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Do what you want. If you really want a beard, go for a beard. If you can't really go for a beard, do your best to beard. Beard.
I am a beard guy myself. Went clean shaven before Movember last year, did not feel like myself. To me my beard is as much a part of my face as my nose is. You know yourself what is more "you", so go for that as best you can.

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  • Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - 205 h
  • Borderlands 2 - 174 h
  • Kerbal Space Program - 163 h
  • Warframe - 157 h
  • Payday 2 - 145 h
  • X3: Terran Conflict - 131 h
  • Terraria - 105 h
  • Fallout: New Vegas - 94 h
  • Cities: Skylines - 86 h
  • Borderlands - 80 h

I know Dark Souls 2 will end up on that list, but since Scholar of the First Sin counts as a different game, it won't.
Glad to see that five of the ten (probably easy to guess which ones) are on there because I mostly play/played them cooperatively with my brothers. I rarely get to see them in person anymore, so games is a way to get together and hang out in a way.
This also shows me that I don't stick with many games for very long, instead jump between a larger pool of games.

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On some level I understand the "too long" part, but I myself don't really see it like that. I don't have a need to finish long, good open world games right away.
Take Witcher 3 for instance. I love everything about it, and I constantly want to play it. I have played it since the day it launched. Yet I have just arrived in Skellige, done a few quests there. Which seems to be barely halfway. Last week I think I played it for a few hours, seeing how there were so much E3 content to consume instead. It seems some people then think "man, this is going to take ages to finish! Better not to bother with it then", while I think "great! I'll be able to 'live' in this world for a long time!". Long games are great when they are good, because it means I'll be able to be in that world for months.
That said, I did just start my three week vacation, and I aim to finish Witcher 3 this week...

I do get the part about them being repetitive. Most massive open world games tend to be similar in a lot of ways. Witcher 3 stands out because of the lore, and how great every little quest has been written. It doesn't feel like there is much filler there, which is usually the case.
Fallout 4 will have the crafting and building, aspects of games I love more than anything. Just Cause 3 will have insanity. So there are good, somewhat different, open world games coming out, which I am looking forward to. And the best part of it all is that I will have fun for a long time after starting playing them. Not just a few hours, then on to the next thing. I like that as well, but nothing beats a long game for me.

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A lot more hyped than I thought I would be. Been a huge Fallout fan since I played the first when it was new. Probably replayed the first two about 30 times between them. While I felt Fallout 3 lost a lot of the "magic", New Vegas brought some of it back. But I have also realized that the 3D Fallouts are awesome in their own way, and Fallout 4 looks fucking insane to me. Mostly because of the crafting and building. I love that stuff. Show crafting and building into anything and I'll probably at least want to try it. And what they seem to do in Fallout 4 seems crazy. Also really close to a mod I played a lot with in New Vegas...
I also think it looks great graphically. More stylized than realistic, but more natural and organic than the older games.

And you know... I know it is stupid, and something I really shouldn't do, but I am going to buy the Pip-boy version. Fuck it, I got the awesome lunchbox (filling it with bottlecaps) and I need a fucking Pip-boy in my life.

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Eccleston was awesome, but Tennant really hit it out of the park. There are so many good emotional arcs with him. Eccleston has those as well (meeting the Dalek for instance), but Tennant had more seasons to shine in.
Doctor Who is great to me because of the range of emotions it can elicit. It is goofy fun that doesn't take itself seriously, with an 800+ year old alien flying through space and time in a blue police box. It is mostly just fun for the whole family, yet there are episodes that are as scary as many horror movies. There are episodes that have had me outright crying. Sure, it's campy, it's silly and I can see why a lot of people just roll their eyes at it. But I have so much fun with every aspect of it. From the weird timelines, to the fact that the Doctor is tragic as hell.
But the whole "I'm not so sure about the next Doctor" aspect of it is something everyone has I think. I haven't seen more than one or two episodes of Capaldi for instance, so I am not sure about him yet. Looking forward to having fun with those seasons though, because they always get to be a good Doctor I think. They are just different, as they are supposed to be.

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I just think they are hilarious. Most of the time the ads are pointless as well, as I can't really do much with most of them here in Norway. I do have a few Loot crates and their content around (my bobblehead Groot is guarding my left speaker for instance) but I subscribed there before the Bombcrew did some ads for them. And since I know from experience that Loot Crate is awesome, I trust that the other stuff they do ads for are awesome as well.
Kinda fun hearing Jeff doing Loot Crate ads though, seeing how he is very vocal about not needing and not liking that kind of "crap" anymore.

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Yeah, I have always had to crank up the volume when watching content. I have scared myself a lot by watching or playing something right after a Quick Look...
Not sure if it has gotten even quieter, but there is a difference between GBwest and GBeast.
Rarely get to watch live because of my location, so I'm not sure if it usually is low on those.

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The man from Primrose Lane by James Renner.

Added link to the Kindle version of the book. It's a really good mystery/suspense/sci-fi thing. It was pitched to me with this sentence: "It's like Haruki Murakami and Stephen King got together to write an episode of Doctor Who".

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Even if this hadn't been picked apart as false, I still would have said it was due to one little detail. Save transfers. I don't see any reason why they would do such a thing, and it makes the whole thing sound super fake.

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Steam is more or less a backlog-building-machine at this point.
One thing that helped me a lot actually is the website Backloggery. I try my best to add any game I have, update it as I beat things etc. Been lax with it for some time, so should do a sweep of updating.
What I did to really help with the backlog was to set a goal. My goal now is to keep my finished games to 75%, then never fall below that. Then try to reach 80% and stay there. That way I should eventually end up with a small backlog. Of course, I can still have that goal met while having a large number of games to finish...
Anyway, it is a good tool for these kinds of things. At the very least it is a good place to keep track of what you own. My profile on there if anyone want people on their friendslist. Don't really use that feature, but maybe that is an incentive to some, trying to beat more games than other people?