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I wish Dan and Jason didn't hint at the thermal goggles for The Fear fight. I know Drew was getting frustrated, but that doesn't mean they should be trying to rush through the game.

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I think we can definitely all agree that this is one of the worst years in gaming history if a game like Destiny is somehow in the top 10.

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What exactly do you mean? What quests can't be done after after the credits roll or what quests would we recommended before you put the game down for good?

Well, I said I was at the point of no return. I meant the quests that needed to be beaten before the final mission.

If only companion quests are lost after the main mission. I can finish the story and not have to worry about missing out on content.

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I've reached the point of no return, and I would like to know what quests I should do before I go into the final mission. I've done all my companion quests, but I'm wondering if there is other stuff that needs doing.

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Terry Pratchett's daughter did a pretty slick job in Tomb Raider (the new one) the writing was .... very surprisingly good.

Really? I thought the writing was the worst thing about that game. All of the characters were one dimensional stereotypes and Lara's arc from normal everyday girl to bad ass adventurer is completely unbelievable.

Again, it felt like a story that did not work for a video game. A woman thrust unto a deadly island who changes by the end could work for a movie or book, but it doesn't work for a shooter.

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How about hiring from established mediums that have awesome writers like movies or books? More movement between the mediums would be awesome.

Infinity Ward hired the writer of Traffic to work on Call of Duty: Ghosts, and it was easily the worst CoD story ever made.

Famed military author Jim DeFelice worked on Assault Horizon, but it was as generic as any other video game story involving Russians as the enemy.

Great writers from other forms of media don't translate well into video games. I imagine that they write the story like a regular book or movie without recognizing that it's a game. The developers then have to rip apart the story just to make it work as an interactive medium.

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I disagree, I think Halo 4 had a fine story. Out of all the Halo games, Halo 4 was the only one where I actually understood what was going on.

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I actually think this is one of the best Walking Dead episodes. My only real complaint is the Mike and Bonnie betrayal. That felt completely out of no where and felt very unearned.

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This is a minor point...but did anyone find the Bonnie and Mike betrayal to be a little forced? I understand that they think Kenny is a ticking time bomb, but I didn't think they would screw everyone over and join with a Russian guy they can barely comprehend. They don't know him at all, and they are allowing him to handle a gun? It seemed a bit out of character.

Besides that situation, I honestly think this is possibly the best Walking Dead episode ever made.

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You won't understand anything in Ground Zeroes if you never played Peace Walker. I'm sure Phantom Pain will be different, but GZ relys on the fact that you understand the story and characters in Peace Walker.