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Damn... from reading this, and reading the RPS post about it, I regret not buying it when it was cheaper. Looks cool, has cool mechanics, and I really like the developers. For instance, seems the devs are going to make it harder for those who think it is easy and make it easier for those who think it is hard...
Also, the whole "when enough players beat the boss additional stuff unlocks!" seems kind of awesome.

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The only ones I have read and liked was the Halo ones. Only read four. The first one is great, as it is the origin story of John and the other Spartans.

Metro 2033 is also great, but that was a book first. Read four pages of an Assassins Creed one, can't remember the title, instantly thought it was poorly written. Don't have time to read poorly written books. Also really wanted to read the Hitman one, but never got a hold of it. Also heard great things about the Elder Scrolls books. Especially The Infernal City.

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If I had a PS4 I would buy it just to help getting more games in the franchise. Will buy it on PC when that day comes. Already own the original both on GoG and Steam...
So yeah, more Abe please!

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@hunterob: I never played Gunstar Heroes, but playing it more recently... I can see the resemblance. MM is a lot weirder, and more forgiving I think. While some levels are hard as fuck, I don't feel you are as punished when you mess up.

@superkenon: Wow. I remember figuring out that you got the gems that way, which also made me realize I would never get them all.

The shaking and throwing was so fun as well! Especially when you did it to kill normal enemies. Always thought it felt satisfying when you shook an enemy then threw him at another, seeing both of them go down in smoke while their ghosts floated upwards...

@gaff: So, this is probably not exactly right, might even be wildly wrong, but I remember having to bomb these things. Yeah. For some reason, that is the most iconic thing I can remember. I feel the screen was mostly empty, even black. You saw these things on the radar quite well, might even have seen them on screen. But hell, you might have been right with Top Gun, and my memory is just faulty.

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@gunstarred: The jumping and boosting did feel sort of weird. Been ages since I actually played it, so I am sure there is some rose tinting going on, but I remember getting used to the controls fairly fast. Oh, I am sure it would need some kind of HD upgrade to be worth watching on a big screen. Cool to hear that you actually bought it now! Is it rare at all? Seeing how not that many people played it, it could go either way I feel.

@gaff: At first I thought you had found it, but some further watching on Youtube of both Top Gun and the sequel... it doesn't quite fit. I distinctly remember it being even less on the screen. And the airfields and bases are firmly lodged in my mind as symbols, like seeing them from above. I'm gonna do some quick mock-up in paint.net or something and edit it in.

@sarumarine: Oh yeah, the bosses was a lot of fun! The whole "catch the hand, then throw it in the enemies face" and everything. Also the music... just listen to this awesomeness:

So cool seeing more people remembering this fondly!

@cdub901: You totally should. Might not hold up, most certainly won't actually, but I feel it is worth experiencing it. Hell, just for the crazy story really. You are a robotic maid for starters...

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@northsarge: I also had trouble with that level. Almost all of the festival games in that stage was so hard to do. Didn't help that I didn't understand all of it (English is not my native language). They actually remarked on that during the Speedrun. You have two ways of doing the boost dash. Either use the C-buttons, which you normally use, but you can also double tap any direction on the d-pad. If you use the d-pad, you have a slower boost with a higher top speed. So in order to beat that you had to either be perfect on your C-button boosts, or just mash the hell out of the d-pad boosts. So damn weird.
That was what I figured. Wonder how it would do today, as a downloadable game on Steam or whatnot. I would buy it in a heartbeat.

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As one of the "old guys" (been here since day one) I have to say... Dan is awesome. I love the fact that he is so damn enthusiastic about the stuff he likes. He also seem to try very hard to succeed, but doesn't fly into a fit when he doesn't. Seeing him playing fighting games against Jeff on UPF was really fun, as you could see how intensely he concentrated. He's also pretty damn funny! Jason also seems like a cool guy, hope he get more in front of the camera eventually.

So with both of them and the old crew pumping out content and BEAST getting up to speed... this is going to be so good!
(As an aside, since the Bombcast thread is locked and I haven't listened to it yet, I hope the "forgotten N64 lineup they talk about includes Mischief Makers. 'cause that game is awesome, and it seems no one knows about it!)

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I hate spoilers. So yeah, I don't agree with you at all.

@gaff: Yes, I have also re-read a book, played through a game several times and watched movies and TV-shows over again. And knowing what happened did not ruin it. The very important and obvious distinction here is the "re"-prefix. My favorites of almost every media are things where I am surprised by something the first time I consume it. A twist ending, a plot-point I never saw coming. Like the book "The Man from Primrose Lane". I thought I might know what was going on, and I managed to guess it just before it was revealed, which was really fun. And looking back at it at that moment I could see all the subtle hints that was showing the way. If I had know it beforehand it would have lost a lot of its impact. It would not lessen the quality of the actual book, and I would have loved it still, but the quality of my experience would have been slightly worse. And why settle for slightly worse when I don't need to?

Sadly, the book is kinda spoiled on the cover of the English paperback, I read it as a hardback Norwegian translation. And that makes me sad, that covers and blurbs on books veer closer and closer to spoilers, movie and game trailers likewise. And that is probably because those in charge of that look at spoilers the way some of you do. That it doesn't matter that much, that the journey is the important part. But for us that like to be surprised, like not knowing what is going to happen the first time we consume something, that is a bad thing. So I wish people could be a bit more mindful of spoilers, it doesn't cost much to use the spoiler-tag every forum has these days.

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Well, the picture was taken during the gold rush (3rd of June 1849 to be exact), and I uploaded it a week after that.
My alternate answer is 16th of April, 2012.
I don't see myself changing it in a good long while. At least not until I actually look like that, then I'll just take a new picture and use that instead.

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I always bring up the site Backloggery when this comes up. It helped me a lot, as it gave me a good list of what I have. Beaten or otherwise. And since it show the percentage of games you haven't beaten it, you get a nice way to set a goal. Goals help me. So my goal at first was to get my beaten games to 70%, then never dip below it. Now I am reaching for 75, but the Steam sale set me back a little...
It also has a neat fortune cookie feature, if you have no idea what to play.

As for the short list you put up there, I would start with Spec Ops. No real reason, but it is pretty damn good. Well, the story and how it is told is. The gameplay is decent enough.