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Not mostly, but I do have a lot I listen to. Much of it has been mentioned already, but I still want to say that the Super Meat Boy album is my favorite. But I also enjoy some older stuff, like Fallout and the Curse of Monkey Island Theme. Maybe a bit odd to mention those two in the same sentence, as all the Fallout music is moody and makes me think of arid deserts filled with bones while the CoMI theme is so damned happy.

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I've been on an "outrun" spree lately.

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The Witcher is one of my big ones. The only reason is that I have gotten to the same spot three times (the swamp, don't remember the act or whatever) three times. Each time I have gotten there my PC goes to shit. Every time something happens, and I have to format and reinstall windows. Not because of Witcher of course, it just happened three times that I have had to reinstall everything around the time I have tried to beat the game, getting to about the same place. Thus losing my save. So I have just decided to live with the fact that I will never beat the first Witcher. Almost beat the second one now, so hopefully my computer will survive the last act of that one. Really want to at least beat that one before the third one is out.

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I did actually watch Pewdiepie a year or two ago, but I just felt it got old. Got nothing against him, as I see so many do.
I do watch the Game Grumps channel though, where I think most of it is funny. Thanks to them we also have StarBomb, which has some pretty cool and funny songs. Luigi's Ballad, It's Dangerous to Go Alone and Crasher-Vania being the best in my opinion. Sure, they are crass and childish, but I like that. Catchy too!

And Scott Manley should be mentioned, due to his excellent Kerbal Tutorials, which he has to update now as the new update hit today.

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@superkenon: I agree! The design of the bosses was pretty cool as well, making every boss feel unique. While watching the speedrun I realized I actually remembered most of the game, the bosses in particular. That is pretty well done, seeing how long it is since I last played it.

@ajamafalous: Seems that is the one part where it all ends for people. It's also such a strange thing to put in there, but then again, most of the game is strange.

@kcin: That was such a cool level! I remember replaying that over and over. When I think about it, that might have been the start of my love of games like Trials...

@wemibelec90: The controls themselves was enough to make it difficult. Took me a while to figure out just moving. So I can see how a lot of kids might never have gotten past some of the first stages. But when you got the controls down.. so much fun. Grabbing on to floating faces, then hitting them to fly further up than you could by jumping was the moment I knew it would be cool as hell.

@redelectric: No, sadly. Been watching even more footage from both Top Gun, and I am starting to wonder if the game I am thinking of had no cockpit view. It might have been top down, with only a map. I do remember having to line up icons of bases and such in order to hit them though. Hell, maybe this is the game that didn't actually exist?

@elwoodan: Ah, save files on carts. That is the reason I have never actually played Blast Corps. Rented it because it looked awesome, but it had a nearly 100% beaten save on it. Only had one save slot from what I remember, and my poor English prevented me from learning how to erase the save.

Don't remember turning into a tank yourself, but you do fight a big tank. Which transforms into a... well, humanoid thing. So it's like a transformers. You also fight a moving motorcycle-thing which can transform into a four-legged running boss. While you ride a small white cat yourself.

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Damn... from reading this, and reading the RPS post about it, I regret not buying it when it was cheaper. Looks cool, has cool mechanics, and I really like the developers. For instance, seems the devs are going to make it harder for those who think it is easy and make it easier for those who think it is hard...
Also, the whole "when enough players beat the boss additional stuff unlocks!" seems kind of awesome.

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The only ones I have read and liked was the Halo ones. Only read four. The first one is great, as it is the origin story of John and the other Spartans.

Metro 2033 is also great, but that was a book first. Read four pages of an Assassins Creed one, can't remember the title, instantly thought it was poorly written. Don't have time to read poorly written books. Also really wanted to read the Hitman one, but never got a hold of it. Also heard great things about the Elder Scrolls books. Especially The Infernal City.

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If I had a PS4 I would buy it just to help getting more games in the franchise. Will buy it on PC when that day comes. Already own the original both on GoG and Steam...
So yeah, more Abe please!

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@hunterob: I never played Gunstar Heroes, but playing it more recently... I can see the resemblance. MM is a lot weirder, and more forgiving I think. While some levels are hard as fuck, I don't feel you are as punished when you mess up.

@superkenon: Wow. I remember figuring out that you got the gems that way, which also made me realize I would never get them all.

The shaking and throwing was so fun as well! Especially when you did it to kill normal enemies. Always thought it felt satisfying when you shook an enemy then threw him at another, seeing both of them go down in smoke while their ghosts floated upwards...

@gaff: So, this is probably not exactly right, might even be wildly wrong, but I remember having to bomb these things. Yeah. For some reason, that is the most iconic thing I can remember. I feel the screen was mostly empty, even black. You saw these things on the radar quite well, might even have seen them on screen. But hell, you might have been right with Top Gun, and my memory is just faulty.

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@gunstarred: The jumping and boosting did feel sort of weird. Been ages since I actually played it, so I am sure there is some rose tinting going on, but I remember getting used to the controls fairly fast. Oh, I am sure it would need some kind of HD upgrade to be worth watching on a big screen. Cool to hear that you actually bought it now! Is it rare at all? Seeing how not that many people played it, it could go either way I feel.

@gaff: At first I thought you had found it, but some further watching on Youtube of both Top Gun and the sequel... it doesn't quite fit. I distinctly remember it being even less on the screen. And the airfields and bases are firmly lodged in my mind as symbols, like seeing them from above. I'm gonna do some quick mock-up in paint.net or something and edit it in.

@sarumarine: Oh yeah, the bosses was a lot of fun! The whole "catch the hand, then throw it in the enemies face" and everything. Also the music... just listen to this awesomeness:

So cool seeing more people remembering this fondly!

@cdub901: You totally should. Might not hold up, most certainly won't actually, but I feel it is worth experiencing it. Hell, just for the crazy story really. You are a robotic maid for starters...