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@rorie: That's fine. That means I can get the Sneaking shirt now, and grab the official one when I got the dough. Works out great!

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Does the red 2015 members shirt have the year 2015 printed somewhere? I can't see it on the front. If not, I'm tempted to go with the Sneaking shirt instead. Can only afford one at the moment (none really, but fuck it) and I really like that design, but I do want to have every official members shirt.

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Nah, criticism of a thing I love doesn't bother me. I know that everyone can't enjoy everything. What does bother me is when the thing isn't what is "attacked", but the people who like the thing. As a couple of examples: Dan saying Pixar is only for children, thus calling adults who like Pixar children, and Jeff essentially calling fans of Majora's Mask assholes. Both of which are said in jest, but I still get slightly annoyed. Mostly it's hilarious though, but still. Slight annoyance. When people say stuff like that for real, I get really annoyed.
Calling a thing bad is fine, we all have different tastes. Calling someone bad for liking something is not good.

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Yeah, 40 bucks to get a 20$ shirt to Norway as well. Or I can do the UPS Saver 1 day delivery for a cool 300$.
Because of this I actually can't justify buying a shirt. I got all the Whisky Media member shirts, I got the Bombduders one, but I'm not sure if I can afford the 2015 one :/ I might be able to, if my previous coupon for Yearly Membership still works. Anyway, it should be a way to lower the cost for shipping, right?

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@thenine: I've been trying to figure out another way to do this, but I don't think I am clever enough. That is a problem, if every game who want to make a balance between "Oh, fuck we are all going to die" and "do whatever!" must have a way to either freeze time or rewind time. And freezing time kinda won't work the same way.

Ah, going through all of them? I really want to do that some day. But to do so I would have to resort to emulators, and I don't want to do that.
OoT is almost mandatory to play before MM. So much cool stuff they do with characters and such. Like the Gerudo, who are desert dwellers in OoT. But in the parallel reality of Termina they are pirates.

@jamesjeux007: Huh, I have only done one dungeon so far on the 3DS version, and I cannot remember if the Scarecrow mentions the Reversed Song of Time in the observatory. He says he can dance dance dance the night/day away, but I don't think he mentions the song. Unless you actually do dance with him. My 12 year old self didn't realize it because of my grasp of the English language. Being Norwegian a lot of things was lost to me. But I don't feel the Inverted Song of Time is that mandatory. As I said, I did beat half the game without it when I was a kid. It does make the game better though, so having it even more upfront would be better.

I'm not sure if it needed to be even more integral to the main quest to be honest. The thing I like is that the time of day, or which day it is, is very important to all the side quests. It is after all the same days moving along. Nothing changes unless you change them. Having time move while inside temples should happen, as it makes sense, and having parts of it locked up unless you where there at the right time would just be frustrating.
I feel they do a good job with introducing the song, making it feel like a natural thing to do. When you first get it, which is right at the end of your first cycle, you must use it. When you do you realize it only helped you. It is a tool to use just as everything else.
I see where you are coming from, but to me the way it is implemented is the best way, immersion wise.

@panelhopper: It always made me happy when I managed to save or help someone. But then time is rewound, and they are back to needing rescue. And you can never do that. So many of them are doomed, even if you stop the moon and save the world. I have to admit, the darkness of the story is also one of the reasons why I like it.

@lunnington: Thanks! His title of "Hero of Time" does make a lot more sense in this game, yeah. If you care about the whole "timeline" thing as well, which I kinda do since I love shit like that, it makes sense in many ways.

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@jimmysmiths: Wait, when did he steal money? What he has done is over promise and bungle up a game, which is nothing new. He did so with money gathered on Kickstarter, a place where you donate money to an idea because you want to see it done. When doing so, you should know there is no guarantee the product will even see the light of day. Which is perfectly clear to anyone who knows what Kickstarter really is. PM has said a lot of crap (which is not new), his company has treated the "God of gods" in a terrible way, and they are way out of line announcing a new project while the current one is so fucked, but he has not stolen any money.

The feeling I got from the interview is that John Walker has something personal against Molyneux, and he felt he managed to stick it to him. But from the outside it just looks petty and mean, and like bad journalism. It's like the idea was to make a beautiful omelette. But instead of cracking the eggs open gently and making it the normal way, he put all the eggs in a pan and smashed them with a hammer. The end result is more or less the same, yet quite different.
The interview could have been so good, seeing how Molyneux really does need an eye opener, if he had only worded it differently. And maybe put aside the "I hate you and I am going to fuck you up" tone I got from it.

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Huh. Didn't really learn that much new though. Molyneux is who he is, which should be known by now. And RPS is only good as a source of "are there any cool new PC games/mods/watevers going on?".

I did throw in a bit of money for the Godus Kickstarter, but I knew the risk. Most likely it would either never come together, or it would take a long time. It was a small chance it would become exactly what he promised, and just for that I wanted to chip in. I don't feel tricked, I don't blame anyone. It is what it is, and I knew that coming in.
Hopefully Molyneux makes good on his "keep away from press" promise, resulting in some cool games again.

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On one hand, this is so far away from how I, and most people it seems, play Hitman. Hell, I beat all of Hitman 2 with Silent Assassin ratings. Spent hours on it. So this is all wrong.
On the other hand... they are making an action movie. Could 47 go all out action like what it appears in the trailer? Why not? I am sure with his skills he could. I would rather have a slow, awesome thriller starring 47 though.
With that being said, this seems a lot better than the last one. The showing no emotion, being faster, stronger and kinda super human. The fact that they use the basic story of the first game, having 47 hunt down his creator. Hell, they even got the silverballers right, and he seems to change outfits to get the job done. So I'll probably see this, and I might even like it.

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Hell! Yes!

Already looking forward to A Hat in Time (which also has Grant Kirkhope on board), so having two games like that to look forward to? Way better than expected!

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@brodehouse: Indeed. I might have seem a bit harsh, but I do think what he does is pretty awesome. It's the "look at me, I rediscovered the correct way to do things. ME! I AM THE BEST!" that makes me think of him as an idiot. Other than that he does nothing wrong. In fact, he does something pretty cool I haven't seen much of. His shooting technique seems to be well established, but with some freerunning into the mix? That I haven't seen before.
(Felt compelled to show that I agree with you seeing how I must have been the person you misquoted :P )