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Quality over quantity asshole

ya, lets abandon a pretty decent idea because its not perfect the first time. great logic.

I don't like being called ungrateful for not liking a segment and that I should just shut up and be happy. I'd much rather they kept up with random ass pc game or any other show they've done before than have a show that kind of goes against what they wanted in giant bomb (which is not to cover everything but what they want to cover). Watching the stupid naruto shit and baseball was terrible to sit through. And I shouldn't be shamed because I don't like the idea of the show by people like the op. I wouldn't mind if they tried again, but if they keep it just like the last show then I don't think I'll ever get used to it and I'll probably just skip the Wednesday live shows all together.

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Quality over quantity asshole

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Can you make a comparative graph showing Polygon's credibility?


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What do you think it has to do to get a 0/10?

insult justin mcelroy on twitter.

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Boringspot. Come on man, try harder than that.

I thought it was fun, it needs a little tightening up and only Chris seemed fully comfortable on camera. I listen to Gameplay and there's some fun people at Gamespot. I just think they need to be more comfortable on camera that will only come with time.

Also, some of the people in the chat fucking disgust me.


I didn't like the show and I couldn't finish watching it. I just don't think the idea of playing whatever just came out the day before. Why waste time with the idea any further when you have about 100 other "shows" like flight club and random ass pc game that could be held every Wednesday.

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I'm just going to let this out since it's been bothering me while playing.


I so fucking sick of hearing her say that and it's driving me up the fucking wall.

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@supercycle: I still can't figure out where this matters.

It's just another thing for me to talk about. Though I wouldn't have created a thread asking the question. The question being meaningless doesn't stop me from answering though.

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Just curious if the new Lara is a lesbian. I'm about half way through and she seems really close to Sam. Opinions?

I voted no but I know what you're talking about. There were some points where I raised my eyebrow and went, "hmmm".

Edit: though now that I think about it, it was more of Sam's mannerisms than Lara's. I think while she was shooting some video she even kept that camera on Lara in a creepy way for a little too long. Kind of like how I would do if I found a girl attractive and I happened to be shooting footage.

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Street smarts is just what it sounds like. Gaining your knowledge from learning on hand, or in the streets. You know, as opposed to learning from books.

I like to think of it as this: book smarts means that you have learned a lot from books but lack any real world experiences. With street smarts you've learned everything from doing something first hand without the help of schooling.

I also believe it can extend to things like experience handling situations and not getting taken advantage of. Like if someone was looking to buy a used car for instance. A street smart person might know the game the salesman is trying to play while someone that's been coddled by school might believe anything that he's told.

Lastly I don't think that book smarts and street smarts have to be mutually exclusive.

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I busted out my 'ol copy of Simcity 4 since all the Simshitty talk has got me worked up for the games of yore. I have to say I think it's the pinnacle of the series. They messed up not building Simcity more from there.