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Holy hell. Just saw GOG's update about this on Facebook. Downloading it as we speak. I might have been one of the guys who put Outcast into Vinny's plan (asked for it when I got through on the Dave Radio Show once and they played it a bit after), and boy do I love this game! But haven't really been able to play it after buying it on GOG because of various bugs. Like the silly "walk in the water means you walk in molasses" bug.
Really looking forward to playing it today! Which says a lot, since the other things I was going to play was Elite and Far Cry 4. Will write my thoughts about it once I have played it some.

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@bollard: Yeah, I did play it for some hours before the Gamma updates started hitting. Just wanted to wait til actual release before playing it properly. If I get time I will most likely not be able to stay away completely.
Damn... just remembered I must set up Voice Attack again. At least I got a reason to jump in soon then.

@fenrir: It is kinda like Euro Truck Simulator in space actually. Which is why I know I'm going to love it.
But if you want some tips on what to do, they got this handy image to look at.

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Cmdr Matthew Auleyhill reporting in. Probably won't play much until late January, should get my cheap flight stick then.

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Jumped in earlier today, just to check out the scope of the map now. Last time I played it was "only" about 500 stars you could visit I think. Zooming out that galaxy map is... something.
But I might wait to play it proper till I get my flight stick.
If anyone want to add me in the meantime I should be found on "Matthew Auleyhill".

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@dave_tacitus: Sounds like it's worth the wait at least. Will just have to play with a controller in the meantime.

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Damn it! Decided to order a "Thrustmaster T Flight Hotas X" myself, as it seemed pretty decent for the price. Turned out everyone had the same idea on Sunday, so today I was told it won't arrive until middle of January. And every other online store was out as well. Which is weird, and I can't think of anything else coming out now that would need a flight stick. So... a lot of Norwegians are going to play Elite?

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@capum15: You should check out "VoiceAttack" as well. I bought the game months ago, but figured I'd rather wait till release to play it properly. I did play it long enough to get somewhat comfortable with using a controller though. Should really get a Hotas. But seeing how a lot of people use VoiceAttack, I figured I could test it out. Ended up buying it pretty quick. While the game is pretty cool on its own, it is even better when I can enter combat by going "Rosi, listen. Deploy weapons. Target." then blast away.
Looking forward to Tuesday myself! Just wish this wasn't the busiest week at work, means I might not get to play that much.

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Nope! Not a chance. I did convert most of my low-priced cards, hoping to use them to make booster packs. Turn out those cost a lot to make as well, so I only got half of what I needed. Guess I'll just stay stuck with 300 or so gems. Or sell them. I don't know. Doesn't matter much really. I did start selling a lot of my cards because of this though, as I really don't need the cards or the badges for most of my games. I got two or three games I would like badges for though.

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@slag said:

I dunno, I don't tend to think of games in that context very often.

Usually when I don't like a game, it's because it's something that doesn't appeal to me personally but I can still recognize the potential appeal for someone else.

This, pretty much.

That being said, my game that I so tried to like. I even got to the final boss before I just quit in frustration and boredom. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. I'm sorry, but that game is just so... flat. It's never enough over the top to be interesting, the combat system sucked and it's the same bullshit every other Metal Gear game has when it comes to story. And I am not a fan of that.
I do enjoy Metal Gear Scanlon though. Seems the bullshit of the games is a lot more fun when you have someone awesome like Drew react to it.

Other than that, I don't really play games I don't think I'll enjoy. Only played Revengeance because the Bomb Crew said it was so good.