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Behavior is fun to say.

Schedule is a mind fuck for me. Love it.

Cabbage just cracks me up for no reason. Cabbage.


That word is just too dumb !


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"That might sound compelling to Ubisoft, but it's not compelling to me, the player."

THERE ! After the whole Xbox One affair, you'd think people would learn. I'm not saying UPlay can't potentially be beneficial to the player. But you're not explaining why or how ! Oh, you want me to deal with all your bullcrap and then I'll get so ZombiU wallpaper ? Greaaaaat...

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@nefarious_al said:

Nah Susie best scout and girl. Doesn't get better than saying "I'm a pacifist!" right before she shoots some dude in the face.

Oh that's right. THAT'S RIGHT ! One of her traits is "Humanitarian", meaning she can't do anything after attacking because she is "unable to forgive herself for harming another person."


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I like to put my money where my mouth is. And while I still have the PS3 version of Valkyria Chronicles and it has aged well enough that the PC version isn't that necessary (the cutscenes are the PS3 ones anyway), I just wanted to encourage SEGA to make the Valkyria Chronicles series available to a wider range of people. That's why I bought this version of the game. And I am happy to see I am not the only one.

Also, a lot of sales mean more people playing the game. And lemme tell you: more people playing Valkyria Chronicles is NO BAD THING.

P.S. : @nefarious_al: Aika best scout. She's from Skies of Arcadia, damn it !

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@random45 said:

JC2 is the best podcast game is the world. I'm dead serious when I say I got to 99% map completion in that game, got like 379/378 of the towns cleared (yes, there's an extra one), got every single briefcase, drug, and skull for each of the factions, and thousands of the upgrade parts for health, vehicles, and weapons.

Same here. Didn't manage to drive every vehicle in the game though.

I couldn't agree more. I tried playing this game "seriously" and it didn't work much... until I started using it as a background game whenever I'd listen to the Bombcast. 80 hours later, and I have every achievement in the game, all the completion possible (100% is not possible because... poop) and sooooo many hours of fun. I used other games as background games, but none worked as much as this one.

If Just Cause 3 is more of the same, I am A-OK with that !

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FUCK YES ! My favorite game of PS3 !

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@mister_v said:

To be fair this had less to do with rain and more to do with the procedure for removing cars under waved yellows. The same thing could have happened in the dry with an oil slick.

Well, the thing that is the most shocking to me as a complete neophyte, is that the rain started back, and people kept changing tyres from Intermediate to Intermediate. And you kept seeing cars drifting and having major issues with grip. At that point you KNEW someone was gonna crash. Even the commentators said "As soon as someone goes out of the track in a significant way, everybody's going Wet". That really seems screwed up to me.

But yeah, the removing cars procedure needs to be clarified. What race was it where one car stayed like 5 laps in the middle of the Start-Finish line without a Safety Car ? Given, it was out of the racing line, but still.

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I just caught up on the race after work. I just couldn't finish watching the French broadcast. Since Jules is always so prominent in it and was always super positive even if he never gets any points, it's not surprising they could barely do their post-race show. Franck Montagny (yeah, the Formula E driver, he happens to also be the main pit/track analysis guy for Canal +) was just blank stare on the verge of crying. I remember him and Bianchi having the most awesome high five after the 2 points Monaco race. This is fucked up.

They should find a way to slow down the race significantly as soon as rain starts pouring back. Because I seem to remember a huge crash in the rain in the Hungaroring (I think ? In qualifying ?) where people got caught by surprise by the sudden heavy rain. Because just waiting for someone on Intermediate to crash to go "Oh shit, the track's too wet, we should stop" is crazy.

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Rhythm Heaven Fever, Trauma Team. DONE !

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Just discovered this. It is GREAT !