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I'll never understand why some people feel weird or are shocked when they have an emotional attatchment to a character or soomething in a videogame. Why is it weird? Do you have emotional attatchments to tv shows, movies, books? Is it weird then? Why not? I feel like some people are almost apologetic over their love of games and can't wrap their head around it. Of course you felt for Miranda. I tend to think it would have been "weird" not to.

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While I'm not outraged or anything, this still feels pretty wrong.  A little disrespectul of Kurt's memory if you ask me.
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After battle, does their HP regenerate fully?  It seems like it does.   That was one thing in The Last Remnant that I thought was a great idea.  I hate having to replenish after every round.   This game looks great!!!

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I would die for a 2-D,  Super Metroid on the Wii-Ware or put it straight on the Wii disc.  I would totally buy that in a heartbeat.  They could even legitimize it buy calling it Metroid 5 (and call of all Prime as Metroid 4).

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The title of this thread is misleading.

Anyway, I'll throw my two cents in here.

Porcupine Tree - Deadwing, or In Abentia, or Signify, or......oh hell, anything by them.

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I read some when I was a kid.  I remember the Blaster Master book and the Ninja Gaiden one was pretty cool too.  I also think I read one on Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest. 

I haven't read a videogame "book" in over 15 years although the Mass Effect book did tempt me.

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True Fantasy Live Online

I also would've (and still hope someday) to have seen more Xenosaga.

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Feanor said:
"Magus is to strong to pass up.  His Dark Matter attack will be hitting all parts of lavos for over 2k."
Dark Matter and then Luminare will just totally destroy everything.  The third character only needs to heal.  I like to use Frog for that just for the history involved.
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I agree.  Keep the primary Mario cast, but just add a couple of other racers.  I'm tired of seeing lame characters like baby mario, baby luigi, baby peach, etc.  

Just add a couple.  It doesn't need to be as extensive as Smash Bros.  Just add Link, Ganon, Zelda, Samus, and maybe Pikachu for example.  I think it could spice up the series a little for next gen.

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The guy is just making everyone else look flat out ridiculous.

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