Dragon Age II Demo PS3 - Is it just me or do the graphics suck?

So I just played the PS3 version of the Dragon Age II demo. I really liked the new combat mechanics, characters, animations, Skill trees and general feel of the game. The graphics though were not great. I am hoping that this was due to the demo but have a feeling as the game is so close to launch that it just isnt going to look that good. Has anybody else felt like this?



Quests are addictive on here. Keep finding myself trawling to pick up clues.....


PS3 for Christmas... Trophies now

So I was a bad boy this year and yet Mrs Clause gave me a PS3. Hell YES!
I have Grand Turismo 5 and intend on perfecting it - has anyone perfected this game yet? Oh and add my gamer tag (any perfect freaks) - JaroLeman - PS3 + Xboxlive


Tron - midnight showing

Omg.. soooo looking forward to this film. There is a 00.05 showing at my local cinema tomorrow night / friday morning. Uber tempted to go and see it but I'm working at 8am on Firday. If I dont go to that one I'll go on Sunday **looks at his own body being torn in both directions**
Anyone else going to see this at launch?
Oh I'm in Edinburgh Scotland btw


Infinity Blade

Wowzers - picked this up for my iphone this morning and have been parrying my blade blunt. Great game and the first thing thats been worth playing on it. 
Oh and I could have taken the uber lords offer at level 3 - DENIED MOTHER FUKKER!