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Both games are really great ! Sleeping Dogs is just a fantastic open world game and Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is one of my favorite downloadable games (back when we use to call them downloadable games). Better late than never I guess...

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The only Top 10 that matters.

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@arbitrarywater said:

Fire Emblem Awakening

Its Hard difficulty isn't hard enough and Lunatic difficulty is about as fun as stabbing yourself with a rusty fork repeatedly.

Man, I agree with you on the Lunatic difficulty, but maybe I'm weird or something but at one point I got used to it and even started liking being stabbed with a rusty fork... then the game switched to stabbing me with burning hot nails and I haven't played it since.

As for my GOTY...

Rayman Legends

That game was WAAAAAAAY too easy. I didn't even had to try hard to finish it 100% this time.

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Never played Dark Souls, but judging from those two things out of context, Victory Achieved sounds like you accomplished something but You Defeated sounds like you just fucked someone or something up, so that one wins

Nailed it.

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If it's done to spite Bethesda, it's a really crappy way to do so. I mean, giving away the games for free is a GREAT way to get people who wouldn't be interested to maybe try out the old games. And if they like them, they might want to play the most recent ones and be more interested in what Bethesda has to announce. I'm not saying it's all good and it's the right way to go, I'm sure they are making Bethesda lose a little bit of money, but if the company is relying on 15 year old games to make profit, they're in the wrooooong business.

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MAN, this was BAAAAAD. It was long, misinformed at times, really badly designed, some questions were totally redundant and some were just plain stupid !

But I did it for you, Matt. I'm gonna need a picture of a puppy as a reward... a "treat", some might say :'D

Also, can't wait to get my prize, because I put in my real e-mail address. Yes, my mail is "nope@whatevs.biz".

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After reading thread after thread of people hating on controllers (regardless of console), I'm starting love myself for thinking :

  • the 360 D-Pad is the best, most enjoyable and most convenient D-Pad of any controller
  • the DS3 is a pretty awesome controller that I used extensively for years without issues and I love the fact that it doesn't rumble (I now turn off rumble in all my games)
  • the GamePad is the most comfortable controller to handle and its gyroscope is super responsive, precise and an awesome feature

So when I hear people say "The new generation controllers are the SHIT ! Finally !", I can't wait. Because the ones I'm using already are the best shit ever.

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I was ready to go to bed... And now I am laughing so hard I have the hiccups. You jerk !

This is the most amazing dumb thing. And the fact that you can upvote the good ones is GENIUS !

EDIT: Hiccups have been going for 20 minutes now. Your dumb website is going to be the end of me !