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I made a Steam account so I could buy Guild Wars for my little brother.

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I don't really like the Mario games. Don't get me wrong, I played and enjoyed SMB3 and SMW when I was younger, but other than those titles the series does nothing for me(and those only barely get a pass because of nostalgia and shit). I'll never understand how every time a new one comes out it gets a bunch of fanfare from different sites about how it is the "must own game for the 3DS/Wii/WiiU".

Edit: I'm talking strictly about the Mario platformers.

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I read it as dog for the first hour of playing it...

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Xbox 360

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Probably World of Warcraft.

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Shadow of the Colossus. Had no clue what the game was... little did I know that it would become my favorite game of all time!

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I bought the Ouya.

Yeah... :'(

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The Indoor Kids

Pointless with Kevin Pereira

Rooster Teeth Podcast

The X-Files Files

Bonfireside Chat

The Patch

The Alton Browncast

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Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. Specifically the co-op missions.

My brother and I play through the whole thing almost once a year.