Posted by Jan

Well, I made an ad for the limited edition Xbox Star Wars harware. I had modelled the console, controller and kinect earlier so I though I ought to animate them a bit.

Here's the result:


Posted by PeasForFees
@Jan: That is 100 times better than anything the Microsoft marketing department could think of, Well done.
Posted by Jan

Thank you!! =)

Posted by JCTango

Yeah for sure, that's the way to sell a modded console! lol.

Posted by Malphye

If that played in a commercial during a football game, I wouldn't mind. Its nice.

Posted by Jan

Great! Thanks! =)

Posted by Vinny_Says

are they really bundling the transforming controller along with this?

Posted by Vexxan

Awesome, good job!

Posted by Jan
@Vinny_Says: Actually all the sfx are from the Star Wars movies, although I understand how you would ask that. =)
Posted by TheHBK

Love it.  But sadly, nothing can hide how terrible this game is going to be and how it will add to the list of crappy as Star Wars games.

Posted by LiquidPrince

Cool stuff. Why did you model the 360?

Posted by TheGreatGuero

Very impressive.

Posted by iam3green

wow that is pretty cool. i thought ti was great. it seemed better than the actual commercials for xbox 360.

Posted by Kyreo

Wow this is quite good. You should send this to Microsoft!

Posted by Jan
Posted by SkylarTrace

That's very impressive good job.