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@Clonedzero: There are much better ways to go about with your argument then.

There has indeed been a lot of news recently, and a lack of activity from the site. However, I do not believe that beating down on the newest article because it isn't about XBLA games doubling achievement limits or the latest rumour concerning Mario, helps anyone. Criticism should always be constructive.

There is room on a news site for insightful editorials showing in a stream alongside interviews, rumours and reviews and I, for one, see it as a nice change every once in a while. I'll join you in waiting for some new content after this, whatever it is.

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@Clonedzero: I don't believe anybody in the comments knows what Patrick, or anyone else for that matter, has or has not been doing. Accusing someone for supposedly wasting time rather than do their job, when you really don't have a clue what they have been doing recently, seems rather low to me.

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oh im sorry, i thought patrick was "the news guy". not the "blog post guy" my bad. i just sorta expected the news guy to, you know, report news, and theres plenty of news to be reported, but isntead! hey! lets read a blogpost from patrick! yay!

geesh and people wonder why i havent subbed.

I'd like to think that Giant Bomb allow all their employees a degree of creative freedom. Why can't a reporter write very personal and opinionated editorials on a site that has individuality and personality at it's core? This is not a new phenomenon.

A very well written piece here. I lost Thane and had to go back just to save him, after telling myself over and over again that he was gone, I couldn't accept it. I feel like I've cheated myself now and know that if I see him in ME3 it just won't be the same.

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I liked Twilight Princess for a lot of reasons but can agree that there was something missing. It was bland. I really enjoyed the more realistic art direction, the darker tones and hell, let me transfer into a shadow wolf and I'm pretty much sold. However, it was rehashed.

My ultimate Zelda is probably Wind Waker by far, majorly because of the art style and exploration. Each island was a bright, new, colourful world to explore with secrets to solve and as a (fairly) young guy it had me hooked for weeks. Even the walkthrough guide I read later was beautiful and detailed. It was near-perfect to my eyes.

Here Nintendo seem to be experimenting again. A new, once ageing colourful art style (that I still wish leaned slightly less toward Twilight and more toward Wind Waker) and whole new world to explore and puzzle solve. Add a control system that forces thought into even simple battles and the fact that this is a new Zelda for home consoles and I should be preordering right now. Surely?

But alas it is for wii, and I can't seem to forgive it for not quite being a Gamecube...