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I thought it looked awesome last time, and this just made it look even better. Don't know that many of the characters really, though after finally watching the first three seasons of Arrow I do know some of them.
Went from a "maybe" to a "most likely" cinema experience.

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Ooh, there is a few here I did not know about. Thanks!

The Darker Nights one makes everything a lot better by the way. The amount of atmosphere it adds is brilliant. I can also recommend Fr4nsson's Light Tweaks, which tweaks the weird ambient light inside.

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Because of his amazing range in genres (and mixes of all kinds of stuff) there are things he did I have no love for. But the things I love I really love. The new album is one such thing. I listened to it yesterday on Spotify, and gave both Blackstar and Lazarus several repeats. So damn good. Then I wake up today seeing he died last night.
Tony Visconti, his producer came out and said that he made the album Blackstar as a parting gift, and that he in a way made his death another work of art as it was carefully constructed to be released around his death. I'd believe that.
"Look up here, I'm in heaven..."

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I beat this four days ago, and from what they say and how they play I think they will save the town.

What I find interesting with all of this is how the endings are basically a good and a bad one, where the good one is (in a way) bad for Max while the bad one is good for Max. She either does "the right thing" and loses her best friend, even so far as to her never knowing how much you really cared about her, or she does "the wrong thing" and saves her but kills most of her hometown.
I am in the camp of "all of this happened so Max could have a final adventure with her best friend", and so to me sacrificing Chloe is the only sensible choice.

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Backloggery is the best one I know of. Been kinda bad with adding my recent games there though...
I like the way it shows percentages of games you have yet to beat and stuff. Also, the ability to have friends is nice. Might manage to make some kind of rivalry with someone about beating games, which might make it easier? I don't know. The site is good anyway.

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@jonny_anonymous: What is scary or not is entirely subjective though. For you it can be a walk in the park, while for me it is something I can barely get through.

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@atwa: And that is a very valid stance to have. The game was made with monsters you have to hide from after all.

I just played some more, and had a monster chase happen. I did my best to stay out of its way at first, not looking at it as that fucked things up (which probably makes it clear which monster it was since this is still somewhat early in the game).

It was less scary, but not by that much. I mean, the screen is going crazy, the sound design is really great and you just can't look at the thing without everything going bonkers. I knew I could not be harmed, but it was still unnerving as hell. Then the chase happened. I was just as frantic, just as panicked as I would have been if it could have harmed me. Then it did catch me, because I took a wrong turn. Flashes of images, followed by "You Died". So the mod does not make the game easier in that aspect of it. The chases are still awesomely scary, and the atmosphere is, to me, largely intact.

@viking_funeral: I had intended to play it normally first, but I realized that I would never beat it that way.
One of the things that makes these games so scary is the fact that you have nothing to beat the monsters with, but also that hiding isn't always as easy. I managed to beat both Bioshock and Bioshock 2 pretty well, but only after getting powers and abilities that made me either much better at killing or hiding. I played most of those games crouched, as I do with all stealth and scary games, and in Bioshock I often stood still since that literally made me invisible.

If the game had hiding mechanics like in Thief for instance, I would probably manage to play this without any alterations. Knowing that you are nigh invisible somewhere makes it all more tolerable. But you just can't know if you hide well or not, and here that is a moot point anyway as the one monster could just seemingly appear out of thin air.

But it is a great game so far, and still pretty terrifying. Was going to play more with this mod last night, got into a broken down ship underwater. Slid open one of the doors, something shook, there was some banging, the screen glitched out a bit. At that very moment one of my ceiling lights flickered. I shut the game off pretty fast.

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Hmm, I had heard there was more to it than just "lightning made him fast!", and the Speed Force seems to fix some of the things that seem awful about having those powers. I can buy him using it to have extreme reflexes which allows him to move fast through a city while still feeling the speed. But not doing mundane things. Like when he looked through the files in an archive to find one that was missing. You can't use your reflexes to do that, you have to perceive time differently to manage that. Same with cleaning up, painting a wall, getting dressed. All of these things he has done in a flash in the series.

Might have to read some of the comics as well I see. How superpowers and magic works is always fun to me, and these kinds of questions needs to be answered.

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After watching all of Season 1 of The Flash on Netflix (fuck that cliffhanger ending) I realized something. Being the Flash must be really goddamn boring.
The Flash, or Barry Allen, can move super fast. His senses and reflexes are so fast that everything else moves in super slow motion, and his body can move fast to make up for it. So far I think I am right, and it sounds really awesome.
But wait.
In order to run faster than the speed of sound down a road and not smash into everything on the way, Flash has to be able to move out of the way of any obstacles. Which he can, because while we see a streak of lighting move past, his reflexes enables him to see everything in slow motion while he is merely running down the road. Right?
This is where I realize it must be really boring to have those powers. Sure, you are super fast. But not from your perspective. You need to run from one side of town to the next? It took you ten seconds! But for you it felt like the hour(s) it would take for anyone else. Someone asks you if you could clean their house before their parents walk in the door? Boom! Clean house! Only felt like an eternity of cleaning for you. How exciting.

Being the Flash must suck.
Watch The Flash though. It doesn't suck.

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I only don't finish a book if I am only 50-100 pages in, and it either don't do anything for me or has some element to it that makes me not in the mood for it at that time. I finish most books I start though, as I am pretty good at figuring out if I'll like it or not. And in some cases I keep on reading even if it doesn't completely grab me. I only give up on books that I find really bad or incredibly boring.
But then again, I work in a bookstore. I have to read in order to know what I am talking about, so I read more than most I guess. Still, there are a lot of good books out there, and we don't have time to read them all before we die, so better to read something enjoyable than something you don't like. Even if it's a celebrated classic that everyone loves. If it does nothing for you, put it down and find something else.