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This thing is moving so fast and so many people that I don't think it's just a matter of OMG USE THE AUTHENTICATOR / KEYLOGGER / PHISHED / etc

That's just copping out to the easiest tricks out there to get your shit stolen, and much more important stuff than D3 gear that's for sure. When I see my bank accounts and emails getting compromised on top of this, I'll consider those other things as possibilities.

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Good job, now get to work on fixing the exploits hackers are using to hack hundreds of accounts so far.

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I didn't look into the details regarding the real money AH but isn't the whole point so that you can buy/sell items and take that money out through a paypal account?

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Maybe you've heard about a real money auction house opening up in the near future?

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Yep just happened to me. No account changes, just a naked lv 57 sitting in Normal difficulty in new tristram

All money, most gear, and most higher level gems gone. I'm starting to believe that theory that people are getting info through public games and spoofing it, I was in a game with some chinese guy earlier last night before logging out, and now he's not even in the 'recently met' list.

Time to wait and see how long it takes Blizzard to get back to me regarding restoration. Have fun everyone wondering if you will be next in losing all your gear and money.

Accounts ZeN 'dsfdsfds' and Alvangor 'fdgdfgdf' are in my recently met list. Never met them before, they're probably the assholes who took my stuff.

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Can anyone recommend which control scheme to use for the classic controller pro? 1 (right analog is camera) or 2 (right analog does attacks). From what I read the #1 scheme actually prevents you from doing certain actions that work in scheme #2... can anyone with experience with Tri put a word in about this?

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Makes me want to play P4 again. Where's P5 Atlus? Why have you forsaken us?
Video is an edit of some popular Beatmania song video.
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Ha ha ha there sure are a good number of Nintendo fans here with their noses way up in the air. So what are you guys trying to say? The Wii's library is defined by niche, small titles that are barely marketed and rarely anyone has played due to the gradual death of interest in the platform from gamers? I like how you fanboys like to bring up the 1% of games that might be any good on the Wii but then blast the other platforms as being gray derivative shooters that are all sequels. The fact is that both the PS3 and X360 have a much bigger catalog of games than the Wii that aren't shooters, that aren't "next gen gray," and are creative & fun. So if a game has blood and boobs in it, it can't be a good game am I rite? 
You Nintendo fanboys always crack me up. The fact is that the Wii has been poorly supported by all parties and has been dying a gradual death - the only thing keeping it alive other than kids & family buying Wii Sports is the support of gamers for actually creative and interesting games like No More Heroes / NMH2.

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@Meowayne said:
" Also, congratulations to all those that are so proud to announce that the game with the highest blood fountains and the jiggliest breast physics is the only one that can make them interested in a console's library.   That's why we can't have nice things. "
Fuck off - not everyone enjoys rehashed and tired games like New Super Mario Brothers Wii, Zelda: ____, Mario ___,  and the metric fuckton of waggle-tastic casual games that make up the Wii's library . I'll enjoy my 
 mecha football players, blood and boobies - you can go play the other 99% of shit that makes up the Wii's game catalog. I'm sure you're rather proud that the only reason the Wii sold so many systems was because people wanted to play Wii Sports and nothing more.