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Thank you Patrick. You've probably been told about this but writing is a great way to express and work out your feelings. I truly hope things get better for you over time.

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A year today. Will always miss Ryan, but it's good to see that Giant Bomb is still going strong.
(3AM in the UK)

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Durham, UK

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Can't find the EU group. Looking in English (British) and non are listed. It must be pretty buggy.

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Simcity, if anyone willingly purchased Ride to Hell, you have issues.

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I absolutely hated the way KIllzone 2 felt (so much that I stopped playing about an hour in), so when I decided to get the KIllzone bundle just so I had something to play, I was a apprehensive at best.

Long story short, I've no idea if this has anything to do with the controller or the way Killzone: Shadow Fall controls but It feels fantastic. I have been enjoying the multiplayer quite a bit and I rarely feel that I have lack of control over the movement of the reticle. Such an improvement.

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Hey guys, I'm having a bit of trouble setting up my internet on the PS4 (not due to PSN being down, although that is a bummer).

Is anyone else experiencing not being able to chat in a party due to having NAT 3? It seems a little extreme to not allow this while I have no other issues playing online. Just wondering if this was widespread/fixable. I've spent all afternoon trying to forward ports and put my PS4 in a DMZ but all this does is make the PS4 unable to connect to the internet and PSN.

Any insight would be lovely.


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I would be happy to give a donation, but I honestly don't feel this was the best t-shirt they could have made.

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I will miss you Ryan.

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This is horrible. I don't know what to say.