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Red-Eye is totally an energy drink in australia. If you listened to the podcast i feel like that needed to be said.

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wow. this is...brazen

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Obviously ryan being gone is the worst, no exaggeration. and i would do anything to have him back. but without his leadership the podcasts seem to go longer without him being able to keep the rest in line, which i love haha. (this wasn't meant to be in anyway insensitive.)

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I took a quick search through the forums for this topic and couldn't find anything, so sorry if this already has been answered - but is there anyway to get the cool new untitled movie podcasts on your ipod as a podcast?

(solved in with RSS, im an idiot, how the hell do i delete this post)

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this is the worst.

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It's hard to not feel connected to someone you listen to and watch on a daily basis.

it's so true. i've never felt sadder to know somebodies lost ive never known.

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Hey, so i missed the live show by an hour. how long did it take them yesterday to upload video/audio? just wonderin' thanks

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Probably a stupid question but it's really gnawing at me. i'm getting the new drivers for my nvidia 580m, and all the release notes talk about are improvements to the 600 series. Do these new drivers do anything for older cards? or are they just bug fixes rather than performance improvements?

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