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My little brother got Call of Duty: Ghosts on PS3 for Christmas. Like each game since Modern Warfare 3, I decided to play the game after he had finished it so I could get my 5 hours of campaign and be done with it. Except this time, it has been excruciatingly bad. So bad actually, that the only thing that kept me going was making fun of how stupid most of this game is. And then this happened.

In case you missed it, let me explain it to you. Your dog literally LEAPED ONTO A FLYING HELICOPTER and managed to THROW OUT THE PILOT, thus making the helicopter land, while under fire from all directions.

And now I can't decide if I hate this game or if I love it.

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@webscud: If you get every bonus you basically get 4 of each early game items (potions, hi-potions, phoenix downs, etc...) and a couple of early game gear. I wouldn't play the demo just for those items, as you can buy them anyway, but it does save you some money early on, when it is scarce. The one thing you get that is very useful in the full game is the villagers you get in the demo are transferred, and since rebuilding the town takes a long time and give you a ton of cool stuff, I would recommend doing that. The reason it took me so long is because I wanted to have a maxed party (lvl 20 and job lvl 4 in the demo) and I was playing on hard. If you put the game on normal or easy, it would take significantly less time to get 6 of the bonuses. The one that will take some time regardless is the one you get from completely rebuilding the town. But the bonus for doing that isn't really great anyway.

Also, I don't know about you guys, but I always have my 3DS on sleep and charging when I'm not using it, so just closing the 3DS while I'm doing something else while the town is building is not an issue (and you get SPs as well).

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Just bought the game ! I'll try and update my attack often. I'm Noggen, my friend code is 2637 - 9344 - 2170.

I have added some of you. Can't wait :')

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I have spent about 13 hours on the demo to finish it 100% (I'm in Europe, we got the demo earlier) and DAMN I'm gonna have to pick up this game eventually. The Job system is implemented in such a way that you can get crazy synergies with the support abilities and it makes creating the party you want that much more fun. I ended up giving each of my party members a clear task and getting crazy bonuses thanks to that (Ninja with Utsusemi and the Comeback Kid/Multitask/Turn Tables support abilities is GODLY). Making your own party is just so much fun !

The Brave/Default system makes the combat feel a lot more tactical during boss fights, as the bosses themselves will use it so you have to be ready for it (I played on Hard, by the way). Knowing when to Brave and when to Default took me a little bit of time, but once you have gotten used to it, you can set up crazy combos and be ready for anything bosses will throw at you. On the flip side, it makes the random fights really trivial and kind of a grind. But at the same time, since you can increase combat speed and determine your encounter rate, I would just run around with +100% encounter rate and auto on until I got what I needed and switched it back to -100%. A silly solution to a crappy problem inherent to RPGs, but at least it makes the trips way less frustrating.

If you have a 3DS / 2DS and are planning on playing the demo, here are a few tips :

  • Each job as an affinity for certain types of weapons and gear. It is represented by the letter next to the equipment's icon. Remember to change your character's gear if you change their job.
  • You can change combat speed by pressing left or right on the D-Pad in combat. You can also press Y to go in auto mode. While in auto, your party will always repeat the last turn you did. You can quickly Brave or Default by using L and R. Finally, you can change your encounter rate in the Config - Difficulty menu.
  • You can change the time from day to night by simply waiting on the world map.
  • If you don't know where to go next, the flying fairy on the bottom screen will tell you.
  • Whoever is first (at the top of the list) in your party is the character that appears when you run around. ...Don't act like you don't care !
  • You can get up to 7 bonuses in the full game by playing the demo. You get 1 by starting the demo, 5 by defeating bosses (they are all part of the quest-line), and 1 by completely finishing the reconstruction of the city.
  • If you don't have anyone to StreetPass with, you can still get an extra villager by talking to the guy between the equipment shop and the spells shop during daytime. I don't know if you have to finish a quest first or if he gives you the extra villager from the start.

I wish this demo explained itself a little better.

Also, the soundtrack is fucking great.

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@quantris said:

Yup, Video Game Dog of the Generation

Pretty much. He's already good from the start, but then you finish the game and it's just... Yeah... This game is so good !

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YES ! I was looking forward to this year's collection ! I listened to all of them. They are great !

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Both games are really great ! Sleeping Dogs is just a fantastic open world game and Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is one of my favorite downloadable games (back when we use to call them downloadable games). Better late than never I guess...

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The only Top 10 that matters.

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@arbitrarywater said:

Fire Emblem Awakening

Its Hard difficulty isn't hard enough and Lunatic difficulty is about as fun as stabbing yourself with a rusty fork repeatedly.

Man, I agree with you on the Lunatic difficulty, but maybe I'm weird or something but at one point I got used to it and even started liking being stabbed with a rusty fork... then the game switched to stabbing me with burning hot nails and I haven't played it since.

As for my GOTY...

Rayman Legends

That game was WAAAAAAAY too easy. I didn't even had to try hard to finish it 100% this time.