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Spotted the bomb right away. Cool picture

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I guess we're like nine months into the GSYNC era and I'm curious if anyone's been using it and whether you think it's worth the upcharge. I'm itching for a new computer build, but I think I'm going to spring for a new monitor first. I'd like a 1440p/144hz/1ms thingamabob, but goddamn are those expensive.

I go to this website for all my fast refresh rate info. I have a BenQ 144hz monitor with strobing enabled (for CRT like response times). I don't know about other monitors but the usual trade off seems to be color and contrast. When I turn the strobing on, it really dulls out the image. You don't really notice it after you start playing where as you really notice when you're running 120hz with strobing on a game that can reach those frames.


edit: Here's an article reviewing G-SYNC in particular. I didn't read it but it looks really fleshed out. http://www.blurbusters.com/gsync/preview/?source=sidebar

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Can you guys talk to your doctors first before trying it? Just incase it's just a fad (I honestly think it is) for health nuts. I'm no physician but I've always understood that like sitting for too often, standing can be just as detrimental. The healthiest way was supposed to be doing both often. Never sitting or standing but like sitting for an hour then maybe 15 minutes of standing and stretching. On the flipside, standing for an hour then sitting and stretching for 15.

Like I said, I'm no doctor or anything, but standing constantly doesn't seem great for the knees and joints.

Here's a quick Wiki entry on the effects of standing too often.

Just talk to your doctors, physical therapists, etc first before deciding to stand around all day. There are healthier alternatives available.

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Did you buy a heatsink for your cpu?

My money's on the power supply. Did you ever try switching that out?

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A 15 minute break has never really seemed like enough time to really relax; I just wind up anxious and looking at the clock until I get back to work. But when I was in a standing job it's nice to be able to sit down for a bit.

I think it's really there for a shit break at a job that you can't just leave at any time. Something like working sales at a retail store. "I'm gonna take my 15" and really mean, "I really need to take a shit, watch my spot".

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The game was great and all but you should really consider tightening up the graphics on level 3.

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It's just too bad that the site forces you to pinch zoom because everything is so small. Hopefully they'll add a forced mobile option at somepoint because it's just too annoying otherwise.

@lordandrew: It does it with both the 1st gen Kindle Fire and the HDX model. The web browser has an option in it to request mobile versions of sites but it doesn't work for GB.

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I'm not sure if every tablet owner has this problem but I can't get GB to go into mobile size on this kindle. It stays in a really tiny desktop view. Is there any way to force mobile view? I wish there was a m.giantbomb.com that would work.

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My Borderlands bundle is coming late on the 13th and I bought Persona 4 Golden, Gravity Rush and Dragon's Crown for it too. What other games are good that you can get a physical copy of? I was thinking about that Soul Sacrifice game but I think I might want to watch the quick look again. What's the best racing game for the Vita?

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I can't look at that man without thinking of James Franco.

Spring break. Springggg breakkkkkkkk *whispers* spring break forever