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As a scaredy-cat who rarely watch scary movies, and never manage to play them, I am glad someone does and manages to write about it! I do want to watch Alien again now (hmm, I think maybe my girlfriend hasn't seen it...) and I'm going to stay the fuck away from Annabelle. Got a semi-phobia when it comes to dolls.

I did see the first ABCs of Death though, and all I can remember is this one:

No idea which letter this was...

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If they shipped to Norway I would probably try it out. Sadly, they don't.
It would be kinda neat if they got one Europe-based ad now and then as well. Not sure how that would work though.

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@chrissedoff: I regretted even clicking the thread, and this is why. I have never, and I repeat, never harassed anyone. And anyone who do so is no buddy of mine. Yet it appears I am automatically a shithead who does things like that because I care about parts of the Gamergate movement.
But hey, fuck it. I don't care what you think of me, I know what I believe in. I have read articles from both sides, I see what a lot of people have said. Something should be done with "games journalism" in my opinion, and I am glad all of this shit has come to light. Sadly several people I thought was cool has turned out to be shitheads in the process. Everyone who has done any form of harassing are the worst of them, and there are plenty of them on both sides. Many people also live in echo chambers, on both sides, and so they get even more entrenched hearing nothing but misinformation.

I am checking out of this discussion, but I'd like to say: Lighten up people. And don't take sides before you have learned enough from both of them.

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I am a gamer, and I support Gamergate. I am against harassment, misogony and people who generally act like shits. Jenn Frank quitting is a shitty thing, and should not have happened, even thought I honestly never have followed her and only heard her name here and there. There are stupid people on both sides, and it cannot be defended when someone does something bad. And that is part of why I still support Gamergate. Both "sides" has acted like total dicks, but one side mostly seems to ignore that. The anti-Gamergate side. The people who are supposed to be professional. Seeing game journalists (some want to be called bloggers when journalistic integrity is involved it seems) telling people to fuck off because they like games, calling people nerds with intent for it to be hurtful, to say that "if you don't think the way I do I will end every chance you have to work in my industry"... that is just wrong, and is one of the things I am against. Saying I support Gamergate is a simple way for me to say so.
Also, I find this to be funny:

@milkman said:

Finding the people in games journalism who write things that you don't like and trying to make them go away.

Because to me that is what several game journalists and others (Sarkeesian mostly) is trying to do with games. Finding things in games they don't like and make them go away. Why not instead try to ensure more of what you like is made? Why drag something down instead of building something up? That is my main problem with that part of it. I don't like what Sarkeesian or the "SJW" movement is doing at all, and to me that is a big part of this. So many writers do everything they can to cram that down our throats. And I am tired of it. I just want more good games. Games like Saints Row, Hitman, Gone Home and Shadow of Mordor. More games, all the time, a thousand years. More Games. Now I have to go to work, but I'd rather just play more Mordor.

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Gonna echo a lot of people here and say: Because people are different. What you find funny might be something others think is dumb. What you think is dumb is something others might find funny.
PewDiePie does some funny things, but I quickly got over his stuff. Maybe I just got older, as I am 27 now. But I still find Game Grumps to be hilarious. Sure, they are crass, childish, might scream some now and then. But they are funny. They kinda make Quick Looks with more swearing and more childish humor. And I am sure a lot of you who think PewDiePie is stupid also think Game Grumps are stupid. So yeah. Everyones taste is different.

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As far as I know there are no social or multiplayer aspects to this game at all. I might be wrong, but I think it is solely singleplayer.

Even if it had some of that I would rather play it on PC, and am going to play it on PC. I don't have and don't plan to get any of the current gen consoles, as I don't really see the value in them yet. And I got a bigger friendslist on PC, and easier means of speaking with those I tend to play with through Skype. So yeah, PC all the way for me.

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5.5/6 at The Escapist.
I don't really care about the score though, but the text of the review. I'll easily get a mediocre game if it seems I will enjoy the game based on the actual review. This game seems really cool based on the text, and it got a good score. Glad I pre-ordered for once! You can get it 25% off at GMG still, I think. Looking forward to Tuesday!

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No idea which genre they fall under, and I honestly haven't listen to many of their songs, but I feel this is kinda Opethy:

These days I tend to just listen to what I enjoy, don't really bother with labels such as genres. Which is a downside when questions like this pop up.

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The disclaimer isn't even the issue. The sad truth is that if you write a biased opinion piece, which she did and I cannot fault her for that seeing how she has friends being affected by this, you are going to be attacked online. It shouldn't be like that, and I wish we could change that. But to be surprised when you are attacked? I find that odd. I know that if I write some blogpost about how I want more equality in games, but I find the ideas and opinions of Sarkeesian to be extremist, bad and I don't want her to dictate what game devs can and can't do, then I would most likely get attacked. I can be as measured, cool and diplomatic as humanly possible, but someone will attack me. And I am just a nobody, if I was a somewhat prominent writer? Multiply it tenfold.

Again, I hate that it happened and it really shouldn't, but it's odd to me that she didn't anticipate it.

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I can't say I agree with everything Jann Frank has to say about the #GamerGate movement. There are bad eggs on both sides of the argument, and that sucks that she was possibly a target for some hate. In the end, she chose to leave. That was completely up to her. Maybe she'll be better for it, who knows (I don't).

The core of GamerGate is trying to accomplish something pretty great. I'll never endorse harassment or attack over the internet, and neither should any of you. But to say the outliers are the norm, is to be untruthful and dishonest.

I also believe Leigh Alexander is a pot stirrer. She has a very extreme agenda and has no problem using her power in the media arena to silence or shame those who disagree. She's had some very angry and unprofessional tweets as of late. And I must say, if you are a public figure, your tweets are an extension of your professional self.

Anyway, nice WR P-Klep. Giantbomb is one of the few sites the industry should look to as a whole when it comes to journalistic/gaming ethics.

This. I agree with all of this.

Also, that Dtoid piece on cosplay is comedy gold.