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While I would have loved to see both THPS1 / THPS2 soundtracks in their entirety, they brought back some solid tracks. And hey some El-P in there too? Nice.

Playing through skate 3 again and the new SSX made me realize something. These types of games really benefit from custom soundtracks. When I play extreme sports games, I can find myself spending hours on one mission in skate trying to nail it perfectly, or on one run in SSX trying to get a satisfactory score. Hearing the same few songs over and over again can really take me out of the zone.

That's why I loved SSX's use of custom soundtracks that were integrated into the game. To be, just changing the rotation of the tracks can make it seem brand new. I'm really hoping for future instalments of games in this genre, they really utilize custom soundtracks.

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I actually think it would have to be Underground. I never owned proper versions of THPS3 and 4 (I did have the GBA versions though), but THPS1 practically lived in my N64 and I bought a PS1 to play 2 right when it came out. I rented THUG2 twice I think, while American Wasteland was... decent. I also rented Project 8 once.

Underground however I remember just sinking countless hours into just free skating around. The story mode was actually pretty neat and had some really great moments. Just thinking about the drops / helicopter gap in Hawaii brings a dumb smile to my face.

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Watching your edit brought forth a slew of different memories, all relating to this franchise, and of course the hours I pumped into the first game.

...mixed within those memories was the thought: wait a minute, Tony Hawk never had the Darkslide in THPS1!

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Remember when Collectors Editions were $10 more than the regular? I remember paying $70 for the Getting Up Collectors Edition which included a Steel Tin, soundtrack, art book (half of it had concept art/graffiti from the game with the rest being blank pages for you to draw) and a silver sharpie). For $10 more I remember Tony Hawk's American Wasteland CE had two extra levels and two bonus characters (I guess the equivalent of DLC today). I use to be a sucker for them, mostly because they were an extra ten dollars. With Collectors Editions these days being $45 or so more after taxes, I'm finding it really hard to drop the extra coin.

I love Borderlands. It was my game of the year two years ago, with me sinking over a 80 hours by myself. But when I look at the Ultimate Edition, and while I find a lot of it cool... I see nothing that justifies me spending $100 more dollars on it, let alone the $45 for the CE. At least when I bought the Mass Effect 3 one, there was DLC - in between the From Ashes content, the squad mate costumes and the casual hoodie wear, I was abe to extract some sort of gameplay value from it.

I guess extra content is what makes or breaks a day one CE sale for me. If the Mechromancer was included within these editions, then maybe. But since she comes with all pre-orders, the standard edition will do. Plus who knows, maybe I'll find them for $20 down the road like I was able to with Saints Row II and Bioshock II. Here's hoping.

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Anyone else pick up the Mt. Eddie DLC today? I know there are a few Giant Bomb users already on the leader boards and so far I'm enjoying what I've played (just one trick run, with the drop at the bottom of the mountain). I'd be enjoying it a bit more if it wasn't freezing though. So far in my... 10 minutes? with the DLC, the game has froze three times. It's happened every time I restarted the drop, whether through the pause menu or after my run is over. It's kind of annoying.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or have any thoughts in general of the mountain/ classic characters? Not really a fan of having to relevel Kaori to be honest aha.

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I was actually kind of bummed when I read the part about unlocking something for playing the first game. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for bonus content. The only problem is my save is on my Xbox and I'm planning to buy the sequel for the PS3.

Other than that, I'm trying my best to not consume that much media before B2's launch. Granted it's pretty difficult since I adored the first and everything I have seen so far has been amazing for the sequel. Like others have said, I hope there's a bit more to the collectors edition. While I've never been one to drop $150+ on one of them, Borderlands is probably the only franchise that can have me doing so.

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At this moment, the ones that come to mind are...

1) Borderlands 2

2) Persona 4 Arena

3) Prey 2

4) Assassins Creed 3

5) Bioshock Infinite

Other mentions: Lollipop Chainsaw, Tony Hawk's Pro Skate HD

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Assuming this ever became a thing again, I personally would feel really uncomfortable with giving out my Facebook password. The idea of companies / job interviewers looking at my Facebook wall/Twitter doesn't bother me at all, as that thought is present every time I do post something. It's more so that having that password would allow someone to look at my all conversation logs from the chat client / direct messages.

Not sure about anyone else but AIM/MSN Messenger is next to dead where I am right now, replaced with Facebook chat. Though I doubt there's anything that incriminating, you can never be sure when all 26,### messages with a single person are available for viewing if you have the patience for it to load.

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I was hoping this thread would pop up eventually. I'm down. PSN: thejamgoddamn

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I'm with everyone that hopes it's just an HD re-release of the first three/four/five. I'd love to replay those.