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Huh. Might have to try this out. FTL never really grabbed me, not with the new update either, but this... seems to add enough for it to be more interesting. Might just get me in. Or would this just make it harder and more difficult for me if I haven't really played vanilla FTL?

@starvinggamer: Well... you don't. You install the mod on the PC version (or Mac or Linux if the mod works there).

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Seeing how I am a so called "highly sensitive person" (which I think is the definition in English, it is in Norwegian at least) I tend to shed tears due to movies, books and tv-shows a lot. Flat out crying is rare, but plenty of tears. I used to hate it, but with age I have learned that it just means I get more out of the media in question. So here is a few, and where it usually happens:
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind - "Meet me in Montauk..."
Up - Hell, this is almost enough to set me off

Schindler's List - When Schindler realize he could have save more people. "This pin. Two people. This is gold. Two more people. He would have given me two for it, at least one. One more person. A person, Stern. For this."
LotR: Return of the King - "My friends, you bow to no one."

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So, I just finished crocheting a 3DS XL case (well, I still need to make some pouches or something for games) and I wondered if anyone else here like to dabble in the arts of making stuff. Not only with yarn and similar materials, but anything. Wood is good for instance. Anything you wish you could make?
Anyway, here is my sick case. And yes, those are yarn-buttons to close the flap. Yarn. Buttons.

Yeah, it's kinda crooked. Thanks for noticing.
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$97.42 million

It's really good by the way, saw it a week ago. Really want to see it one more time, just don't have time/money.

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@trulyalive: Glad more people share that view! Valar dohaeris.
I tried to find something to share from Arkham Asylum, so here it is. The Joker:

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Every page of "Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth". Art, all of it.
As for one single scene... the final joke in "The Killing Joke". It's just so perfect.

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@orborborb: Kickstarter exists so that you can donate money to a product in order for it to get a kick start and hopefully be made. Most companies or individuals choose to let the backers get something in return. There is never a guarantee that the product will ever get made, or even get to a prototype state. Oculus Rift got one prototype out there already, with another one on the way. If any backer of the OR feel they have waster their money, it is their own damned fault for not understanding what Kickstarter is.

@csl316: They have denied that already. No plans to rebrand or use a Facebook UI.

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I love how so many says "Fuck it, not getting it now" because Facebook is involved. No, wait. I think that is fucking stupid. This has changed nothing about my thoughts on OR, still want it badly.

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Just added the Premium Podcasts to my Podkicker, got the same problem. Can stream the podcasts perfectly, but not download. "Not Found". This is only for the Alt+F1 podcasts, not the regular Bombcast, as those I can download perfectly.

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@wemibelec90: Hmm, well. I guess that is good really, with Reaper of Souls right around the corner, then Dark Souls 2 PC. Thanks for the answer!