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At work when people ask me about games I relate it to our primary product, textbooks. Some books are "bad" distracting colors, unreadable fonts, type size to small, too many images breaking up the flow of the pages, etc. The end product is hard to read/control, or the authors writing is hard to follow/the game doesn't make sense what you do next. Those are the ways I try to relay it to coworkers.

On a slightly different topic, I love when people give me electronic games devices as gifts. Why…because I love games so of coarse I'm gonna love this strange electronic match colors game from the dollar store. It's the thought that counts…

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My dream job! Unfortunatlely even if I was qualified I couldn't apply. My gf is very important to me and she needs to stay here to take care of her elderly mother.

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Wait till you are older, then look in a mirror and see if you can keep changing with the times young man.

I grew up in an ultra conservative religious and racist family. It took a long time to open my eyes and see through the BS. Of coarse you have to be willing to see things as they really are. I've left many of my learned beliefs behind but there are many things that I'm stuck with from my upbringing. The older people you are referring too may have changed as much as I have BUT reached their limited to accepted changes awhile back. We the people are getting there... it's going to take time. Generations.

and still mankind will keep changing and viewing the older people as behind the times.

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Everyone is different... I did it and it was a disaster. Wouldn't recommend it.

I work for someone that according to rumor was involved with a higher up. Everyone judges this person based on the rumors. I heard these rumors for 6 years till the person became my boss, that's when I learned this person deserved their position of authority and deserved respect. This person did not get to their position because of any possible relations with a higher up. Although I can see my boss is incredible at their job, others still act like they got the position because of the subject of rumors.

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Manual all the way. I dread the day manual transmissions go away which seems to be coming soon.

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For me yes it is. If you don't like Macs then NO.

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The video quality has been good for me. The awful part for me is the interface. I'm using HBO GO on my Apple TV, Comcast in my area doesn't support the PS3 HBO GO yet. I hate the clumsy queue setup and having no way of knowing what I watched last.

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The Joystiq home page works best for me. IGN is just too cluttered. I keep forgetting about Polygon...

I really miss the days of the Joystiq podcast with Chris Grant, Justin, and Ludwig. Blueberry Muffin Tops!

I come to Giantbomb for the podcast, videos, and reviews. I read the news here too, but for straight up reading of the news it's Joystiq. If Giantbomb ever brings back the quests...I'll return to my obsessive clicking an viewing on here.

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NO. I have such a large game hoard that I can go awhile without buying into the new console hype. I'm unimpressed with the specs for these systems. More then likely I will get a PS4 at some point. The XB1 does have Titanfall but other than that I don't have any interest in Kinect and the TV stuff. There really hasn't been anything that I really want to play on the new consoles. Things might change next holiday season.

If anything I'm more interesting in a Steambox. I switched to consoles gaming years ago because of the costs, hatred of Windows, and cluttered PC setup. Judging from the comments on most forums, I'm in the minority because the Steambox looks great to me. When more games get ported to the SteamOS I might open the wallet. Might.

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Drew is coming into his own on the podcast. I have to laugh at the "less of a nerd" comment though. Drew is just as much of a nerd about military stuff as the other guys are about games. This is what makes the Bombcast so interesting to me, the different personalities/interests working together. Of coarse if there wasn't chemistry, the podcast would bomb.(pun intended) Drew's a good addition to the Bombcast.

Sure I wish someone could step in and replace Ryan(without trying to be Ryan!) but I'm not sure if this will happen.

I remember a time when I thought "why is Patrick messing up the formula" by being on the Bombcast so much. It's not that I didn't like the guy it just changed things. Now I miss Patrick and his indie and horror game talk on the Bombcast.