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Wow, this is a shitshow. Game seems cool enough, but the lag is atrocious, and I don't think I have seen a worse "community" ever. Half of the players on any board calls themselves either a racial slur, a suggestion to "burn [insert slur here], juvenile jokes or simply "Nazi" with a swastika poorly painted in the orb. In fact, I think I saw three "Nazi" on one board, all with slightly differently painted swastikas.

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What would happen with the world you mean? No idea. I don't think it could happen really.
But what would I do if it happened? I would probably replay everything I love, play a lot of the games I still haven't touched on Steam, and maybe read even more than I do now.
Honestly, if no new games would ever come out after the end of this year, I still would have enough "new" games to play for a long time.

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Love most of their old stuff, but "...Like Clockwork" is a goddamn masterpiece. Love their way they revealed it as well, with some cool animated visuals to go with the snippets they showed.

Favorite song fluctuates a lot, but I think it must be "The Vampyre of Time and Memory", solely because of the raw emotion Homme manages to inject into it. Just something about the way he sings the word "hurray" in the sentence "I'm alive, hurray, you're wrong again 'cause I feel no love" makes it clear that he sings from his heart.

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These are damn awesome! Looking forward to both watching more cool stuff people do and maybe spend some time making something myself. I only made this small thing when I got really frustrated with how many problems I have with the stability of online play:

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Still love the game though.

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@nophilip: He is really slow when replying to any kind of messages, so I haven't gotten his thoughts about it yet, but I am sure he is OK with this once I tell him what it entails. Hell, we used to play on a Minecraft server he made, so we are good enough friends for this.

He has his computer connected to it by wire, and it never loses connection when the wifi craps out. So it is something with the wifi, primarily to my computer and other equipment. Most likely it just seems like it hits me more as I use internet for browsing and games quite a lot. Really infuriating, especially when my connection disappears during the final minutes of a GTA Online heist... we almost got it this time!

Thanks a lot for your help so far, this was just what I was looking for :D

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Might be better places online to ask about this, but I am sure there are some awesome duders out there who can help. I'll write down my problem, then my question. Also a TL;DR version of the question at the end for convenience.

About two years ago or something I started losing connection on my WIFI. My computer uses a USB WIFI adapter to connect to the wireless router in the house. At first I thought it was my adapter, as it was a few years old, so I bought a new and better one. No luck. Since then I have periodically tried to fix the problem, without getting anywhere.

The thing that happens is that I suddenly, anywhere from several times an hour to several times a day, lose connection to the router. Zero traffic in, zero traffic out. If I try to just disconnect and reconnect I am told something is wrong with the connection. The only thing that fixes it is either running the troubleshooter or manually disabling and enabling the wireless network connection. Which is what the troubleshooter does. This means I would never be able to play things like Dota, as chances are I will lose internet before a match is complete. I have tried more or less everything, save for using a new computer, and changing the router. This also happens on my other devices, PS3, iPad and phone, just not as often. Watching a movie on Netflix sometimes results in an error midway, then having to reconnect to the network.

Anyway, my main problem is that the network is not mine. It's my landlord who has it, as I rent a small flat in half of the bottom floor. He has tried everything to fix this, but the only thing that helps sometimes is rebooting the router. And it starts to go wonky the next day after that. I cannot easily get a new internet connection to my flat, and so I have finally done some more research into what to do. Mostly because GTA Online has been nigh impossible to play for several network related reasons.

My idea was to get my own router and connect it to the network. As far as I can tell you can do that, but it will be connected to the existing router. My question is this: by doing this, can the router be connected in parallel? Or will it only act like it's connected in series with the existing one?
If it can be connected in parallel (I bet this depends on the internet provider somehow), it would be my best bet to fix this. But what if it is connected in series? Is there a great chance my troubles with the existing router will just transfer through to my own router? They would both be set to different wireless channels, and I would be the only one using my own. I have a feeling I could have written this shorter and more elegantly, but I hope I made it understandable.

TL;DR: Can I connect two routers on a modem in parallel, this way: Modem --> Router 1 --> Router 2.
Where Router 1 is for landlord, Router 2 is for my own use. Modem only has connection for one router.
If not, and connecting this only results in a serial connection, are the chances for my troubles with Router 1 transferring to Router 2 big?

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Wear what you want. The assholes who judge people by what they wear on their head or how they style their beard doesn't really matter. In fact, the people who instantly judge you by how you look and what you wear are most likely people you don't want to get to know anyway. I would wear one if I could pull it off, which I am sure I cannot. I do pull off a sixpence though, so I wear that when I'm outside.

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Haven't really finished anything...

- In the middle of Majoras Mask 3D.
- Roughly halfway in Ori and the Blind Forest.
- Building cities in Cities: Skylines.
- Plucking away at Guild Wars 2 now and then.
- And my brothers managed to rope me into Counter Strike: GO.

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No, don't think I have. Has nothing to do about love, as I love both of my parents very much. And my step-dad for that matter, as well as my three brothers. But I would say "jeg elsker deg", which is Norwegian for "I love you", but kinda not the same. I feel that the words "I love you" can be said to almost anyone. They are words that can hold a lot of heartfelt meaning, but also no meaning at all. While "jeg elsker deg"... now that is powerful, and it is something that just isn't said to anyone but the one you want to share large parts of your life with. To me, and I think everyone in my family, it is also only said in a romantic way. We could say "glad i deg" or something, which is more like "I'm fond of you", but we don't really do that either. I got a great bond with every member of my close family, but no one says that. Nothing wrong about it.

So I guess it is a mix of cultural differences and the differences in language. Maybe this is just how it is in my family though, and someone else from Norway comes along and says something completely different. What do I know?

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My first city. Been slowly adding to it, making new parts and districts were the city grows in between eventually. Been using those new districts to try out new things. Traffic is a mess, noise pollution is a problem and dead people piling up.