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I recently got done reading  http://www.indiegamereviewer.com/natural-selection-2-beta-preview/ and was wondering why giantbomb hadn't gotten around to this game. I really hope they do soon. I know I would like to see more of it.

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overlord, deathspank, shank, trine, and lara croft guardian of light all are low graphic games.

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@Axxol said:
" Those aren't Indie games. What are you talking about? "
how aren't they? steam classifies them all as indie. All but the guardian of light but that was a low budget game.
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 I just played the most greatest games for the best prices. I bought about 60 dollars worth of games in the last few weeks

Death Spank, Shank. The Overlord series, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, and Bloody Good Time.

Death Spank and Shank was 32 dollars, Overlord series was 8, GOL was 15 and Bloody Good Time was 5. which turns out to be exactly 60 dollars.

I believe these indie games together has already provided more of a gaming experience than any (non-valve) game of 60 dollars.

Bloody Good Time is one of those games that you either like it or you don't, check it out. I love it.

GOL was great with my fiance provided to be a lot of fun of local coop.

death spank and shank was both great, I might have passed up shank if I knew how short it was, but still overall worth it. Death spank was about 9-10 hours long and a great game + DLC.

Overlord series is something i just started playing but I love it already. I would suggest it already.

Anyone have any INDIE or CHEAP games that they REALLY loved for a GREAT price? Perhaps include a small review/opinion? 

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If this was released on steam or d2d or just plain retail for the PC, would you buy it and play it?
Also do you think double fine would port such a game?

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Well I mainly use FreeBSD and NetBSD but for my laptop I use win 7.

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Wow this game is great, I'm not even done with it yet. its kicking my ass. I dont understand why. Anyone else play this on the PC?

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Through the late 90's to about 2005 modifications of games made what most games are today. Not a lot of people think half-life when hearing counter-strike or think of quake when they hear team fortress but without these games these mods wouldn't have developed into the full-featured standalone games that they have become today. Now I ask myself, whats the next up coming and great mod. For any valve related game I have yet to find a very good one (natural selection 2 excluded) the only unreal 3 mod I know of is the ball and their full featured game looks about the same as the mod. As well as quake as seemed to have died off with quake ET, I haven't heard anything about it or mods in a long time.
So here my inquiring thoughts.
Where did all the mod devs go?
What mods are out that you would like to see to be full-featured games?
What are good mods that should just stay mods?
I ask that you state answers in logical senses, such as stating counter-strike as a mod of half-life would be a great full-featured game. Other than just saying Counter-strike as it makes me search and question what engine and etc.
Thank you all for your time and input in advanced.

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TFC from valve, the original TFC on the original won setup I rated about 10/10 in 1999, I was 13 as well and my perception of the future was that there would never be a better game. Until they announced TFC2 (back then they had yet dropped the C of TFC2) I loaded up TFC on the original Won servers, which of course failed but the 100% legal and what makes valve-employees release crap like tf2 is won2.net (a copy of the original won servers) I have learned that I was not just a shiny eyed kid but a realist. Although I still give it room to grow. 9.5/10
TFC 99': 10/10
TFC 10': 9.5/10
TF2 from the start was never that great in my eyes, it was still alright and played decently. I had played it a bit then the patches came... The Unlockables, Crafting and the final nail is the drop/buy system. Originally I would have said this game was an easy 9/10 in 2007 but now with all the poor patching and radical changes that they made over the short 3 years, where TFC stayed just about the same [all but the teleporters] for 10 years, has ruined the game. I would lower this 9/10 game to a sluggish 6.5/10 and hey, at least it still launches on most machines... no auto-crash to desktops.
TF2 07': 9/10
TF2 10': 6.5/10
What a wonderful Wine/Milk combo...

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I'd have to say shank, I guess its popular but not on the PC, which is what I play it on. The controllers are like an elephant, slow but they never forget so when you are trying to shoot nothing happens then you try to dodge and you start shooting... But once you get into it and get the patterns down its slash and hack heaven. Stupid buggy PC port.