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Don't really have the itching problem myself, so can't help you there. Might just be that you need to get used to it? Have had varying degrees of facial hair for over ten years, so maybe that is why I don't have any itching going on.

If you want to keep it neat from the start you should use a trimmer now and then. Just to keep it even. Also, make a line under your jaw so that it doesn't go far down your neck. It looks a lot neater. Just don't go to far up. Contouring in general is a good idea if you feel it looks messy. Whenever I have done something stupid to it (which I have done voluntarily several times) and I have to start again, I just grow it out for a month or two then trim it down once it makes me look like a hobo. Which is probably sooner than I think it is, but yeah.

A good brush and some beard oil is also great. I just use a military beard brush with boar bristles and some cold pressed jojoba oil. Less dry skin, makes it softer and it looks a lot better.

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Undertale does have some of the best moments this year. But I think it also should be recognized for its music. Which is what I remember the most of the game, as I haven't actually played it myself yet. Too many other games take up my time, so I half-watched Steam Trains playthrough while playing Guild Wars 2. Which means I know the general story, but can't really remember that much of the specifics. Which suits me fine, as I am going to get it myself and play though it.
Anyway, one of the things that stood out was one beautiful track of music. Which is called Snowy. It's so simple and elegant. And I love me some violins. So when I searched it out to find it on Youtube, I also saw there was a Genocide run version of it. Having only heard the game being played in a Pacifist run, this surprised me. Some of the songs have other versions, and boy... hearing both versions of the Snowy one is heartbreaking. While the Pacifist version is light, airy and happy, the Snowy Genocide is brilliant. It's not dark really, but something about the slower pace and the cello (I think it is a cello, I love cello even more!) just tugs at something in me.

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@honkalot: Thanks! Will have to see if I can do that. Just haven't been able to find a spot where I can place one of the stairs close enough. I didn't really use the small floor squares back then though.
Now I just have a problem with wood and steel... Need a lot more of that.

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@honkalot: How did you make your way up on the roof? Been doing the same myself, but it just doesn't look good. Ended up having the actual building floating above the roof, which looks really bad. So would be neat to see how you did it!

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@stryker1121: Just cleared a new settlement for the first time, or helped defend during a raid?
If the first: You have to manually set up trade routes for the junk to be there. It transfers between all workbenches within the same settlement, not outside unless the trade route is set up.
If it was the latter: No idea :(

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Not that much of a tip, just want to share it because it is awesome: You can walk on the bottom of lakes/ocean/water in Power Armor. Having a follower walking out of the water in Power Armor looks awesome.

@bane: Not sure about the supply line thing. I took it for granted that you could chain it, so I have been linking what I could to Sanctuary myself. It seems to me that it works fine that way.
And haven't really found a good settlement in the center yet, but I haven't explored or gotten that far in the... uh... 31 hours I have played. Damn.
I did notice Abernathy Farms had a big open space on the south side you can build some cool shit on though.

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@zemadhatter: Damn. Had hoped the ones you made yourself would be flagged in such a way that they would be safe. Besides being stolen from at least.
Oh well, will just have to keep all the important stuff in the workshop then. Or whatever house you can buy later on.

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@fitzgerald: I'm only ten hours in myself, but having them go where they want isn't such a big deal. It's really close, and you don't really need to develop the gas station much. Not even sure if you can develop it in such a way that people move in there. I just use the station as my own base, and Sanctuary as the main settlement. Built myself a nice little hut on top of the station, with a bed, a rack for my magazines (which after reading this thread might seem like a bad idea, as it seems you need them in your inventory to get the bonus they provide?) and a container for stuff I want to keep. I guess that will be my tip. You can build containers to keep your shit in.

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Guess the game just isn't for you? I'm only five hours in myself, but I'm having a blast.
The only thing I have changed in the ini so far is the mouse acceleration, and I believe you can change the X/Y mapping there as well. Might fiddle with the fov a bit. Still haven't gotten any of the other glitches you speak of, and actually managed to turn everything higher than the recommended settings (which was high, got most on ultra now) while still keeping the frames acceptable. Mostly stays around 60, but has dipped down to 40 now and then. Will see what happens when I get to even more intense locations.

The story in Bethesda open world games are what they are. Not the reason I play them. The open world, filled with loot, secrets and fun stuff to do is why. And this has that and more. I love the crafting and building. I'm one of those who downloaded and followed those "Settlers" mods for both F3 and F:NV (hell, I even had an NPC named after me in one version for a time), and the base building in this feels like an expanded and vastly better version of that. I also love to craft and put things together in games, so the weapon and armor system is great. And for there are the little things. Like how the face of an older women you meet early on animates in such a way that it reminds me of the old "talking heads" if Fallout 1 and 2. Or how your voice spoken through the Power Armor helmet sounds exactly how it did in Fallout 1 and 2. I love it.

So yeah, it's all about preference. For me, I believe this game will be up there when it comes to Game of the Year (together with Witcher 3 and MGS5), while for you it's not. This is why I love the fact that Steam has that refund option now. Sometimes you buy a game that just turns out to be not for you.

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Rick and Morty is awesome. I love how it often looks very light-hearted and whimsical, while actually being kinda dark and awful. Only seen the first season, but I hear the second season goes to even more crazy places... let's say I am really looking forward to seeing that.
One of my favorite episodes from season one is "Rixty Minutes", where Rick has made it possible to watch TV-channels from other dimensions (endless new shows to watch!), and every damn show they watch was ad-libbed. That is where you got this gem:

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