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No idea which genre they fall under, and I honestly haven't listen to many of their songs, but I feel this is kinda Opethy:

These days I tend to just listen to what I enjoy, don't really bother with labels such as genres. Which is a downside when questions like this pop up.

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The disclaimer isn't even the issue. The sad truth is that if you write a biased opinion piece, which she did and I cannot fault her for that seeing how she has friends being affected by this, you are going to be attacked online. It shouldn't be like that, and I wish we could change that. But to be surprised when you are attacked? I find that odd. I know that if I write some blogpost about how I want more equality in games, but I find the ideas and opinions of Sarkeesian to be extremist, bad and I don't want her to dictate what game devs can and can't do, then I would most likely get attacked. I can be as measured, cool and diplomatic as humanly possible, but someone will attack me. And I am just a nobody, if I was a somewhat prominent writer? Multiply it tenfold.

Again, I hate that it happened and it really shouldn't, but it's odd to me that she didn't anticipate it.

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I can't say I agree with everything Jann Frank has to say about the #GamerGate movement. There are bad eggs on both sides of the argument, and that sucks that she was possibly a target for some hate. In the end, she chose to leave. That was completely up to her. Maybe she'll be better for it, who knows (I don't).

The core of GamerGate is trying to accomplish something pretty great. I'll never endorse harassment or attack over the internet, and neither should any of you. But to say the outliers are the norm, is to be untruthful and dishonest.

I also believe Leigh Alexander is a pot stirrer. She has a very extreme agenda and has no problem using her power in the media arena to silence or shame those who disagree. She's had some very angry and unprofessional tweets as of late. And I must say, if you are a public figure, your tweets are an extension of your professional self.

Anyway, nice WR P-Klep. Giantbomb is one of the few sites the industry should look to as a whole when it comes to journalistic/gaming ethics.

This. I agree with all of this.

Also, that Dtoid piece on cosplay is comedy gold.

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To be honest, the only reason I am not waiting for this is because I have enough games to play. Still playing Warframe, got back into Diablo 3 and if Shadow of Mordor is good I will play that soon.
I actually liked Handsome Jack and the rest of the humor. He's kinda like a more sinister and crazy Sterling Archer. The new classes seem cool, especially if Wilhelm actually work the way they said. So I guess I am saying I'll buy this someday? Probably?

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@theht: If you have a 360 you should get it and the sequel on Live. Plays great, and is just as fun! It had so many weird touches as well, like how the music in the hub was the same basic song, it just morphed into whatever zone you where in. And the way it organically morphed as it played, with no breaks in the song... blew my mind at the time. Such a small detail, yet it made the game so much better.

@fly53corps: I finally got to try that content out when I played both games on 360. They put the "stop 'n' swop" things into those versions instead, seeing how they could finally do something like that. The fun part was how it also did something in Nuts and Bolts (which I actually enjoyed a lot for different reasons).

@mbradley1992: I didn't even think about that. How the latest Mario games, while being in 3D, has essentially been the 2D Mario formula. That means the last game with different objectives was Galaxy 2 then? And while those two games was fricking great, they lost some of that "let's explore the level!" that 64 had.

@rotnac: Oh, hell yes! I want something like that myself. Psychonauts is one of my all-time favorite games. It had the humor, the inventive abilities, cool levels and a hidden dark streak. On the surface the game is funny and silly as hell, but when you dig a bit deeper and really pay attention it becomes the saddest and most depressing game I have played. More like that please!

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@evo: Yes. That is exactly what I was looking for! Even got music from Grant Kirkhope! Thanks!

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@geraltitude: Huh. I will have to keep Mini-Ninjas in mind. Does seem the closest to what I want.

@corruptedevil @oldirtybearon: Ah, I forgot to mention 3D platformer. 2D platformers are everywhere, I agree. And I really look forward to play Shovel Knight when I get it.

But yeah, might just have to fire up the ol' 360 and play some Banjo Kazooie/Tooie.

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@crash_happy: Oh! I was under the impression the voice commands was in game. Damn, makes me look silly!

And yeah, might take a while. But at least that means I got time to save up for it...
Still managed to hold out by not buying it yet, but I feel my resolve is eroding away.

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I'm debating with myself if I should go full hog into this one. Get a stick, TrackIR (or maybe better to wait for consumer Rift) and just dive in. I already wanted it when I saw how the hyperspace travel worked. And I recently learned that you can control a lot of the ship systems with your voice. Just think about it. Blasting some '70s hits while aligning my ship, then actually saying "Rocinante, engage" to go into hyperspace. I feel like a little giddy kid just thinking about it.
But as it stands, even getting the game is to much for my wallet.

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@gnoltac said:

@icemael said:

Things I want:

  • Quality news reporting.
  • Quality interviews with questions that are actually interesting.
  • Reviews with meaningful analysis by people who know what they are talking about. For example, I don't want to read a review of an arcade game (or a game in that style) by some credit feeder who doesn't even understand the basic concepts of arcade design, and I don't want to read a review of a 3D beat 'em up by someone whose experience with the genre is limited to playing the God of War series and quitting Ninja Gaiden after 30 minutes. I cannot count how many reviews I've seen that read something like "Well, I don't know anything about this genre, and I don't really understand the mechanics of the game, but here is my vague feeling on it based on what little I can grasp and what I've heard other people who know more than me saying." If you don't know what you're talking about then you shouldn't be writing a review in the first place.

Things I don't want:

  • Homilies. Please keep your shitty political opinions to yourself and stop preaching about justice this, equality that. Or at least keep that shit separate from the news reporting, the interviewing, the reviewing etc.
  • Reporting on gaming "culture." A fan-made video you found on Youtube is not news. Some guy playing Battletoads with his nose is not news. Pictures of people cosplaying as video game character are not news.

Pretty much this, especially on not forcing themselves to write about a genre they don't know/care about and not partaking in your social agenda.

Also, keep some damn distance from the developers / industry people. We know most of you are young people writing about games, but you really should not be a cool hip clique where everybody is close friends with everybody. Let's not discuss the shitstorm that caused the past week, it's just naive or misguided to act like personal relations won't influence what and how you write about their games. It's so much common sense that it baffles me whenever any gaming "journalist" acts otherwise.

Addendum: Also, don't act like a clique with your fellow journalists, by which I mean don't just blindly side with the other journalists whenever there's a controversy. You should serve the reader, not your buddies.

These people get it.

The only game site I come to really is this one, and that is mostly due to the personalities of the Bomb Crew, and how they pull no punches when talking about games. And because it is all about the personalities here, I know that Jeff is going to hate on most things. I know Dan likes a lot of shitty things in the most gleeful way possible. And I know that Brad actually is good at video games, so whatever he plays where he fail constantly might actually be tough as balls. But because I do know the personalities of the Crew, I get a better picture of whatever they are showing. It all works out, it's informative to me, and it is usually funny as hell.

What I do not bother with, and mostly ignore, is every article or whatever about the "justice and equality in gaming" movement. Which, to my knowledge, only has been produced by Patrick so far. I love what Patrick does, he is well spoken, shows off a lot of awesome games and has a grown into one of my favorites on the Crew. When he is not talking about all that stuff. I just don't care about it. I just want to play good games. What gender, race or sexual orientation the hero has is something I don't really care about. If the game is good, then I'm in. And so I tend to stop following any blogger, game journalist or Youtube personality when they start talking about that stuff. Patrick is one of the few exceptions, as his other content is so damn good.

So what do I want from games journalism? More Giant Bomb minus the "this is what's wrong with games and gamers" type stuff.