Doodle or Die Drawings 2 +sketch

More gaming related drawings made in Doodle or Die.

Keeping the tradition of drawing Pokemons on DoD. First one with color.
Could have turned out better.
Ignore the blue circle...
Loki from the Binding of Isaac.
This is suppose to be Steve Jobs. I can't draw real people.

Doodle or Die Drawings

I got the extension on Doodle or Die that allows me to have more colors so I kinda end up not really making sketches anymore. They're still not complete pictures, but still better than sketches I guess.

I could have made Pikachu look better I think.
Another Sonic. No idea if what I made him say in parentheses is actually true.
I think Digimon is more Anime than Video Games. But Super Meat Boy is all Video Game!
Another Meat Boy drawing... Also please disregard the first 2 words of the description.

Doodle or Die Sketches

Here's a couple of sketches I made on Doodle or Die that are video game related.

I kinda like how this one turned out, even if I messed up his armor. I never played Mass Effect.
This one I like the least cause it's too identical to the pic I based it from.

I liked the Dratini, So I made it better here. I haven't played a Pokemon games in a long time and those drawings are the first thing I've ever drawn to be related to Pokemon.

This one is very similar to the reference I had, but I still like it cause it's Meatboy. I've only played the Flash version.

Christmas Kirby

Just a drawing I did of Kirby with a Santa hat.  I made it in one night in November, cause I wasn't expecting to finish it so quickly. Posting it now since I guess December is a better month to post it or whatever. 

Bender Giggle


 I drew this after I watched an episode and saw him giggling with this expression.  I've been watching Futurama for ever and I don't get why I just randomly and suddenly felt like drawing him just today but, oh well...
Posting this here, even though it's not gaming or Giantbomb related, because, as far as I know, Bender can be appreciated by the gaming community, I guess, I dunno.

Made this in Opencanvas with some references.
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