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@Durandir said:
" Loved the movie to bits, haven't read the comic yet, only tried the demo for the game.  In other words, I am a huge fan, just don't have enough money to experience it all so far. "
why dont you read them at your local Chapters, Indigo or Library?
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A few weeks ago I read the Scott Pilgrim Comic books in a local book store and I really liked the story and characters. I liked it so much that I went and bought the game for xbla and watched the movie. I loved the game and I thought the movie was ok but the comic books are still the funniest I have ever read.
I was wondering what you guys think about the whole Scot Pilgrim phenomenom. the books, movie, game and TV show. Do you like them or are you like the Giant Bomb crew and feel that it is "trying too hard"?

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I agree, I hate having to sleep :( I wish I felt as good as I do after a long sleep, all the time.

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although many people did not like it I really enjoyed The Matrix Reloaded.
another favorite of mine is The Dark Knight

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@MooseyMcMan said:
" Because clearly there is only one person named Vinny who plays videogames.  "
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I play it occasionally, im still trying to S-rank it so when I do that I will probably only go online to play custom games