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@rawrsair said:

The plastic on my laptop just snapped, meaning I have to be careful when I close it.... does that count.

I've been there, eventually got to the point where I couldn't close the thing at all. I'd recommend duct tape, it kept mine a little more secure for a few months after the initial snap.

On-topic, the milkshake I'm currently drinking is a little too chocolatey.

And another one: I now have 777 posts on an internet forum, and am cautious about compromising the bounty of good luck I will imminently acquire.

p.s Not posting for a while, going to Vegas.

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Lack of interest for the most part. I don't really consider it 'passing on a sale' just 'not buying things I don't want to buy'.

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@GioVANNI: @wmaustin55: @Dredlockz:

Just for the record, a QR scanner is not required to 100% the game at all. I think it's a really cool feature, and the team had enough sense to include alternate ways of completing those puzzles.

Quote from Renaud Bedard (FEZ Programmer):

A note about the QR codes : there are alternate puzzles for every one of them. So even if you can't scan them, you can ignore them and 100% the game with other means. The alternate puzzles *are* much harder, though. :)

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Finding the anti-cubes is a completely different ballpark to the rest of the game so yeah I'd say it's kind of a 50/50 split between 'not too bad' and 'you'll need a PhD in physics to work this out'.

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This isn't news, it's olds.

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Got most of them already but oh snap MDK for 3 bucks? Sold.

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Silence. And when I say silence, I mean it very literally. There are no clocks in my house because the ticking would keep me up. Sharing a bed can be a nightmare if she breathes too heavily. And the slightest out-of-place sound will disturb me in an instant. I'm probably the lightest sleeper I know, and have a very irregular sleeping pattern. From the age of 12 my family had to start booking me a separate hotel room to sleep in by myself, because I'd be awake all night if I tried sharing a room with them. When I do get married, I may have to look into some sort of sleep therapy or my lovely bride might find herself waking up alone most days. It's one of those things I've been meaning to attend to, but constantly delay.

But light itself isn't an issue, I can happily sleep during the day. That's why I'm often up throughout the night, like right now.

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I don't.

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Now I want to watch Legally Blonde again. Man!

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Works perfectly for me, would suggest it might be an issue on your PC's end.