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@zajtalan: I try just posting drawings on my GB blog when it's Video Game related and is full/complete. You can check here to see more of what I draw, but the quality is all over the place.

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I was looking forward to this one. It's also my favorite level and I usually stop playing after completing it when I "replay" the game. I won't stop reading these though.

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@believer258: Thanks! I'll try, hehe. :3

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@ck1nd: Thanks!

@BraveToaster: Pfhahaha

@GunstarRed: I'd rather not show it, but here D: Link. Also thanks.

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In 2008, I made a crappy rendition of Ratchet. So I made this earlier this week. Then I remembered it was video game related and someone might enjoy it here. I dunno.

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Apparently I can run Mass Effect 1 but I'm skeptical. Only one way to find out!

Also I love Kinzie Kensington.

And you I guess.

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More gaming related drawings made in Doodle or Die.

Keeping the tradition of drawing Pokemons on DoD. First one with color.
Could have turned out better.
Ignore the blue circle...
Loki from the Binding of Isaac.
This is suppose to be Steve Jobs. I can't draw real people.
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Jeff. It's clearly an act.

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@Video_Game_King: No, if it's a real one, then my mind remembered it by accident, and I haven't even touched anything related to the level editor. I want to finish all the levels before I do any of that stuff (only Dark levels from the Cotton Alley left). I did think about including it in a level if I made one. So maybe one day. Or someone else does it. I dunno.