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I'm one of those who bought it, played it for a couple of hours then decided I would wait for it to be finished. Mostly because I could see myself playing it to death before it is actually out.
So I am going to join the "I'll be your friend once the game is launched" train.

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A complete wreck here as well. I am sometimes able to watch the shorter videos, but it seems longer videos just don't want to work properly. Usually they stop to buffer every five to ten seconds, or they completely stop then act like the video is over. When it does this it also forgets where it was, so the "loading your last location" feature is useless. Only setting that makes it work better is watching through Youtube, which goes without any trouble. For some reason it has worked better on the "Video Buddy" iPad app, so I have been watching subscriber videos on that for the past weeks, but now that too refused to play videos. Any information I can give to help with this problem?

I'm running Windows 7 64bit with Chrome.
Don't got the fastest internet, but it has been good enough to watch videos in the past. And every other video-source works well. Youtube, Netflix etc.

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This is kinda funny, as it seems so well done yet so amateurish. I understand why they would use the names they are know for, Total Biscuit and PewDiePie, but come on. When the music video for "It's dangerous to go alone" (which is a pretty damn cool song by Starbomb) is called "BEST Zelda rap EVER!!" just because the youtube video is called that... just seems lazy and weird to me, as it's easy to find the name of the actual song.

Oh well, both Jeff and Total Biscuit are cool. So is PewDiePie really. Not gonna spread the marketing though, so fuck the voting.

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For my general ringtone I use "In the Case of Trouble" by Darren Korb. It starts off right away, builds in a nice way, and it is highly unlikely I will hear it from any other source than my cellphone when I am out and about.

For my text messages and other notifications I somehow got the "C-A-G-E" whistle from Bioshock Infinite. Don't remember if I just found the source file on my own or found it online. Anyway, I got it in my dropbox right here if anyone wants it or just want to know what the hell I am talking about.

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The Malazan series is one of the best fantasy series out there. It's one of those series I always want to reread, something I cannot do anymore. The only downside working at a bookstore is how I have to keep up with new books. It's almost like how the bombcrew has to always play new games.

Anyway, I have read enough new stuff to feel comfortable going into the Christmas shopping season, so now I am reading old stuff I never got around to. Right now that is "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins and "House of Leaves" by Mark Z. Danielewski. Both are great, "House of Leaves" is slowly messing with my head. Love that kind of Lovecraftian horror.

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Huh. Weird. The last one I played, which I still play from time to time, is the New Beginning. It's pretty damn good. Story of Seasons seem to make some things a bit more simple, while The Lost Valley is a lot more complex. Also, the "real" new Harvest Moon seems to be Story of Seasons. The Lost Valley is made by the company that localized the old ones to English. Maybe that is a good thing, getting some new people to make it? I don't know. Will wait for more hands-on thoughts before I decide to get either of them. New Beginning is pretty good anyway, and I am not even close to finishing it.

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Goddamnit. Every time someone mentions Morrowind I want to reinstall it. I have lost hundreds of hours to that game, and I have actually never beaten the main quest. I beat both the expansions though. Morrowind was my first truly moddable game as well. After playing it for close to hundred hours I started installing those. Everything from banks to turning it into an Anne Rice vampire novel...
The things I bet make it hard for people these days are the combat (which is fine after the first five levels or so) and how static the NPCs feel. No voice acting and how most of them stand completely still day and night is odd now. But it is still a masterpiece.

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@fetchfox: Thanks! It was harder than I though. My face looks weird to me without a beard, so when November is over the beard is going back on!

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Oh, feel free to share your donation-pages as well. Will try to chip in more myself once payday has arrived.

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Great post @rorie ! I always find it interesting to see what other people like when it comes to music, as it usually is a red thread through it all. Your seems to be awesome female vocalists. Which I don't have enough on in my "Music I like playlist", so thanks for showing me a few awesome ones!

It's funny how taste in music changes, and I hadn't really considered your view on it. For me I guess general insecurity and sense of identity made me only listen to heavier stuff during my teens. But that was also when my love for Tool began, and I still see them as the best band in existence. Luckily, I have "branched" out a lot after that. But I guess my red thread is either awesome vocalists or proficiently played instruments. Which I also guess is a lot of music in general...

Having a broad taste in music enhances my life as much as reading a broad selection of books, playing lots of different genres of games etc. Which is why my "Current music of my life" (a playlist I add songs I like, and remove them when I tire of them) has songs like Rearviewmirror, Sick Muse (you might like this one Rorie!), Mr. Blue Sky, Odd Look and the comedy gem Luigi's Ballad side by side. That last one shows that even at the age of 27 I still like the occasional juvenile stuff...