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I don't think anything can top this game this year. It does (almost) everything right, from the look of the game to the just big enough open world. The combat is the best "Batman-combat" to date, being just hard enough to pose a challenge the entire game while also being easy enough to not become annoying. Not even going to start gushing about the Nemesis-system, as I feel that has been praised by everyone, but it really makes the game special.

And now they have done yet another thing that cements it as my "Game of the Year". Such a simple little thing that most games should have. A photo mode. Why don't more games add this? Is it difficult to implement, is it something that just doesn't occur to the ones who could add it in? Would be interesting to know. I do hope more games follow suit after this, because it's fun to try and capture cool moments. Then slap some silly filter on it.

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This is awful, and I can't really understand how anyone can send such a threat. I think it is wrong to give the bad guys so much press though, but what do I know. Just seems like the wrong way to go about it.
I was sympathetic with the GG crowd for a long time, but with this I am just going to stop bothering. Assholes have to ruin everything whenever they can, so of course nothing good can come out of anything. I'll just go back to enjoying games, and try to ignore all the bullshit. This dude knows what's up:

@redravn said:

All this talk about harassment and psychos making death threats is about as far away from productive discourse about journalistic integrity or women's issues in gaming as I can think of. Social justice figureheads and rights activists have always been targeted by psychos and its basically part of the job. One side says "see they are deflecting the issue and focusing on a few outliers" and the other side says, "See, now we can see you are trying to silence us!" But I think in reality the actions of a couple psychos are not really worth focusing on.

On the social justice side of things there is just constant whining about harassment and very little criticism and independent thought actually making it through to the general public. Honestly. I dont care about how you were harassed. Its not proving anything about some kind of deep social issue in gaming culture and its not going to make me care about what you say out of sympathy. I'm sick of the manipulation and the way harassment is used to blunt all the criticism of the stupid redundant ideas that you keep repeating.

On the "gamersgate" side of things I wish you people would just grow up and let the other side have their say. You're insane paranoia over what amounts to a couple of blog type articles and videos is disturbing. There is no conspiracy to turn gaming journalism into some sort of feminist propaganda mill. If you are not interested in an article don't read it. If you disagree stop reading and move on with your life. There is no agenda to take away the video games that you like to play.

Maybe at some point humanity will grow up and stop wasting its time arguing about stupid bullshit. Video Games have both male focused sexuality and poor character writing for women because they were traditionally a male focused hobby for a long time. Many games are male power fantasies and it doesn't make a male that enjoys it immature or misogynistic. Video Games are not real life they are for fun. As the game market opens to more women and more cultures the types of games will be more reflective of it. I just play and enjoy games as they are right now. I couldn't care less if my game is not politically correct enough for your agenda and I don't care if a game comes out that is female focused. Sometimes, I feel like the only one who doesn't have a problem with games as they are and doesn't care about people expressing their criticisms of my hobby. I play games. I will buy the games that appeal to me. I will keep an open mind about new games that don't appeal to my gender and culture. I am neither fighting against change or promoting it. Im just sick of the endless agenda driven bullshit from multiple sides that have infested this hobby in recent years.

I'll join in on the hug you should be getting. Right. About. NOW!

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@posh: I'll admit, I don't have anything else to go on than "that it was it feels to me" sometimes.
I agree that something can, and should, be done with how women are depicted on games. But a lot of games are "attacked" for no good reason. Like depicting semi-naked women in a setting where it is completely natural there would be semi-naked women.
Heck, I would love it if more games had semi-naked men to balance it out. Give everything something to look at. In appropriate settings of course, nudity just for the sake of nudity is just stupid.

I also have to admit that while I understand what you are asking me in your post (I think), I don't fully understand it. I feel I am versed quite well in English, but the fact that it is my second language rears it ugly head when you construct sentences like that, with words I rarely see. So what I am saying is, I guess I am dumb, disregard everything I am saying.

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As a lot of other people I only really care about reviews when they are done by reviewers I know has the same taste as myself. Reading a review done by someone I know hates several of my favorite games make no sense for instance. With that in mind, I tend to stay far away from reviewers who inject much of their social views in their reviews.
Does this have something to do with how most reviewers are American, and in America sex is viewed as something bad? I mean, it is common knowledge that Europe and the USA has widely different views on sex.
So whenever some game writer says something like "this woman has a sexy outfit, this game is bad and made to appeal to perverted teens" or "the game has prostitutes in a level where you go through a brothel, this is a bad game and you should be ashamed for playing it" I instantly find that writer to be someone I can safely ignore. Those writers are free to write whatever they will of course, but I'll stay far away.

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@euandewar: Goddamn I want anything "At the Mountains of Madness". Something good mind you. Movie, mini-series, game. Even though I just cannot play scary games, I would play that. Everyone should read that story. You too @patrickklepek! Here, you can read it online! Do it!

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Most of mine has been mentioned already. Red Dead Redemption, Bioshock (2 and Infinite), Walking Dead Season 1, Last of Us.
But one that hasn't been mentioned much, is Bastion. What a beautiful game that is.
I also have one moment from Psychonauts. When you find the hidden vault of memories of Milla. Transformed that game from a fun, zany platformer to a dark and melancholy game for me. It also made it into one of my all time favorite games.
Oh, and Dark Souls. I think it might be one of the saddest games I know.

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No. Please don't. One of the reasons why Giant Bomb is the best video game website is the fact that they steer clear of bullshit. They do dumb and awesome stuff with games, and very little social commentary. This is why I love this site. The few articles Patrick posts about stuff like that I can tolerate, because they are few and he is an articulate and awesome dude. I don't want more of it though.
I want it to be about games. I want it to be fun. And I want it to be dumb. Not dumb, but dumb.

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@truthtellah: You know, I was identifying with a lot of what Gamergate stood for. But you are right, this has gone too far. You live up to your name, man. You really do.
Of course, this changes nothing about what I believe in. Harassment is a horrible thing, and everyone doing it are awful people. No one deserves the harassment and doxxing that has been going on, hell, it should never happen period.
I appreciate what Anita Sarkeesian tries to do, but thinks she does it in an awful way.The word "misogyny" has lost its power and meaning, which is bad.
I don't think people who write about games should support indie developers through Patreon.
I want to hear about games, about fun stuff. Stop with all the "cis white male culture is bad" thing. I did actually care, but it has gone so far and become such a farce I just don't care anymore.

For what it's worth, I am going to stop supporting Gamergate. Not that I did much to begin with, other than identifying with several of "their" views. But I also still can't stand several of the "anti-GG" people because of how they have handled this. A lot of respect has been lost all across the board. Luckily, the Bomb crew and most of this community has only gotten more respect from me. You guys rock.

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I bet a got a few.
I actually like the story in both Diablo 3 and Borderlands 2.
I like Fable 3 quite a bit.
And I really enjoy the Super Mario Brothers movie.

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As a scaredy-cat who rarely watch scary movies, and never manage to play them, I am glad someone does and manages to write about it! I do want to watch Alien again now (hmm, I think maybe my girlfriend hasn't seen it...) and I'm going to stay the fuck away from Annabelle. Got a semi-phobia when it comes to dolls.

I did see the first ABCs of Death though, and all I can remember is this one:

No idea which letter this was...