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@oldirtybearon: Well, do I feel like an idiot. I actually meant to write century... so yeah, that point stands firmly now :P

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I think it suits him perfectly. I also don't have any problems with his voice, and was kinda surprised to hear that all three on the Beastcast thought it was a silly voice. To me it fits him like a glove. Just think about what he is. A mutant, hated by 9 out of 10 on the street. His job and purpose is to kill monsters. Monsters like botchlings. And he has done this for about a decade now. Of course he is tired of the world, something you clearly get out of his dialog. Yet he has friends all over the place, and you often get the choice to do good just for the sake of being good. And so his dry wit comes into the picture. He is a good, but tired man.
I don't know, I just feel both his voice and his stilted way of speaking fits his character.

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@aegon: Ah, by that I meant that I could have come up with my own name instead of simply stealing a name from a great fantasy-series. I could have modified it at least.

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I'm an idiot, so my username is simply that of a Song of Ice and Fire character (Game of Thrones). You know, valar morghulis.
Wish I could change it again, but I spent my one "change username token" already :/

My avatar however is actually a picture of me. Sure, it was run through one of those "make you appear older" apps a few years ago. The result looked actually natural, which you can't really say those apps do very well. So I use it almost everywhere now, so that I won't forget it. Must see if I look like that when I get old.

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@golguin: Only an hour in (have to go to work, late shift) but while looking for more ways to tweak the graphics I saw a post saying the whole "shape what happened in Witcher 2" happens after the first major monster hunt. So, just kill that griffin I guess, then we can assure that our world is our world. Only what I heard, mind you, so might be wrong.

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@cornbredx: @joshwent: You are both right of course, and that is how I view it as well. Just wondered if I might have missed something. In any case, I hope we get another movie (or two) from this universe, and I am hoping for a good game!
Heck, I was tempted to replay any of the Fallout games, just to get some kind of "crazy post-apocalyptic desert fix"! Hope they show more of the game, or anything really, at E3.

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Saw it this weekend, fucking loved it. I'm an "old" fan of the movies, even though I have a weird history with them. I think I saw Road Warrior at least four times before I saw the first movie for instance. Road Warrior is what kickstarted my love for anything post-apocalyptic, and I saw it around the time I played Fallout for the first time.

Not much new to be said really, but I do have one question that maybe someone can answer. Are timelines all out of wack, or am I missing something? I'm not complaining or anything, as it doesn't really matter, but the age of everyone makes it all weird. Max was alive and well at the beginning of the apocalypse. Yet it seems Immortan Joe has two sons that were born after the apocalypse, seeing how they are both kinda mutated. And they both seem in their twenties at least? So lets say Max was somewhere in his twenties when the world went to shit, which means he must at least be fifty when this movie takes place? Not sure why I am thinking about this that much. But hey, I am one of those crazy guys who love the whole Zelda timeline shit as well...

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The three I see almost everything on are:

Game Grumps - Funny guys playing games, often poorly. I just like their humor, and I follow them for the same reason I follow GB, their personalities.

LastWeekTonight - I'm not American, but still find everything John Oliver tries to tackle interesting and often awful. Glad someone makes such a show.

Armoured Skeptic - I love how Mr. Armoured Skeptic shoots down irrational videos. Funny and clever guy.

I see several in this thread I watch as well, and several I am going to check out!

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@evilsbane said:

I very much believe in none of this, love it, but the paranormal is just not real there are no ghosts, no psychics, no one has telepathy or is clairvoyant, no one talks beyond the grave. There isn't one shred of evidence for any of it there is a million dollar prize if one human could show signs of having "powers" no one can claim that prize because it doesn't exist. There are millions of cameras and billions of people and not even by accident does anyone have concrete proof of anything paranormal the idea is simple ridiculous.

This is exactly where I am at as well. There is absolutely zero evidence for anything paranormal. Sadly. I love it all, ghosts, vampires, eldritch horrors. I wish telekinesis, telepathy or allomancy were real. But the way the universe works means this just can't be. Not as far as we know today at least, and seeing how no one has managed to produce any evidence of any of it I doubt we will ever find anything truly paranormal.

The idea of someone contacting us "from the other side" is just silly to me, because there is no other side. When we die there is nothing, just as before we are born. Some people find that scary, and do their best to believe in an afterlife. I am just comforted by that however, and find I enjoy my brief time here more because of it.

EDIT: That said, keep doing what you do. As long as you don't hurt anyone, I don't see anything wrong with having some fun. Just be careful about, you know, not ending up crazy.

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Lemme see... in the order I remember them in:

  • Psychonauts
  • Fallout 2
  • Majoras Mask
  • Morrowind
  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Deus Ex
  • Bastion
  • Dark Souls
  • Super Meat Boy

I can flesh out why but I won't bother with that right now. I'm probably forgetting some games as well, but these are the ones off the top of my head.