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You won't understand anything in Ground Zeroes if you never played Peace Walker. I'm sure Phantom Pain will be different, but GZ relys on the fact that you understand the story and characters in Peace Walker.

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I have to think they will have some sort of plan to keep these games playable?

Anyways games i would lose

  • Halo 2
  • Resident Evil 5
  • GAT IV

All of the local game data will be accesible, but you won't be able to download patches, play multiplayer, and earn achievements through the GFWL client.

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People are refering to the sewing scene as being unnecessarily long. I thought the scene was great. Clem is a lot more capable then she was in Season 1, and scenes like this show that. The scene is suppose to make you feel very uncomfortable and feel Clem's pain. Sewing your arm without any sort of painkiller is no easy task, it's long a long and grueling process. If they would have just used a jump cut, then it just wouldn't have been as impactful.

Also note that this is The Walking Dead, and they will do whatever they can to gross you out when possible.

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No, I think it's from Far Cry 3.

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1. Yeah, but it's more believable with Hugo Strange because he is more of an intellect character. He was also working closely with Ra's Al Ghul, a person who does know Batman's identity.

2. I don't believe Wayne Manor is located on a small island next to Gotham City.

3. His motives are really unclear if you ask me.

This was a major part of the prequel story that I just didn't like. We all know how this plot thread would end before we reached the end.

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1. How did Bane figure out Batman's identity?

-I know Bane is a smart and tactical dude in the comics, but none of these traits are reflected in the games. I don't understand how he could have figured this out.

2. How does Bane know the location of the Batcave?

-Bane figures out that Batman is Bruce Wayne, but that doesn't explain how he managed to figure out the location of Batman's secret Batcave.

3. Is Bane stupid?

-If Bane is so smart, why didn't he make a recording, write a note, or tell someone who the Batman really is? Especially considering that he is fully aware of the fact that he is using power drugs which can damage is memory.

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Some people feel more comfortable playing with a controller and that's fine. Not playing a game just because it doesn't have controller support is maybe a bit much.

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I'd like to join Lincoln Force. I have been mostly soloing this game so far, but I have been wanting to join a guild recently. I don't post much on these forums, but I do come to giantbomb regularly and I am familiar with the community here.

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The checkpoints in this game are waaaay better. I just bought a 360 recently and played through Halo 3, Halo ODST, and Halo Reach not to long ago. The checkpoints in those games are AWFUL. I found myself having to repeat large chunks of gameplay when I died. I didn't have that problem with Halo 4, the checkpoints are very generous.