairs and a table). I haven't even said anything about the stack of books Ive gotten I still haven't finished reading.   WHY AM I ON THIS FORUM TYPING THIS I HAVE SO MUCH CRAP TO DO "
Mass Effect is one of those games that you can play in short periods of time. its a huge rpg so you arent expected to finish it in one night. the missions (especially the side quests) are ussually pretty short so its a great game to play if you have homework or other things to do since you can pick it up, play a quest quickly and get back to what you were doing :). you should definitely play it when you have the time.
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Over this week end I decided to play through mass effect again using my first character and I realized that it is a much deeper game then I first realized. During my first play through I only saw what the main questline had to offer and didnt see much of the side quests. during my second playthrough however I am talking to everyone I see and fixing all of their problems. not only am I hoping to see more of the story this way but also earn a few more achievements. overall the biggest thing I experienced so far on my second play through is the mission on earths moon. I thought it was really cool landing on such a familiar planet and seeing earth in the background.
What is the coolest thing you have experienced during a second playthrough of Mass Effect?

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 @MattyFTM said:

" @Jamer91 said:
" does anyone know what "Sky" is? "
It's a UK satellite TV service. You can set up a 360 to access their online "Sky Player" in the UK "
oh ok
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does anyone know what "Sky" is?