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Howdy all.

Been playing some FIFA on the PS4 over the weekend and such and thought it might be fun to get together with some of the GB community for a friendly or two.

PSN name CaptainRadical if anyone is interested.

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There are no words to express anything right now. My wife and I are in complete shock and send our condolences to everyone.

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Playing as Hawkeye right now, but probably going to throw down the 6$ to buy Black Widow. Played about 5 hours with her during the Beta and had a blast.

Anyone tried out Jean Grey yet? She seems kinda cool but I don't know if she's worth it.

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I'm in. CaptainRadical in game.

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I think you did something wrong. Online play has worked fine for me.

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I'm CaptainRadical if anyoone wants to play.

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hey everyone. not sure how many of you still play this game considering the forum is a ghost town. but a new turn based multiplayer was added, problem is you can only play with friends. I thought maybe we could share PSN names and get some games going within the GB community.

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Alright. I know I shouldn't even be playing this "game" or app... What ever you want to call it. Regardless, I have been and for some reason finding myself going back to it regularly. But what the hell is up with the energy in this thing? I understand the model they're going for like on mobile games where you can only play the free version for so long at a time... But this is insane. Takes less than 2 minutes to be out of energy. Has anyone found a way to be able to actually do stuff yet? Or is it all locked behind in app purchases?

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I love me some EDF. Even had fun with IA, but I can't justify 40$ on this one. I'll wait for the price drop or sale.

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I played it right after buying it. Loved it.