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I am having this problem as well :S

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I finished 30th :)

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best achievements/trophies

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Wow :O thats pretty cool that he wrote a book

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Madden 2008...I bought it as a gift for my dad on christmas. we opened it only once, got confused by the controls then put it on my tv stand where it has gathered dust ever since. its not even like I can sell it, no store will accept it since it is so worthless -_-"

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The game froze on me twice :S overall I like it though

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I got all of my achievements updated :D thank you very much

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I know a lot of people (including myself) are a fan of the original Mercenaries vs spies multi player from Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
while I was browsing the internet today i came across this website that was posted on Reddit 
the designers of this game are trying to recreate that classic gameplay using the Unreal Engine. 
how do you guys feel about this new game?

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I want the next generation as soon as possible, the graphics and gameplay do not need to be improved, just the reliability of the hardware.

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I really miss halo 2. I used to play a ton of it when I was in grade 10 and I was unable to play it before it went online because I wasnt signed up for x box live :(